baby was so neglected

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This man has me under that robotic thumb and I am okay with that.

This man was literally an asshat the whole movie but if he continues to say baby in the southern accent that is thicker than sausage gravy IDGAF what he does. 

   He could be like “Bye baby I’m off to work at that horrible factory where we grow little mutant babies and neglect the fuck out of em so that they can be used as weapons never getting the slightest chance at a normal life.” and then I’d kiss him on the cheek and say “Okay baby I love you, have fun, do good.” as he walked out the door. 


- Sans, along with Alphys, became Gaster’s apprentices
- Sans was 16, Gaster was 25
- And Sans developed the biggest gayest crush
- Gast had been his idol for all five years that he’d been the Royal Scientist
- Sans’ admiration turned into attraction the very first time they met
- In his thesis papers, Gast had always sounded so formal and stuffy
- In person, Sans quickly learned that he’s an adorably anxious dork
- As well as tall and cute and god he has such pretty eyes
- Gast never noticed the crush because firstly, Sans was underage
- His feelings towards his apprentices were purely platonic, though he still loved them both very much
- But he was also too busy pining over Asgore
- Who turned Gaster down because he was still in love with Toriel
- Who wanted nothing to do with her ex-husband ever again
- So pretty much no one is happy
- Sans pushed his feelings down and pretended they didn’t exist
- And for a long time, he thought he’d gotten over it
- But when Gaster died, he realized he’d been terribly wrong
- No one remembered Gaster had ever existed
- Except for Sans
- Even he forgot sometimes
- This is why he hid that picture of him, Alphys, and Gaster posing together in front of one of their projects
- And wrote ‘DON’T FORGET’ across it
- It’s the only picture of Gaster left
- He’s disappeared from everything else, yet somehow this photo has remained untouched
- Sans worked tirelessly to bring his mentor back: Resets, Saves, time travel, opening the Void
- Nothing ever worked
- It was a huge slap in the face, albeit an enormous relief, when Gast suddenly popped back into existence as Frisk broke the barrier
- All those emotions Sans had been trying to repress return at full force
- But now is not a good time to act on them
- Gaster is severely traumatized, scared, and in great need of a friend
- And Sans is there
- It’s possible that something more could develop, they’re both adults now
- They’ve endured countless Resets, watching helplessly as their timeline was destroyed over and over again
- Gaster cried every time Sans was killed in the judgment room
- It’s not exactly something they can bond over, but they do help each other heal from their respective experiences and grow closer because of it


- Sans thinks Gaster is the biggest asshole ever to exist
- And he’s not wrong! But he can’t bring himself to hate him
- They have a certain amount of respect for one another
- In this universe, Sans never took an interest in science
- He devoted all his time to protecting Papyrus
- But as they aged, it was easy to see that Papyrus didn’t need protecting anymore
- While still ridiculous and overdramatic, Paps is strong enough to defend himself
- Their roles switch, now Sans is the one who needs help
- His HP is pathetically low, his attacks barely do any damage, and he has no idea what self care is
- It’s a miracle he’s survived this long while also raising a child
- He and his brother get into an argument
- Sans is sick of being treated like he’s helpless
- Papyrus insists he’s only trying to do what’s best, but his rebuttals are a little…loud
- When he’s tired of getting screamed at, Sans storms out the door to take a walk and cool down
- It’s the first time he’s been out on his own in months
- Of course, he’s almost immediately attacked
- Things are looking grim when Gaster happens along and blasts the fuck out of Sans’ opponent
- He normally wouldn’t interfere, but Sans looks awfully young
- Gast will never admit that he hates to see children in pain
- Sans doesn’t even have time to say anything before his savior walks away
- Deciding not to push his luck, he returns home and soon forgets about the whole interaction
- They meet again a few years later, when Papyrus has made it into the Royal Guard
- Sans accompanies his brother to a sparring practice, and it just so happens that the king and his Royal Scientist are taking a walk through the courtyard
- It takes some time before Sans works up the courage to approach Gaster
- But once he does, they form an unsteady acquaintanceship
- Wouldn’t exactly call it a friendship, more like a ‘I have no urge to kill or maim you’ sort of thing
- Things don’t get real until they get drunk together
- Gaster would never stoop so low as to drink socially
- Except this time he went to visit Grillby and got roped into it
- It’s late, the bar is empty, and Sans starts to let some things slip
- They’re discussing Papyrus, and a very drunk Sans tells the whole story of their childhood
- Their parents had been neglectful, so Sans scooped up his baby brother and took off at the first opportunity
- They’d barely managed to survive on their own
- Gaster, being not so drunk, is stunned
- There are obvious parallels to his own past
- But he hadn’t been able to save his little brother before running away
- Sans ends up blacking out with no recollection of the night, while Gaster never forgets what he was told
- In some miraculous twist of fate, Gaster feels legitimate empathy for Sans and begins to care about him
- But outwardly, he’s still a jerk
- He just doesn’t know how to be nice lmao


- Gaster sits on his boat, patiently waiting for a passenger
- And along comes this bright blue, 4 foot blur that appears out of nowhere and hops on board
- Gaster is briefly startled before realizing it’s just a smol, hyper skeleton
- He asks for a destination, but it turns out that Sans just wants to talk
- Nobody knows much about the Ferryman
- He’s mysterious, cryptic, and not all that social
- So naturally, Sans is determined to befriend him
- Gaster humors him
- He takes Sans on rides and endures the endless chatter
- They have some nice conversations, though it’s mostly Sans babbling about various things while Gaster replies with ‘hm’s and ‘interesting’s
- Sans asks all sorts of questions about Gaster’s life, his job, his favorite color, whether he prefers vanilla or chocolate nice cream- but he doesn’t get many answers
- It takes a while before Gaster starts using full sentences
- And soon, he’s asking questions in return
- He’s curious to know why Sans wants to be a guard so badly
- For the first time since they’ve met, Sans doesn’t have anything to say
- He goes quiet for a while
- Gaster, feeling guilty for bringing him down, hastily apologizes and offers to help him train
- Sans bounces right back to normal and tackle hugs him, immediately accepting
- Be careful, you’ll break the old man’s back
- The training turns out to be harder than Sans expected
- Rather than focusing on attacks, Gaster prioritizes defensive maneuvers
- Sans has trouble keeping up
- Dodging Gaster’s magic is like a hellish game of dodgeball where the other team has fifty people and you’re on your own
- And the dodgeballs are actually knives
- Sans gradually improves
- Very gradually
- Gaster’s not sure if Sans could ever make it as a guard, but supports him all the same


- Sans is a servant at the palace
- He’d tried to land an internship at the laboratory, but his commoner status destroyed any chance of that happening
- Seeing as no one else has the patience for it, he’s been assigned as Gaster’s personal assistant
- It’s a very…demanding job
- He has to sacrifice countless hours catering to Gaster’s every whim
- This includes fetching his slippers, writing letters, bringing his tea, telling him if he looks good in the outfit he’s picked out (he always says yes, regardless of how tacky Gast’s entire wardrobe is)
- Sans never says much unless he’s asked to speak
- But Gast isn’t that shallow
- He pays him well for the overtime, gives him presents on holidays, asks about his personal life
- Gast loves hearing about Papyrus
- He’s actually a bit jealous
- Sure, he’s got money, but Gaster never knew his family
- He was taken in by Asgore as a baby, shortly after his parents died
- He wants what Sans has
- Over time, they begin to treat each other like brothers
- Gaster is older, yet Sans is the more mature one
- ‘you do not need another cape.’ ‘But I only have seven!’ ‘dings. no.’
- Gast eventually gets to meet Papyrus
- And is horrified by the conditions he and Sans are forced to live in
- He’s never been to the poorer part of the city before
- Though Sans strongly argues against it, Gast insists that they come live in the palace
- There are plenty of rooms to spare
- And after a brief conversation with the king, there are two new princes in the court
- Asgore loves adopting children okay


- Gaster is a bit of a recluse, even among his own people
- He’s sort of like a hermit who’s harmless but rarely seen
- When he does mingle with the public, it’s usually because he’s bored
- His curiostiy often gets him into trouble
- While wandering around in search of something to do, he sees a skeletal mermonster nearby
- And so, naturally, he follows him
- Sans has the distinct feeling he’s being watched, but no one is in sight
- Gaster makes it into a game of sorts
- He sees how close he can get without being noticed, completely unaware that this it’s creepy
- He thinks it’s all good fun!
- Sans is starting to think he’s gone paranoid
- It becomes a daily activity
- Eventually, Gaster gets bored of just watching and finally reveals himself
- He walks right up to Sans and offers him a shiny rock
- Sans isn’t sure whether to smile or run for his life
- He tentatively accepts the gift and, with it, Gaster’s offer of friendship
- Instead of meeting with him like any normal person would do, Gaster likes to visit Sans’ home in the dead of night and poke him until he wakes up
- Or ‘borrow’ some of Sans’ belongings so he’ll come to Gaster to get them back
- It’s not long before the poor skel is exhausted
- Putting up with this takes a lot of energy
- But he knows Gast’s just…eccentric
- And he means well
- So Sans does his best to be a good friend, no matter how exasperating it is

baby makes three

this is based off @softjimon ’s adorable post about jimon doing the fake baby project and taking it super seriously

Jace didn’t even know why he signed up to take a life skills class.

When quickly filling out his course selection at the end of his junior year, only a few hours before the deadline, Jace’s only goal had been to get all of his credits. He’d had a gap to fill, one more class he needed to sign up for, and Magnus had helpfully suggested taking what was called “Life Management and Development” because he’d taken it the year before and it was supposedly a blow-off.

Magnus was mostly right. For most of the year the class consisted of watching Lifetime movies and learning how to hold down a job. Jace used the class to pester Simon into helping him with his stats homework.

Simon, who for some unfathomable reason would stop at nothing to take every advanced class he could, was only in life skills because his mother wanted him to relax in his senior year and try not to stress after a breakdown at the end of his junior year that put him out of commission for a few days.

It was kind of nice, Jace thought, to have a class with Simon. He never got to hang out with Simon without the rest of the group, and through the year Jace learned a lot about him.

And even after all that learning, he was surprised when Simon immediately put his hand on Jace’s wrist the moment Ms. Rollins announced a partner project.

“Really?” Jace asked, eyebrows raised. “You want to pair with me? For a major grade? Even though you can see me filling out my homework that’s due next period as we speak?”

Simon rolled his eyes. “It’s life skills, Jace. It won’t be hard. And I don’t want to be with anyone but you. I don’t even know these other peoples’ names.”

“And you’re hoping you’ll be a good influence on me?” Jace guessed. Simon smirked.

“If only that were possible.”

Admittedly, a fake baby project wasn’t anything that Jace ever imagined himself participating in. And Magnus hadn’t done it last year, so Jace never even considered the horrible possibility.

Apparently Simon didn’t have that problem.

“She’s cute!” Simon exclaimed, sounding pleased as he and Jace both peered into the plastic carrier at their baby. It was scarily realistic, with a little rubbery face and an actual real diaper, which Jace personally felt like was a waste of a diaper that a real baby could use.

“The baby will behave like a real baby.” Rollins said from the head of the class. “It will cry, it will be hungry, it will need to be changed. On the clock, not just when you’re at school. Now I have no way of knowing if one partner is doing all the work, but I’m trusting you and your partner to share the work evenly. Like how a real, successful marriage would operate.”

“Did I propose to you?” Jace whispered to Simon. “Or did you propose to me?”

“You proposed to me.” Simon responded. “I said no the first three times, but I was after your money.”

“Jokes on you.”

“This is a major grade, people!” Rollins announced. “If the baby is neglected, the data gets sent to me. So for the next two weeks, take care of that baby.”

“Well, I think the obvious thing to do is name her Leia.” Simon declared immediately, and Jace honestly wasn’t even surprised. He didn’t care what they called the fake baby, but he felt the need to argue anyways.

“I don’t think she likes it.” Jace said thoughtfully, and they both studied the expressionless face of their baby. Simon leaned in, his head right beside the baby’s face.

“She just told me she loves it.”

“She can’t even talk yet!”

“Yes she can.” Simon grinned. “Our daughter is a genius.”

The baby wasn’t that bad. Whenever she cried in class, Jace was always shooed into the hall by his teachers and he got to miss a few minutes of boring lessons. And it was stupid, he knew that, but holding the baby and getting her electronic cries to eventually lessen made him feel a dumb sense of pride.

“She cried like, three less times than usual.” Jace told Simon as he passed Leia off during lunch. “I think she’s acclimating.”

“I read about emotional maturity.” Simon answered as he took a bite of salad. “Even a few days can make a huge difference in the ways infants behave.”

“Guys.” Clary pulled their attention from Leia, who was being fed by Jace from the plastic bottle that was always in Simon’s bag. “This is really sweet, the way you guys are getting along and–and raising a child–”

“It’s weird.” Alec deadpanned. “She’s plastic.”

“Hey, it’s a good project.” Simon said defensively, reaching for Leia so he could hold her protectively against his chest. “Good parenting is an important skill to learn.”

“Yeah, Alec.” Jace stuck his tongue out at his brother. “I’m learning valuable skills. When you and Magnus have a kid, you’ll call me and be like ‘Jace, please, we need your expertise because our child hates us and won’t stop crying!’ And I’m just gonna be like, I don’t know guys remember when you made fun of Leia?”

“Boom.” Simon knocked his fist against Jace’s.

“Maybe we should really be questioning why Jace and Simon are suddenly attached at the hip?” Magnus said with a wide smile, eyeing the point of connection where the boys’ knees were touching.

“Children who experience divorce can be severely emotionally stunted.” Simon supplied. “As Leia’s dads, we love her too much to hate each other.”

“Is this is chi-squared test or a goodness of fit test?” Jace asked, showing Simon his current stats question. Simon didn’t bother to look, too focused on Leia to move his gaze.

“Is it uni-variate or bi-variate?”

Jace looked back down at the paper and groaned. He fell back against Simon’s bed, burying his face in one of Simon’s pillows which smelled exactly like strawberry shampoo and cologne. The signature Simon Lewis scent, which Jace was becoming accustomed to.

“I’m going to fail stats.”

“At least you won’t fail life skills.” Simon said cheerfully. “Rollins said we have the highest grade so far. And only one week left.”

“Is it dumb that I’m going to miss her?” Jace mumbled. “I mean, I paid good money for that onesie. And endured a good two days of mockery from my siblings.”

“I think it’s cute.” Simon said thoughtfully. “You’re a good dad.”

“You too.”

Simon yawned and flopped down to lay beside Jace. He securely placed Leia between them and closed his eyes, unaware of Jace continuing to stare at him. If he was being honest, the end of the project would be difficult because it would mean the end of having a reason to constantly be around Simon.

Not that he didn’t see Simon everyday at lunch and in class and every time the group hung out. But, still. He liked having some alone time with Simon. He liked looking at the soft expression on Simon’s face when he held Leia, or the way his curls fell over his eyes. Or the way his eyelashes fluttered as he fell asleep, which Jace was appreciating for the first time currently.

He stared for awhile until he felt himself dozing off. He was almost entirely out when Leia started crying, the electronic sound of her sobs filling the quiet bedroom. Simon shifted on the bed, his hands shoving Leia gently into Jace’s chest.

“Your turn, J.” He muttered before drifting off again.

Jace sat up and cradled Leia to his chest. He’d never really considered having a traditionally domestic life, with a spouse and a child and all of that. And maybe he was getting ahead of himself, but holding his fake baby and looking at his fake, peacefully sleeping husband, Jace reached the conclusion that maybe this wasn’t so bad.

And maybe he didn’t need a plastic baby to spend time with Simon, to hang out at Simon’s house and take naps beside Simon and call him teasing pet-names.

So when Leia stopped crying, Jace settled back down beside Simon and began to plan a way to ask him out. He was fairly certain that Simon would say yes. How could he say no to his husband?


For @winchesterandpie…enjoy!

Y/N groaned with growing irritation as she looked down at her project. Despite it being the weekend, she had been working her project. It didn’t help that it was due the following Monday. She intertwined her fingers in her hair as she held her head up, elbows on the table. Her jaw clenched as she nearly snarled at the project.

“Why didn’t I take the lower level class?” she huffed, her shoulders slumping.
“Everything all right, doll?” a soothing voice asked.

Y/N glanced over her shoulder to smile at Steve, her boyfriend. The super soldier wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back into his chest. She smiled languidly at him before turning back to the project.

“I wish it were,” she admitted.
He rested his chin on her shoulder. “What’s the matter?”
“It’s this damned project for my 400 level class that’s due Monday. I’m most definitely going to fail it,” she exasperated.
He pecked her cheek. “I don’t think so,” he encouraged, “You’re incredibly intelligent.”
She smiled softly. “Yeah right. If I were, this would be done by now.”
Steve nuzzled into her neck. “You’ve just been staring at it too long. You should take a break: stare at something else.”
“Oh yeah? Like what?”
“Hmm,” he hummed with a smile, “Maybe your attention-starved boyfriend.”
“Aww,” she teased, turning in his arms to face him, “my poor baby. So neglected, aren’t you? Should I give your belly a scratch?”
He chuckled. “Now you’re just making fun of me.”
She pecked his nose. “Only in the best of ways.”

Steve’s extremely soft gaze remained on the woman he loved. He laid his forehead against hers. She looked up at him with an incredible amount of adoration. After a few more blissful moments, Steve smirked.

“C’mon doll,” he encouraged, going to grab her hand.
She smiled. “Where to?”
His eyes sparkled. “It’s a surprise.”
Y/N fake-pouted, wrapping her arms around his. “Aww. Can I at least have a hint?”
“Let’s just say it’ll help you gain a new perspective,” he replied.

Y/N pulled until they stopped right in front of the door. Steve looked at her with an arched brow. She got on her tiptoes and kissed her boyfriend on the lips. He returned it easily.

“I love you, Steve,” she told him.
He beamed. “I love you too, Y/N…Now let’s get you refreshed.”
“Oooh! That was another hint!” she teased as they left the apartment.

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idk if anyone cares but ill be focusing on my original stuff for a while bc ive neglected my baby ocs for so long and they need a little more love;;; my account is @alta.rancia but ill probably change the username soon

I’m Your Good Boy (M) // Jung Hoseok

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Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Summary: Your boyfriend comes home extremely tense and in desperate need of your help to wind down. 

Genre: nsfw // explicit smut // sub!hoseok // dom!reader // orgasm denial // sex toys - please don’t continue unless you’re okay with these subjects

Words: 2.8K

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My 4th Grade Newsies Obsession

When I was in fourth grade I saw the Newsies movie and I was so freaking happy. (That’s when I started realizing that maybe I wasn’t the gender everyone wanted me to be, actually.) ANYWAYS! I wanted to be a Newsie so bad, I had this entire universe in my head set up.

I was Inky, one of the youngest kids in Brooklyn that snatched pens where he could find them to draw and write on his arms and hands. I was from a home of neglect, so I left my baby sister behind with my parents promising to come back on day. I had a hard time selling at first, because I was too prideful to ask for help or show any part of me that would evoke pity. Eventually I had to crack a bit to earn my keep, but I was at home.

Seriously I was such a nerdy fourth grader but it also is kind of endearing how much Newsies made an impact on my life. Also it was basically the first thing I self inserted myself in…and last year I got to see it on tour. Which was awesome…and such an amazing experience for my fourth grade self.

If I were JKR I would’ve written a scene where Sirius and/or Remus gave Harry some of their fondest memories of James and Lily - like their wedding day or the day he was born and James cried like a baby saying “my son, my son” over again as he rocked him. Like I want to give Harry a glimpse into how much his parents loved each other and him. But I am not JKR so I just have to cry about it for a thousand years.


Betty looked at her child with a tired smile as she grabbed her and pulled her into her arms kissing her head and giving her a little hug while she was at it. She looked at the children and than at the ground. Since the twins had been born, she felt like she had neglected her adopted daughter. The babies needed so much attention and so much love and they kept them up all night and she just hadn’t thought enough about Steph, since Bruce had agreed to take the babies for the day, she would get a day with Stephanie.

“What do you wanna do today?” She whispered 

ladytharen  asked:

I love so much of your fic and you are far too generous with me (not that I'm complaining) but hands down my favorite thing of yours is the Persuasion AU. obviously I am a sucker for this particular AU *but also* parlor scenes! pining! he would not have known her! I can't wait to see where it goes.

That fic is my baby (whom I am currently neglecting…whoops), so I’m so flattered that you like that one, because I have such a great respect for you as a writer, and so for you to like it ❤.  

Also, now I want to write another parlor scene? Haha. Another idea has been planted…

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how dazai atsushi and akutagawa are around their friends and s/o

Announcement: I’m going to be slower at answering(as if i weren’t slow enough already). Feel free to still send requests. I will get to them sooner or later(:

Dazai Osamu
to friends:
•tends to keep things from you, but only for your wellbeing
•will call you at random times to talk about random things
•likes to jokingly humilate you (espcially in public)
• is always either super late or super early when you make plans, never on time(usually late tho lmao)
to s/o:
•is such a tease like oml
•pda (lots of it)
•he will tell you at rhe most randomest times how much he loves you (like in the middle of a mission the smooth bastard will pull out a damn bouquet)
•he loves seeing you flustered
•lots of surprise kisses and hugs

Nakajima Atsushi
to friends:
•he’s literally so thankful that you’re willing to take time out of your day to be with him
•tries so hard to give you advice when you need it (he’s actually super good at it like sign me up i need this)
•makes sure all his friends are okay and comfortable(legit so adorable my baby)
•never neglects anyone. and if he does(an accident ofc but he will feel super responsible) he will apologise profusely
to s/o:
•makes you chazuke (bc he’s an adorable baby and wants to share his fav food with you)
•occasionally calls you to make sure you’re doing ok and feeling fine
•gets really embarrased and flustered quickly
•he’s such a cutie asking things like “can i kiss you” or “is this okay”. super consent based because he doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable and is afraid if he makes one wrong move you’ll leave (and if you say no, WHICH WHY TF WOULD YOU, he’ll be so understanding)

Ryunosuke Akutagawa
to friends(sORRY if this this is bad. it was so hsrd to imagine)
•under no circumstance would he call you his friend
•he’d tell you that you’re annoying and to shut tf up and to go away but he’d secretly be enjoying the banter
•can be very uncommunative
to s/o:
•will hold you in a really possessive way if he’s jealous
•is actually really affectionate in private (a super cute side of him)
•always wants you close and hates when you’re apart
•the two of you will often stay up late just talking about life and other random topics


poor neglected babies, i havent drawn some of them in so long.

So this was sort of in response to this comment i got (forever ago) when i mentioned i felt like my fan oc creation was getting out of hand :

charmingviolence said: I’m at several hundred ocs now and it honestly ain’t a problem. The more characters and stories and worlds you have, the more people you have to cheer you up, and have your back, more stories to explore and create upon, and more places to escape to on a bad day. Keep creating and don’t ever feel like it’s getting out of hand. I’m looking forward to each and every creation you show us! ^u^

I just thought it was really cute.  And Im sort of weirdly self conscious about creating fan characters?? i dont even really know why?? but this was just a good take on character creation in general, so thanks charmingviolence

A new kink in the line

Summary: You’ve talked about it for a bit, it’s time to stop thinking and start doing.

Written for #Toys of Summer Challenge, I picked restraints #spntoysofsummer

Warning: smut, being tired up, orgasm denial (female receiving), spanking (wrap it if y’all are gonna tap it please).

Rating: NSFW

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You: ETA on when your sex ass will be home?

Hitting send, while sitting back in bed pondering the merit of your decision. On one hand the thought scared you slightly. Since, to you it always came with being tortured by people who rather see you dead then breathing. On another hand the choice excited you to no end. To give that kind of power to someone would be intoxicating especially if that someone is Dean. You also knew Dean would never hurt you not intentionally anyway and he’d make sure everything’s safe, plus enjoyable. The very thought sent a shiver down your spine landing in your core. Wishing that Dean would hurry home, fly if he could, silly you knew but still it’d get him here faster.  

Dean: Knew you loved me for my tight buns.

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