baby was so neglected

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This man has me under that robotic thumb and I am okay with that.

This man was literally an asshat the whole movie but if he continues to say baby in the southern accent that is thicker than sausage gravy IDGAF what he does. 

   He could be like “Bye baby I’m off to work at that horrible factory where we grow little mutant babies and neglect the fuck out of em so that they can be used as weapons never getting the slightest chance at a normal life.” and then I’d kiss him on the cheek and say “Okay baby I love you, have fun, do good.” as he walked out the door. 

You can bet that anytime you read a series online, be it a comic or a long-running fic, what-have-you… there is a 99% chance the content creator behind it absolutely cringes when they look back at the earlier entries.

Currently trying to resist the urge to rewrite 38,000+ words while I work on a new update.

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Day after the final battle: Saruhiko refuses painkillers for his leg wound, and Munakata takes notice, Akiyama does a little while later, so Akiyama subtly 'moms' him, while Munakata not-so-subtly takes care of his stubborn child(they're like his parents, and then big sis Seri starts worrying/doting over him too). Bonus if they're in a public area and then Yata gets to tend to him too. (For part of your everyone takes care of Fushimi fic)

The thing I love the most about Fushimi getting all wounded in that final battle is the potential for post-series ‘injured Fushimi gets taken care of’ scenarios. So maybe Fushimi should be resting but he’s insisted that he’s well enough to go on patrol and there’s a situation in the city where his expertise is needed so Munakata lets him come along with the caveat that he’s to stay in the vans. Fushimi of course doesn’t listen to this at all and he’s been skipping his painkillers because he isn’t supposed to drink coffee while he’s on them but he’s already been overworking himself and he thinks he needs the caffeine to stay effective. There’s an issue with a lot of dangerous Strains and even Homra has to come by to help, with everyone working in tandem and stuff. Fushimi notices a weak point in the perimeter they’ve set up and instead of just informing everyone he goes off on his own and ends up fighting one of the bad guys. He wins but he totally pulls some of the stitches in his wound and his leg starts bleeding a little again, plus the pain is making it hard for him to stand. As he’s trying to go back to the vans Akiyama runs up wanting to know what happened and Fushimi kinda pushes him away as he starts to limp back to the van. Akiyama stops him because he’s noticed the blood on Fushimi’s pants and he tries to kinda get Fushimi to at least lean on him a little while they go back. As they get back towards where some of the others are he also motions to Doumyoji and gets him to hand over one of the candy bars that Doumyoji totally keeps on his person at all times and offers it to Fushimi.

Everything’s really hectic and they can’t actually make it to where the vans are so Akiyama ends up having to convince Fushimi to sit on a park bench. By this point Fushimi’s sweating pretty badly and not looking good. That’s when Munakata shows up out of nowhere with a glass of water and oh my, Fushimi-kun, it seems I just so happen to have these painkillers on me that are the same ones you’re supposed to be taking, why don’t you swallow them. Munakata kinda tries to cajole Fushimi into it (he would so do the ‘here comes the airplane’ trying-to-feed-small-picky-child thing) while Fushimi’s being all obstinate about it, which is when Bad Cop Awashima shows up and is like “Fushimi. Take the pills.” Fushimi reluctantly takes the pills. Then he hears someone yelling and here comes Yata like what the hell are you doing here Saruhiko you’re supposed to be resting. Yata probably gets in Munakata’s face a little too, like why did you even bring him here you asshole while Munakata just smiles politely and says vaguely insulting things that go way over Yata’s head, Akiyama tries to mediate and calm everyone down and is ignored. Eventually I imagine Kusanagi shows up too and then Anna who sits next to Fushimi and offers to hold his hand while they help him back to the vans and basically by the time Fushimi gets back to Scepter 4 half the cast has publicly fussed over him.

oh man i feel like i haven’t drawn in a long time i seriously haven’t touched my laptop in a week and school is just like here have all the exams and im just dying i can’t but im glad i managed to do something this weekend it felt nice to draw 

anyway i drew my oc hana again cause i really dont want to neglect my babies so ill be drawing them more often 



Okay, I know most of you guys watch this show for Tao but I have to share this.  After the videos recapping their memories with their babies, we get a glimpse of Little JingLei’s life outside of Charming Daddy @55:35.  So to give a little background story prior to this, JingLei is the little girl under Gao YunXiang’s care (he also has to take care of another baby, Wu YiBo, who is a hyper and crying 1 year old so often neglects JingLei.)  From the moment I started watching this show, I observed that JingLei was very different from the other children.  All the kiddies were happy, jolly, and so carefree while JingLei is more quiet, demure, and super mature.  During one episode, I even reblogged saying I cried because I was so touched when she rushed out and used her own body to block her little brother from the pretend “kidnapper” [it was just a skit the four celeb dads did to test the children].  All along, I thought that Wu Ye (nickname for the 1 yr old) was her blood brother [I never had the urge to check their last names ‘cause she acted like such a good older sister, I just assumed they were blood related but I don’t think they are.  Please correct me if I’m wrong…?  Her last name is “Zhang”]  Anyway, today’s episode told of how JingLei’s parents are divorced and both parents are always working so she never sees them because the dad basically tossed her to his parents.  She’s so young, but she already helps with chores, cooking, cleaning, harvesting veggies, and even feeding her grandparents their medicine.  You just need to watch the clip yourself because I sobbed my eyes out.  Throughout the show, I always had the urge to jump into the screen and hug her because she’s just so, so, so obedient and because she’s so obedient, the four celeb dads tend to kinda “forget” her or let her play by herself because they have to tend to the other kids.  So the episode ended with the four dads about to meet JingLei’s father.  Tao is so angry and upset with this guy after learning that he’s a 90-liner, volunteers to go to talk with him.  I’m really looking forward to the next episode.  As much as I love BeiBei, if I had to choose a child to adopt, I’d pick JingLei in a heartbeat.  I really, really, really hope her parents will learn to love her more after this show finishes airing.  I also hope the four celeb dads, especially Gao YunXiang, will continue to check up on her and treat her like a daughter so she’ll grow up to be a happy person.      

EDIT: OMG T_T I WENT AND REWATCHED IT and caught something else.  So JingLei’s dad actually committed a crime and is in prison right now.  Sorry, the grandfather’s voice is really soft and I can’t read much Chinese OTL so that’s why Tao and Chen YiBing and Gao YunXiang were at the prison to see the dad.  JingLei doesn’t know, she just thinks both parents are workholics.  She doesn’t even remember how her father looks like.  I’m sobbing again T_T