baby wario

“Waluigi wahs among you.”

“Cheers love, DAISY’S HERE”



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Wasn't Waluigi and Wario created by bowser or have I been living under a rock??

I don’t know where you got that information but it is 300% wrong lol. Don’t worry, i thought I knew a lot of stuff about the Mario bros only to find out it was completely wrong as an adult researching the series.

A baby Wario is seen beside a Baby Bowser in Yoshi’s island DS but that game is terrible, so a lot of people disregard it (me included lol)

Wario’s mother is implied in the blooper reel of Mario Power Tennis, where she calls him while they’re ‘shooting’ the cutscenes.

Overall that, paired with the knowledge that Wario was Mario’s childhood friend/ acquaintance it seems Wario wasn’t created but grew up and became what he is

Oh and also there is this panel from the comics but these are so buck wild i doubt they’re canon lol

As for Waluigi there is no proof against it, but i doubt it lol

it’s time

time 2 write mario kart discourse

  1. mk8 was a disappointment 
  2. i hate the baby characters
  3. like seriously i love daisy but i don’t think baby daisy was that necessary
  4. but i guess her reason for existing was fuckin uhhhhh daisy circuit in the wii where she appears with baby luigi
  5. baby rosalina was even more unnecessary, they could have had baby dk or baby wario instead like they already exist
  6. bring bowser jr, petey, king boo, diddy, dry bones and birdo back u cowards @ nintendo
  7. and i mean like always add them to the game, they appear all the time
  8. seriously they were very iconic and good characters
  9. the koopalings were a good refreshment. i love them
  10. pink gold peach <<<<<<<<<<< honey queen
  11. on that note, metal mario was also unnecessary
  12. cat peach and tanooki mario as well
  13. R.O.B. was a better character than some of these i mentioned
  14. mk7 is honestly better than mk8
  15. coins in item boxes? bad
  16. rivalry system with characters is stupid
  17. let captain falcon, samus, fox and pikachu race
  18. this is a long shot but let andy from advance wars race as well, he can drive an APC or a tank kart
  19. ds was a great game im p sure everyone agrees on this
  20. ppl say dd was better but i disagree, it goes: ds, 7, dd, 64, wii
  21. i never played super mk or super circuit or deluxe so i don’t know abt those but from what i’ve heard mk had clunky controls (understandable) but sc had pretty lackluster maps (but it’s gba so i kinda understand)
  22. wii was good but i fucking hate how hard it was to get 3 star ratings on the grand prix
  23. like i s2g if u got hit with more than 1 blue shell, u weren’t getting those 3 stars which is like wtf bc blue shells aren’t ur fault, ur supposed to be in first
  24. 200cc can suck my ass

ok because the question of Mario (and the rest of the cast’s) age has been going around again, i thought i would gather all of the information i have at his moment and make a post. Also thanks for @hype-kaminari-kun​ for the idea/ helping me out :D

First of all, here is all of the evidence for what Mario and crew’s canon age is (under the cut bc it gets long):

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