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BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.11

A/N: Helllooooo :) Ya girl has fully recovered from her food poisoning and whipped this up for you. Now, honestly it’s a bit shorter than the rest, but mainly because it’s a filler chapter. There’s A LOT of drama to come and those chapters will most definitely be longer, plus I wanted to get this out quick for making you all wait so long. So, you know 100 notes and feedback would be lovely. I hope yall love bugs enjoy💕

**WARNINGS**: None

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

“Calum!” You giggled loudly as Calum placed kisses all over your face, trying to fight him off the best you could.

You loved moments like these where Calum would be playful and loving instead of the asshole he had recently grown into. After you had left the hospital Calum had been by your side constantly. He hadn’t allowed you out of bed in the past few days and even followed you to the bathroom if you needed to pee or shower. You wouldn’t be out of his sight for anymore than a few minutes before he’d come and cuddle up beside you. He even cooked and cleaned around the house for you without being asked to, and you usually could never get him to do either one.



“Get off!”

“No, I like giving you kisses.”

“Do you?”


“Well, do you mind giving me kisses else where?” You’d smirk and Calum would pause at your words and would shiver as your hands trailed down his back.

“I uh…”

“Come on, babe, we haven’t done anything in a while. I need you.”

Calum didn’t know what to do. As you kissed his neck all he could think about what happened between him and Nia and how he had betrayed you. He didn’t want to have sex with you anymore. He didn’t want to touch you like that, especially not after he’d touched someone else like that. Not after he had been intimate with someone other than his girlfriend.

“I’m not really in the mood, Y/N.”

“Please, Cal. I haven’t had you since the promo tour. I’m horny.”

“Yeah, but-”

“Can I at least get some head if you’re not in the mood? I need at least that.”

“Y/N, I don’t think I want to…”

“What?!” You shouted with wide eyes.“You don’t want to eat me out?! That’s a first, oh my God!”

“Yeah.“He’d laugh nervously."Are you hungry? I can run and get McDonald’s.”

“I’m hungry for something other than food, but since I apparently can’t have that then I want nuggets.”

“I’m sorry, princess. I’ll make it up to you.” He lied before he bolted out of the room.

You sighed and stared up at the ceiling, rubbing your six month belly out of habit. Another failed attempt at getting sex or any other sexual favor from Calum. You knew something was definitely wrong. When did that boy ever turn down sex? His sex drive was higher than anyone you know.

“What the hell is up with you, Cal?” You left the question floating in the air and hoped that you’d soon find the answer.

“Cal, why are you being weird?” Ashton questioned and he knew something was up the minute Calum began to chew on his lip and deny his accusations.

“I’m not-”

“You are and Y/N told me to ask why. She specifically told me that you won’t have sex with her.” He laughed lightly.“ Now, what’s wrong?”


“Calum, you’re tearing up.” Ashton sighed as he noticed Calum’s eyes beginning to glaze over with tears. Whatever was going on with him had to be major.“Cal-”

“I cheated.” He blurted and Ashton’s mouth gaped open and closed multiple times as he tried to find the right words. “I fucking..I fucking cheated on her and I can’t touch her like that anymore. I already hate myself more than you can possibly imagine, so you don’t have to give me shit about it.”

“I…you…Calum what the fuck? Are you fucking serious?!”

“Nia took advantage of me!” Calum shouted as more tears poured down his cheeks.“I was drunk as hell, but I knew what what was going on! I kept trying to get her to stop but she started- I felt good and I gave in.” He hiccuped.“I regret it so much.”

“Why can’t you just stop doing stupid things for more than a few days? Why is it always something with you two?” Ashton spoke more to himself. “Y/N’s going to kill you.”

“Please don’t tell her.” Calum looked up from his hands.“Ashton, you can’t tell her!”

“Calum, this is something serious okay? She’s my friend, I can’t just not tell her!”

“I’ll tell her eventually,just don’t fucking tell her!” He cried. “I can’t lose her, especially not like this. She’ll hate me and I can’t handle that.”



The blonde boy could see that his younger friend was truly sorry for what he did. He could see that he had been beating himself up about it, which would explain his sulking around his apartment. The problem was, would you be able to see it?

“Can you not?” Felix would laugh as Connor squeezed his butt playfully.

“Your butt is so nice, babe. The gym really pays off.”

“Stop fondling me in this mall.” Felix chuckled as he pushed away Connor’s hand and pulled him into his side.

The two walked around the mall like that for a few hours, the only time they’d part being when they had to try something on. Connor had suggested stopping in the food court and Felix noticed that he kept eyeing a specific black haired girl sitting and chatting with a blonde.

“Why does she look so familiar?”

“I don’t know.” Felix shrugged as he paid for the Mandarin Express plates they had gotten. “Stop staring Connor.”

“I’m trying to figure out who she is.” Connor grabbed their drinks and continued to stare at the stranger.

“She’s probably nobody. Are we eating here or-”

“That’s that bitch Calum’s cheating on Y/N with!” He whisper shouted and slapped his boyfriends shoulder multiple times.“Y/N looks so much better.”

“Calum’s not cheating on her, and stop being so loud.”

“He is, neither of you want to believe it.”


“I’m going to talk to her.”

Felix’s eyes widened as his boyfriends pulled up the sleeves on his hoodie and made a beeline for Nia’s table. He couldn’t stop him due to the fact that he was holding their plates of food, so he followed closely behind trying to keep him from saying anything to her. To Felix’s dismay, Connor pulled out a chair and took a seat at their table, giving Nia the biggest fake smile he could muster up. Felix just knew that the lilac haired boy would cause trouble.

“Hello.” Connor greeted and the two girls gave him a weird look.

“Hi…Are you a fan?”

“Oh yeah, big fan.” He lied and held out his hand to shake hers, which she hesitantly shook.“I’m Connor, the best friend of Calum’s girlfriend.”

Felix almost laughed as he watched the girl’s face fall at his words.


“Yeah, oh is right. Now, why are you talking to him?”

“He’s my friend.”

“Oh, right. Your "friend”.“ He held up air quotations as he said ‘friend’."Lets cut the to chase. Are you fucking him?”

Nia laughed at this question and Connor had to remind himself that although he was gay, this was a girl and he was still a boy.“Why is this any of your business?”

"Look here, bitch.” Connor glared and Felix pinched the bridge of his nose. Why must he always be so hostile?“Y/N is my best friend. Due to her being my best friend, her business is my business. So, if you’re sleeping with her idiot of a boyfriend you need to let me know right now before I call people to beat your ass.”

“Please don’t call anyone, babe.” Felix sighed, knowing that he was serious. “Answer him, please.”

With a slight laugh Nia looked at her friend who only shook her head and continued to tap away at her phone, not wanting to be apart of it.


“If you must know, sweetie,” she smirked at him,“I fucked him a couple of nights ago.”

Felix’s eyes would widen in shock as Connor leaped across the table and yanked Nia by her hair, causing multiple people to look over.

“You think it’s funny?!”

“You’re fucking crazy!”

“Connor, let her go!”

With Felix grabbing at Connor he eventually let go and picked up his bags and stormed off towards the entrance of the mall. Felix looked at Nia with disgust and gathered the food before following behind his boyfriend. He met Connor in the car and didn’t know what to say as the boy bounced his leg at an alarming rate. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Felix decided to try and calm him down.


“I fucking told you he was cheating on her! I fucking told you!”

“I know, okay, just fuck. That wasn’t the right way to handle that!”

“Does it look like I care, Felix? I would’ve beat her ass if she wasn’t a girl!”

“I’m glad you didn’t, because I seriously don’t want to bail you out of jail.”

“We have to tell her.”

“No! Oh, God, no!”

Connor would look at Felix in shock as he shouted,“What the hell do you mean ‘no’? She’s our best friend!”

“Fuck, I know, but this will destroy her! She’s been to the hospital because of stress twice now and the doctor told her that a third time could possibly be a miscarriage! How would we even tell her that he’s cheating on her anyway?!”

“Felix, I can’t just pretend I don’t know that Calum’s cheating on her!” Connor would cry.“I’m going to feel shitty!”

“Babe,” Felix sighed out, understanding his point on the matter,“I just want her to be happy for once. Ever since Y/N got pregnant she’s been almost miserable and-”

“I know.” Connor would interrupt and run his fingers through his hair.“We’re officially shitty best friends and she’ll disown us.”

“No she won’t.”

“She won’t, but she’ll be really upset with us.”


“She’ll find out soon enough though, right? It not like it’ll be a long time before she knows..?”

The two boys stared at the car in front of them in deep thought, not having a clue on what to do in this situation. If they told you then there’s a risk you would lose the baby and wallow in your misery and hatred for Calum. If they didn’t you’d be happy and possibly eventually find out which would have the same effect from the first option. Either way you were fucked and they had no idea on how to fix you before you were broken.

Frustration. [Smut]

Requested: Where you’re a virgin and Luke needs to take his anger out so he completely wrecks you -Anonymous

Warning: Smutttttttttt.

Requests: OPEN.

Word Count: 2000.

“God! I hate biology!” Luke yelled kicking his pile of laundry, as much as you tried to calm him down he just got more pissed off, it’s not like it was a big deal, Luke was just getting mad at anything he could be mad at.

Luke was your boyfriend of two months, you were complete opposites,  he spend all of his time singing or with a guitar in his lap or before you met him fornicating/sleeping with the majority of the school, as I spent most of my time working or sitting in the back of the library, you met him when he begged for anyone to help him get his grades up.

“We all have our strengths Lu.” You laid a soft hand on his shoulder, only calming down for a second before heavily sighing and stomping in the opposite direction.

Getting used to his wild temper was weird, he most of the time kept it to himself … but you stayed in his room, you weren’t going to leave him, normally Luke used to get laid on the daily, but you weren’t quite ready to give up your virginity, he respected that, and you could tell he was getting tired of his right hand.

Luke didn’t need the comfort of cuddles and hugs, he felt comforted when his dick was getting hugged, you were starting to get tired of Luke forever pending frustration, stomping around like a baby as he wallowed in self-pity and anger.

“Luke! it isn’t the end of the world, you can get your grades back up easily we just need to work some more-”

“I don’t want to work anymore! I want a break! okay, and… I. Just leave me alone!” He shouted, trying to find words to put together.

“Luke, I know your upset baby, but what do you want me to do?” You sat up from his desk chair cornering him, his breathing becoming more rapid, he looked away from you his face flushing.

“You . .  -  You can’t do anything about it.” He shook his head.

You paused, you knew exactly what he was talking about, his friends also filled you in on this, on how he started sleeping around when he used to get bullied by some kids, and it ‘helped’ him cope, even though it wasn’t the healthiest coping mechanism, you knew some habits you just couldn’t quit.

And you began to wonder why not? you had to admit you never felt this way about someone, wanting to do anything to make them feel better, you knew you should put yourself first in this situation, but you didn’t see why not, and you… you loved him.

“Maybe I can help.” Your voice came out smaller than expected, maybe Luke didn’t even hear you.

“W-what?” His voice dropping the anger gone now switched with confusion, bringing his large palm to your cheek staring down at you.

“Lu, why not? I-I.. I mean I Like you and you deal with your emotions differently.” You didn’t know how to explain, your eyes drifting to the floor in embarrassment, what if he didn’t feel the same? Was this weird? he had girls lining up for him practically you didn’t understand why he liked a bookworm like you.

“You mean it? you don’t have to Y/N … I don’t want you to waste your virginity on someone like me.” his thumb gently tracing your jawline.

“How could you say that? you’re perfect, and I want to.” tiptoeing to press both of your lips together, his eyes hooding over with the dark look you’d seen a couple of times.

He pushed your hips a little bit, as you walked backward’s trusting him, your bum hitting the back of his bed, as you gently laid back.

“Are you positive?” Luke asked hovering over you his legs trapping you below him, you could see the concern, the lust, the frustration, and anger all their, in his blue eyes and the way his face contorted.

“Postive,” you mumbled pressing your lips back against his, and your hands wrapping around his neck feeling the back of his blonde curls.

his hands slid down your waist feeling all your curves, you sucked down onto his warm bottom lip and then bit down on it, a low moan coming from the back of his throat, you squirmed underneath him as his rough fingertips went to your waist and down to your plump butt.

“What about your mom?” you whispered breaking the kiss, staring up into his eyes.

“You’ll just have to be quiet then.” His eyes dancing with mischief, in a way it turned you on, knowing that you could be caught.

You didn’t know what to do but as Luke’s tongue entered your mouth you pulled harder down his blonde locks, his hips brushing up against your thighs, feeling his hard bulge, you found the bottom of your panties getting even wetter.

“Lu.” you moaned tugging on his shirt, wanting it gone, along with the rest of his clothing.

“Patience.” He grumbled his lips detaching from your lips to your neck sucky and nipping softly, until he reached a spot just above your collar bone, a sharp whine echoing through the dark room.

a smile lit his face he sucked harder, you had to bite down on your lip to prevent yourself from moaning, his hands sliding up your shirt as he continued sucking, he cupped your boobs squeezing them, your hips bucked meeting his own, he hissed in pleasure making you smirk.

You pushed your butt from off the firm mattress, rubbing yourself up against his semi-hard on that was getting, even more, rock hard as you continued to rub up against him.

“No, I’m in control.” pushing your hips back down, you groaned, it felt so good to grind up against him.

He took off your shirt it landing on the floor, his gaze going to your chest, the large palms squeezing harshly again, you wish he could do that all day.

and then went your leggings, as you helped unbuckle his jeans as he threw his shirt in another direction, both of you now just in underwear, Luke’s thirsty eyes trailing up and down your body.

“What now?” You asked, you couldn’t help but twist your fingers in anxious nerves, what if you messed up?

“Well, I usually have sex with the person.” Luke chuckled, his hand caressing your body.

“I mean.. specifically? is there a series of steps I have to follow?” You weren’t so educated in the sex world like him.

“No, you just do what feels natural, and if you feel uncomfortable in the slightest don’t hesitate to tell me okay?”

You nodded, his lips colliding with your as he held himself up from crushing your body, his lips were amazing, you moved your own hands down his toned chest and to his soft tummy, feeling everything about him, and down to his boxers, playing with the elastic line, he groaned his own hands going down to yours.

“Like this.” grabbing your left hand softly and inside to his boxers, you could feel your cheeks heating up as you cupped his cock in your hand, you slowly slid your hand to his tip to his abdomen, and then back up the light precum dripping down your thumb.

“Fuck, okay, enough of that, I’m not gonna last with a hand like yours.” you pulled back, not knowing what to do with your hand still sticky with his own cum.

He pulled you closer, you kissed him back finding yourself aroused and sweaty, he panted slightly getting off you and reaching into his bedside table digging through several of his stuff finding a black little square package, that you knew was a condom.

Luke leaned back on his knee’s his bare knee’s digging into the mattress inches away from you, as he pulled down his boxer briefs his dick hitting his stomach, you couldn’t help but stare at how beautiful he was, even bare Luke had this beauty that was untold, in a way you wanted to share with the whole world how gorgeous your boyfriend was but the selfish part of you wanted to keep his beauty all to yourself.

He slid the condom down his tall length slowly, being pleasured by even the small friction of the lube and latex hugging him tightly, you reached over kneeling on the bed too and sliding your hand over him helping him slide the condom all the way on.

“Hmm, I can’t wait to fuck you.” He grinned, kissing you again, mumbling small 'thank you’s’, as you took your own hand off of him, Luke pushed you down on the bed crawling over you his hands squeezing your boobs again.

“This is going to hurt sweetheart.” He growled out, biting down on your lip, you loved when he did that, you nodded, reaching down to line up with him nerves butterflies everywhere inside you, but looking at his physique again you couldn’t help but not believe this was real, cashing in your v-card to such a beautiful boy.

He pushed your panties down past your feet somewhere laying at our feet, and then unclasped your bra, now both of you fully naked on top of his duvet, knowing what was about to happen next.

You whined as his tip rubbed up against your wet clit, already plenty wet, he restrained himself from slamming deep inside you as the burning pain of him stretching you out made you unconsciously start to close my legs, you whimpered adjusting to his large size him cooing softly in your ear somewhat easing the pain.

“Don’t move.” He growled pushing your thighs back apart.

He held himself still when he bottomed out both your hips touching him buried deep inside your velvet walls, you knew he was struggling not to thrust into you, again and again, you knew this pain would be there for a while.

“Lu, don’t … stop, please fuck me until I see stars.” You whined begging him to not hesitate to fuck you into oblivion.

Looking at you one more time he decided to not hesitate, pulling out of you and harshly thrusting his hips back inside you, you gripped his shoulder deeply your head buried into his shoulder, as he moaned lowly, and did it again and again.

His anger came back and before you knew it he was thrusting into as if he was a porn star, your core burning in pain but pleasure, you didn’t know how you felt about this but his cock hit something deep in you that made you mewl in pleasure your thighs shaking.

“does that feel good Princess?” Luke smirked, his voice teasing as he thrust into the exact same spot your nails trailing down his back, making him thrust harder, the pain both of you were experiencing was caused by one another but each time one of you felt this pain it seemed to egg the other one on.

“Luke!” You let out a little too loudly you tried to quiet your moans by biting down on his collar bone, his body rocking into yours over and over again.

“So close.” the words tumbling out of his mouth along with a gasp.

He knew you were almost there along with him, bringing his hand lower from gripping your hips to your clit his finger rubbing fast sloppy circles, and the feeling of his tip hitting that spot threw you over the edge, your legs shaking in pleasure, and your face contorting in pleasure making Luke release deep inside the warmness of is cum inside the condom was all there.

and you couldn’t have been gladder to give your virginity to the person you loved, he thrust a few more times slowly your sensitive core begging for him to stop, your hips stuttering up into his as he was pulling out.

“Fuck, Princess, that was amazing, you did so well.” he mumbled breathing in your scent that was like a sweet sugary snack he was addicted to, your nails releasing the hold you had on him, hearing his soft pants.

“I love you so fucking much.” your heart stopped at Luke’s words, and the butterflies were back again.

“I love you too.” placing a soft kiss on his collarbone that had small teeth marks from where you had endured the pain.

“You do?” Luke grinned, pulling off the condom.

“Of course Lu, you really think I would have had sex with you if I hadn’t?” He thought about it for a second throwing the condom in his trash can below his desk.

“You’re right about that.” He crawled back on the bed with you, you could feel your wetness still their most likely leaving a small wet spot on Luke’s bed.

“Hmm, you should probably use the bathroom if you don’t want a urinary track infection.” He mumbled kissing your neck pulling you off the bed, your legs slightly swaying.

“Really?” You asked raising your eyebrow, he knew more about woman’s health than you.

“Yeah, I don’t want you, sick Princess, you should always pee after sex.” He patted your naked bum pushing you gently towards his connected bathroom, you couldn’t help the smile that grew on your face he cared not just about your naked body, he cared about you.

I hope you liked this, I’m still on my period so a lot of this is fucking emotional I’m so sorry.

First and Last

Ducktales Age Swap AU Ficlet

The first night alone with the babies, after Huey vanished.

His face burned and his vision blurred. His eyes hurt from all the tears shed, his throat was sore from all the yelling, begging, bargaining. His hands still caked in dirt and rubbed raw from moving rubble, one would think he hadn’t bathed in a year. He didn’t care. God how he didn’t care. He didn’t feel much at all, he was numb. Numb and overwhelmed with loss, and confusion, and a sickening lack. An incompleteness he had never known. Someone had ripped out a piece and he was unraveling at the seams. He was drowning, while static filled his ears punctuated only by the pulsing of his heart. A roaring louder than the waves crashing against the side of the boat. Louder than the thunder booming only seconds after a flash. Louder than- 

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Write Me Love Notes In Glitter GlueSteter AU - Character Cards (Part 1)

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.

Stiles is a single dad with two kids, and a real contempt for the status quo. Peter is a kindergarten teacher with an army of loyal little minions, and maybe a few ulterior motives.

[Character Cards: Part 2, Part 3]


Rolling over, Mary slipped her legs between her husband’s and pressed her cool, soft body against him. Francis’ lips curled upward, his eyes still closed as Mary combed her fingers through his hair, pulling lightly in the way that he liked, and gently pressed her mouth to his.

“Am I dreaming?” Francis whispered as her lips traveled down his throat, her hands massaging the taut muscles in his back. “This is a very pleasant way to start the day.”

Mary combed long strands of brown hair out of her eyes and pressed her forehead to his. “I want to give you a child,” she replied, stroking his face with the tips of her fingers. “I want our sons and daughters to run around in the gardens and play in the secret passageways, as we once did.”

Francis gently pushed her backward into the abundance of feather pillows on their bed and gazed down at his wife. “You’re so beautiful when you wake up,” he said, pausing to capture the memory. “This is when you’re mine.”

Mary smiled. She felt soft and gentle and loved. A feeling that felt far away some days. “I am always yours,” she promised. “Not just as your Queen.”

amaryllisrose  asked:

Write something fuzzy, comforting. I lost so many cute shoes today.

De-aged Stiles. Just go with it.


Derek never took the time to think about it, but if he had, this is exactly what he would have imagined. 6 or 8 or 11 year old Stiles (what the hell, Derek will just refer to him as ‘Baby Stiles’, which will be great ammunition once normal asshole Stiles is back), is throwing a temper tantrum the likes of which Derek has never experienced. Derek doesn’t even think he’s seen one this epic on TV.

Stiles is wailing. Stiles is crying. Stiles is beating his little de-aged baby fists all over Derek’s couch. Which, Derek is going to have to fumigate, at the very least, after this, because Baby Stiles has just proven the existence of cooties. FYI, cooties? They’re as exactly as disgusting as every kid everywhere believed they were. 

There’s snot there’s tears there’s drool. 

And the noise, oh god the noise. It’s like the air raid sirens of heaven itself. Or hell. Or both. Derek has a migraine. He’s not even supposed to be able to get migraines. 

“I want my,” Stiles gulps in a huge mass of air, gearing up for the kill, “Duh-da-aaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaadyyyyy!” he shrieks, putting the resident banshee to shame. 

“For the love of-” Peter hisses from where he’s pressed himself as far back into a corner as is possible to be, “just call the damn Sheriff.”

“No!” Scott leaps forward from where he was deep in conversation with Allison and Kira. “Stiles’ dad can never know how badly I screwed this up.”

Derek has to put some real effort into keeping a truly ridiculous smile off of his face. Because, yes. For once, somebody (not him) has screwed something up. This is not Derek’s fault. Is this how everybody else feels all the time around him? It’s a great feeling, no wonder they all keep showing up at his loft all the time.

“Scott, come look at this,” Lydia calls from the stairwell (where she’s sequestered herself in order to either think or banshee clearly (Derek’s not sure if there’s even a difference between the two now), away from Stiles).

Scott sweeps a 'don’t any of you dare call the Sheriff’ sort of look around the room, then steps out of the loft. The others exchange looks, shifty sorts of looks, then they (all as one) head out of the loft after Scott, even Peter. Derek is sort of shocked that Peter even decided to stick it out at all, not to mention as long as he did. 

Then it’s just Derek and Baby Stiles, who has somehow (disappointingly) not managed to shriek himself into a mini coma yet. Derek shifts a little closer, almost against his will. Baby Stiles (and Derek will de-age himself, again, willingly, rather than admit this) is kinda cute.

He has big baby eyes, and flaily baby fists, and his little body is kinda chubby and all snuggly looking (ignoring of course the temper tantrum fists and legs of doom). Stiles’ sobs are now becoming so pathetic that Derek’s starting to feel a little guilty. It’s a baby they’re all leaving alone over there, even if it is a Stiles-shaped one.  

Derek sidles up to the couch. He looks to the left. He looks to the right. All clear. Quickly, he sits himself down on the couch and pulls Baby Stiles into his lap.

“There, there,” Derek finds himself shushing soothingly. “Derek’s here, Derek’s got you.” He curls his arms around Stiles as best he can, and rubs his back soothingly.

Now, Derek does not expect this to actually work, but he’s got enough guilt to be getting on with. Leaving a baby (yes even a baby Stiles), to wallow in it’s own misery is not something extra he needs tacked on. 

But the thing is…it does work. “Daddy,” hiccups Baby Stiles, and grabs two fistfuls of Derek’s Henley and buries his giant baby head in Derek’s stomach. Which, okay, Stiles has just played 'identify the adult male’ and lost, but oh the quiet. 

And It should not be heart-meltingly adorable, having Baby Stiles snuggle/cuddle him, but there it is. And what do you know, Derek does still have a heart. Fuck you, Isaac.

Derek can hear the others sneaking back up the stairs-shit, they’re going to find him, they'll see. But Derek doesn’t have it in him to dump Baby Stiles by the wayside in an effort to preserve his dignity, especially now that the noise unleashed from the underworld has ceased. 

Derek gathers the remains of the aforementioned dignity around himself haughtily as one by one they poke their heads in to see what shut Stiles up.

Cuddling. That’s what shut Stiles up. Suck on it.

After a few moments, Derek hears Scott whisper (so lowly that even his enhanced hearing can barely pick it up), “We’re gonna go fix this, hang tight, don’t call the Sheriff.

And they all, to a person, even Kira, abandon him.

Stiles never does achieve a nap, (Derek had had such high hopes) but his wriggling around is at a minimum, and he’s much calmer than Derek would ever have believed possible, so there’s that at least. And as long is Derek is running his hands over soft Baby Stiles hair and saying random-ass shit like, “You’re Derek’s favorite Stiles,” and “Stiles’ daddy is gonna be so proud of him,” Stiles is completely content to not scream or cry or expel snot. Even if he even does continue to incorrectly identify Derek as 'daddy.’

Evening darkens the window, and Derek has entered a sort of zen-like state (a bizarre one, with Baby Stiles cuddles), when abruptly, his lap is full of normal, regular sized non-baby Stiles. Derek freezes, and against his better judgement, looks down. 

Stiles smirks up at him. “Daddy,” Stiles says, in a fake little boy voice like the little shit he is. There’s a moment of complete silence, then with a yell, Derek flings Stiles off of him and tumbles to the floor because, Jesus CHRIST, he may have just popped a boner.

“Did you just…” Stiles trails off, then says, experimentally, “Daddy.”

Holy mother of werewolves. That is a boner. 

Derek swallows nervously, because right now Stiles is eyeing his crotch with a sort of hunger in his eyes that he usually reserves for a plate of curly fries.

And then, strangely, Derek is looking up at Stiles from a lot further away, and how did Stiles get so big? Is everything that big? And suddenly, Derek is filled with an anguish so deep, so piercing, so integral for survival, he can only open his mouth and wail it out to the heavens. “I want my,” he intakes as big a breath as he can, “Mah-haaa-aaaaa-maaaaa-aaaaa!” He shrieks, rolling over clumsily onto his side, beating tiny, baby-shaped fists along the floor.

“Uh-oh,” He hears that Stiles-person say, “somebody screwed up somewhere.”

I feel sorry for people when Swan Queen is their introduction to the world of shipping, because this fandom spoils the shit out of people. There is so much fanfiction, quality fanfiction. So much fan art. So many manips. So much meta. So many parallels. So many gifs. So much everything, and growing every day.

Then you find a new ship, and you’re all excited for it, and then it’s like “100 stories for this pairing”, or those tiny rare babies that are like, “11 stories for this pairing” and sure, you could write your own, but it just isn’t the same. So, you basically just explode and cry.

And then crawl back to Swan Queen like:

External image

And the whole fandom comes running with A+ fanfictions and manips and drawings and hugs.