baby varren

And here comes another surprise from the wonderful gem @djfatchip. My “big sister” commissioned the amazing artist @feylen to do this adorable art of my character Gustav Bertrand and his baby varren Urz. I’m absolutely in love on how it turned out, it looks soooo beautiful and adorable and cute! Look at them, so happy with each other! <3 So thousand of thank you for the magestic artist, to bring my oc to live in such beautiful way. And to my friend for this wonderful surprise (you already know how much I “screamed” when I saw this for the first time)! Thank you both, I don’t have better words to describe how much I’m grateful and in love with this art. <3 

anonymous asked:

Can you do femshep/kaidan like something about her getting overly drunk and him carries her home? And omg i love you youre awesome

a/n: this is possibly the fluffiest fluff that ever fluffed. got this prompt a few days ago and decided that this was an appropriate time for kaidan fluff. i hope the prompter sees it! :)


after the war, going out becomes extremely difficult for shepard. it’s not harassment, not really — it’s just, saving the galaxy has some awkward side effects.

primary among which is that everyone wants to buy you a drink.

and the problem with that is that if you accept a drink from one person, everyone else gets offended when you don’t accept their drinks, so you’ve gotta go all or nothing.

tonight, shepard went with all.

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Fic: Playing Doctor

Title: Playing Doctor

Rating: Explicit 

Word Count: 1,950

Summary: Garrus hasn’t been feeling well. Lucky for him, Doctor Shepard is willing to go above and beyond for her patients.


Shepard looked around the medbay as she rolled her neck. Around her, the lights were low and the windows set in privacy mode. Not that Shepard needed privacy at the moment. She hated working the night shift. Nothing ever interesting happened. Most nights, she simply sat at her station, looking up baby varren vids on her omni-tool. Some of them were really cute at least.

But, as a junior doctor, Shepard had to pay her dues. She understood that.

Just as she started to load up another vid, the doors opened, and a turian wearing civilian clothes walked inside.

“Hello,” Shepard said, trying to sound cheerful. She wondered what was wrong with him. He certainly looked strong and healthy from where she sat, even with the ragged scars crossing the right side of his face.

The turian nodded and looked slightly uncomfortable.

“What brings you here today, Mister…” Shepard lilted her voice, asking a question.

“Vakarian. Garrus Vakarian,” he said, sitting down on the examining table. Garrus took a breath. “I haven’t been feeling well lately. Thought I was just stressed, but I think something’s wrong.”


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