baby ur a firework

OKAY BUT DID EVERYONE FORGET THAT JUBILEE IS A BADASS OR??? Fox molded her into this girl that goes to the mall for hair and nails, when really she shoplifted to stay alive after her parents died, and when she found out about her powers after being cornered and almost arrested by guards, she used her powers to do tricks for money at the mall, escaping security with her mutant abilities. Her father figure was Wolverine for a while, for Christ’s sake, she is strong as hell. She’s blown up part of the Mandarin’s castle, held her own against the hand, and once, when giving up on being a superhero, she went to Hollywood but got cast in stereotypical Asian roles, blasting her agent with plasma pyrotechnics when he tried to seduce her. I’m not saying she isn’t kind, hence her adopting a child (Shogo Lee) who she brings on missions and getting captured while escaping a facility because she was administering CPR to someone she almost killed, I’m saying that she is powerful and fights tooth and nail for what she has, she is not dainty nor the perfect picture of femininity and cute clothes that they make her out to be. Fox did Jubilee wrong and she deserves her own movie. ASAP.