baby ur a firework

OKAY BUT DID EVERYONE FORGET THAT JUBILEE IS A BADASS OR??? Fox molded her into this girl that goes to the mall for hair and nails, when really she shoplifted to stay alive after her parents died, and when she found out about her powers after being cornered and almost arrested by guards, she used her powers to do tricks for money at the mall, escaping security with her mutant abilities. Her father figure was Wolverine for a while, for Christ’s sake, she is strong as hell. She’s blown up part of the Mandarin’s castle, held her own against the hand, and once, when giving up on being a superhero, she went to Hollywood but got cast in stereotypical Asian roles, blasting her agent with plasma pyrotechnics when he tried to seduce her. I’m not saying she isn’t kind, hence her adopting a child (Shogo Lee) who she brings on missions and getting captured while escaping a facility because she was administering CPR to someone she almost killed, I’m saying that she is powerful and fights tooth and nail for what she has, she is not dainty nor the perfect picture of femininity and cute clothes that they make her out to be. Fox did Jubilee wrong and she deserves her own movie. ASAP.

New Year YOI fan art featuring:
- Titanic Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki, the Ship of Dreams
- Yuri Plisetsky feat. Animal Print (and his two boyfriends)
- Jean Jacques Leroy and Otabek Altin who are secretly identical twins ((srsly tho i can’t tell them apart in fanart)
- Phichit Chulalont the Meme™
- Leo de la Iglesia x Guang Hong Ji because lord knows they need more fanart
- Michele Crispino and his creepy obsession undying love for his sister
- Emil Nekola who wore it better
- Sara Crispino turned me everyone gay
- Mila Babicheva a.k.a Ms. Steal-yo-girl
- Georgi Who-the-fcuk-is-Anya Popovich
- Christophe Giacometti and his trusty sidekick: steel rod of glory portable pole dancing pole
- Finding Minami Kenjirou after episode 5
- Seung-gil Lee baby ur a firework

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Jubilee headcanons? Not necessarily romantic, just her being cool and shit and maybe a lil gay

AH YES I NEED THIS FOR MY GAY WIFE, THE ONE TRUE LOVE OF MY LIFE, I WOULD DIE FOR THIS DORK @kurtwxgners you brought this on yourself (p.s. stick around til the end for a playlist!)

Jubilation Lee Headcanons

  • she starts out at the school around 16-17 after the xmen save her from the M squad
    • let’s not pretend she doesn’t set up her room with fairy lights and vinyls and posters everywhere
      • she becomes fast friends with jean, who welcomes everyone to the school. Jean is one of the contributing factors to Jubilee coming out as gay to the school, as Jubilee constantly watched Jean call girls hot. Jean is really sweet to her and sort of takes her under her wing, but if you asked her, Jubilee would deny that she needed help from anyone bc shes a tough small child™
    • Jubilee lowkey always makes sure Jean remembers her worth when it comes to dating 
      • “Jean? Jean, Scott is a fuckboy. Stay away. No! Bad Jean!”

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