baby tree frog

Ahem. Well world, I was going to wait until my birthday to do this, but I couldn’t pass up such beautiful color variety. So here they are, Ichabod’s new baby brothers (or sisters possibly). I first held the minty green one, then saw the teal one with white speckles, and then the guy pulls out this yellow one with BLUE EYES. Could not pass up at that point. The blue eyed boy is a little feeble so far, could use some calcium, but I’m hoping he’ll bulk up. I do not have names yet, but I am working on it!
(Disclaimer: they are not directly in the tank, they are in a critter keeper in the tank until they grow big enough for Ichabod not to confuse with dinner.)

stickyfrogs, here they are!


Today when I went down to the basement I saw a salamander in one of the window wells and like the soft nerd I am I couldn’t leave it there to die. Then I looked in the other window well and found more friends (including that huge salamander in the second picture). I released them by the pond across the street so hopefully they’ll stay out of trouble now.
Not pictured: a baby tree frog I also found that I put in a tree soon after I caught it so the other guys wouldn’t eat it.

angel-ani  asked:

There was a teeny baby tree frog on the window of my car this morning, so i tried to move him so he wouldnt get slung onto the road, and he jumped onto my face and landed on my glasses! I was blessed by a smol friend.

A Belessing were granted unto you! a Sticky Hug with these grabb fingern! thank for help this small frienb not be hurt!

anonymous asked:

Is it okay to try and make ur white get a fat on purpose? How many feed him is too many feed him?

I do not think that is a good idea. froggo in the wild do a lot of jump and move and so have a different lifestyle to froggo in a tank. he do not have to run and jump and move and often do not want to do these thing. 

Being fat is not a bad thing! but he will do that on his own just by being that type of frog. it in his nature to get fat, especially if he are not doing a running around and burning energy a lot chasing food.

Whites/green tree frog will also get fat with age too, so even if he not pudgy friend now its ok. Just feed him the amount he require to be safe and healthy and nourished and only in the type of food he should eat and if you look after him right he will be both healthy, and chub. 

A baby green tree frog will use his food to grow, when he finish growing he can get fat. If u ask him to get fat too fast it can hurt how he grow, put pressure on his organs and make him sick. Also feeding thing that make him extra fat like meat and mice regularly is very very dangerous for your friend.
Can lead to irreversible kidney damage, liver damage and gout. which is all very painful and sometimes your friend can die from this.

(Meat and mice should only be fed to green tree/whites frogs if you are an experienced frog keeper and usually only when trying to get a dangerously underweight frog back up to a healthy weight, before returning it back to gut loaded insects)

information about this friend and how to look after him the best way is here

do not worry my friend, it is much harder to stop a green tree frog from getting fat than it is to get him to become fat. But if you overfeed him for deliberately try to make fat, you might do him a hurt.
It is your job as his human to make the decisions for him that are best for his health, since he will always choose to eat more food, even if it makes him sick.

I just got a new baby whites tree frog! I was wondering if I could ask a few questions. First, about how old does she/he look? (Im not quite sure about the sex yet) Second, about how long does it take for them to get to full size? And third, do they like friends? I might get another on if I can find one the same size. 🐸

Hello! 😀 He’s beautiful! Look at those eyes! 🐸🐸

It’s tricky to tell from the photo how old he is, but he looks like he has some more growing to do yet!

I would keep feeding him lots of crickets until you notice he has stopped growing longways and has started to grow out-ways instead! Then you can restrict his food.
Make sure he has his UV lights and calcium supplements, they’re especially important while he’s still growing!

He should be fully grown by about 8-12 months ish.

You can find a great care sheet for more info here!

And no he won’t get lonely by himself, but you should absolutely get more than one because Butt-Hat:

So I found the little baby tree frog earlier and I put him outside, and I’m laying here trying to sleep and I feel something land on my butt and I thought it was a moth so I snapped my blanket up a little and then something came back and I smacked it off my arm and it was all wet feeling and I’m like “BABY FROG?!” Yup. It’s back, and I lost it again. I don’t know how he keeps getting in but he really wants to be here. I wish I had a little tank to keep him in.