baby tooth art

I decided to draw some of my “looks” throughout the years. 
This kinda just goes “happy go lucky kiddo”, “oooh mental illness time”, “middle school is fucking awful”, “belated emo phase”, “questioning gender better go blonde”, and “non binary, asexual, and sorta cute???”


I am SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN! It’s my favorite holiday! :D And what better way to celebrate it then to make some NBC!AU! I even redesigned my whole tumblr page for the occasion! :3 So please do check it out everyone! I worked hard on it, and personally, I’m in love with it! x3 Special thanks to @arcanabreak (with some help of some brushes she gave me) and sassy-frost-lord for encouraging me in making this happen, and to @cainballad and @lastaim especially as well for making me feel proud in making this! I hope everyone loves the new theme! Happy Halloween! ;w;


Progressional post for “Still Dream”. (Link to complete piece with quote:

Ok, so there was a LOT of work that went into this piece. I don’t always go through every single step I’m showing here, but this composition was so complex, I needed each stage to be a solid foundation for the next. This is going to be a longish post, but I hope it will also be interesting, so here we go!

•Image 1. My very rough thumbnail for the piece. Essentially just marking in the basic shapes from my head, and where the characters were possibly going to be placed. This was about 3x4 inches.

•Image 2. Beginning layout and design, placing key components of the composition. Roughly 8 1/2 x 9 inches, the size I would be working in for the rest of the piece.

•Image 3. Tracing paper layers showing the adjustments I made to Jack and Jamie’s position in the composition, and dolphins replacing the school of fish.

•Image 4. I used a light box to trace the lines I wanted from the previous stage onto graph paper. I rarely use graph paper for my projects, but with this level of complexity, I wanted a guide to help ensure I was placing the structural parts of the piece in proper symmetry and alignment. Once I transferred the lines I had already established, I finished drawing the characters and refining the details of the piece freehand.

•Image 5. When the drawing was done, I made a quick photocopy and used a dark layout pencil to rough in where I thought the general tones would be. Some of these changed as the actual painting progressed.

•Image 6. Once I was satisfied with the level of my drawing, I again used a light box, this time to trace my pencil drawing onto watercolor paper using a limited selection of color pencils. I use this method for a couple of reasons. One, I get to work out any kinks on a different surface, ensuring the paper for my final piece is never overworked before I start painting. Two, the color pencils are wax based, which allows my lines to remain intact even when I run paint over them. I try to keep my artist’s thinking cap on when I make these transfers. I am never just mindlessly tracing; I am re-drawing using my previous layer as a guide, but also giving myself permission to make small alterations as I go that will bring it closer to my vision for the piece.

•Image 7. Final piece, done in watercolor and color pencil. I use the paints and pencils freely in any area I feel they are needed. However, the final piece is definitely more paint than pencil. I also used a small amount of white crayon to create the frost on Jack’s hoodie, breeches, and staff.

Some final notes on the composition: I first had the idea for this piece when I re-encountered a quote by G.K. Chesterton shortly after I saw RotG, which said, “At the four corners of a child’s bed stand Perseus and Roland, Sigurd and St. George. If you withdraw the guard if heroes you are not making him rational; you are only leaving him to fight the devils alone.” I thought how well it fit the whole concept of the story, and I wanted to make a piece of fan art based on that. The inner frame is meant to resemble a bed, and I have tried to include many details that tie into the story and characters, from Sandy’s little ocean dreams and dinosaurs, to the phases of the moon and the nightmares. The quilt pattern that runs along the sides of the central image is called “flying geese”, and so is a subtle nod also to the books on which the movie was based. Beside the movie itself, I tried to reference the flowing lines of Mucha’s art nouveau, and the detail of The Book of Kells as inspiration.

Well, there you have it, and I hope you enjoy seeing the progress! Thanks everyone who has liked and shared my painting over the last few days! I have loved reading your comments and tags and I will try to reply to some of them soon, but I am thoroughly delighted you are all enjoying the piece. :)


Zombie hobo alligators? Zebra biker? Baby dolls? Musical Chair Champion Pig? 

Last night’s episode had a lot of new (and old!) faces! Who was YOUR favorite!?

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Baby Tooth WIP

I started painting the day before yesterday and finished it today. I first primed the sculpture with white spraypaint and then I began painting the whole thing blue (except the light colored parts, like her face, hands etc.). After that I just added more and more color to it. You can’t see it that well but her body actually goes from green-ish to blue.