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just saw a church sign that said “ALL LIVES MATTER INCLUDING THOSE IN THE WOMB” which is really so cute because you know these prolife evangelical fucks change their tune once the baby is actually born and it’s black so shut the fuck up mayhaps? jesus is crying

Professor: what would we call this character- a uh… a boy toy, do people still say that? A prostitute?

Classmate: he’s more like a sugar baby

Professor: a sugar baby?! What’s that?

Me: the person who is on the receiving end … of a sugar daddy’s attention

Classmate: yeah, a sugar baby. You know, the one taking the sugar.

Professor: and a sugar baby is a girl or- oh? Boys can be sugar babies, too?

Me: it’s 2017, professor, of course boys can be sugar babies.

“ so i was in the club crying last night thinking why the fuck am i in the club crying? i was bumpin’, boolin’, eating a soft pretzel and it hit me — one of my boys, whenever we’re chilling, we eat a soft pretzel. i had just ate a soft pretzel without him and i felt like i was cheating on my motherfuckin’ boy. then i came to the realization, i can’t wait for cuffing season to be over so we can reunite. i can’t wait to be out and when that funky little tune ‘ we dem boyz ’ comes on i’ll look at all my boys and say ‘ aw that’s us, he-he. ’” 

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How would Tup Fives and Cody react to having a baby centaur covered in mud come up to them and hold onto their leg because it can barely walk. It's mother has left them because they were too weak to run from the wolves. (I am the mystical baby animal anon! I will forever ask these questions! )

  • Tup would look around, dumbfounded, for someone to help him, only to realize that he was on his own with this one. This causes him to panic a bit, he couldn’t take care of a normal youngling let alone whatever this was. After taking a moment or two to calm himself down he would try to pick the babby up, mentally coming up with a plan. He was no medic, but he could tell that it was too weak to walk. He’d feed it his rations and give it some water, letting it rest for awhile to regain at least some of it’s strength. He knew he couldn’t leave it there, so he would take it back to base with him. Obviously he couldn’t keep it himself, but he knew the Jedi could find it a proper home. 
  • Fives would do a double take, not believing what he was seeing. What was this tiny weird alien? Why was it so filthy? And why was it clinging to him? Help. Even though Fives would want to run away from the situation, he could never abandoned such a helpless creature, especially a youngling. He’d notice it was hurt, and probably make it some kind of splint. His second thing was to cheer it up, so he’d joke around with it while he looked around for it’s mother. When it became clear that he wasn’t going to find her, however, he’d be a little lost as to what to do. Eventually he’d take it to the most responsible person he knew; Echo. Of course Echo would make him take it to General Skywalker. 
  • Cody would die a little on the inside, this was not a part of the mission and he was  no way equip to take care of a child. He’d leave only to come back five minutes later out of guilt. After a bit of coaxing he’d get it to come closer, then he would give it some water. Watching it drink he would try to think of what the right thing to do would be, and eventually settle on taking it to Obi-Wan. He knew that would be the best course of action, since Obi-Wan was not only good with kids, but also because he could find it at least a temporary home. 

More selfies! The lighting in TJ Maxx dressing rooms is choooooice. I bought this shirt and these shorts because I had a gift card! I love the shorts and I can’t wait until my bones stop hurting so I can run in them when it’s warm!☀ 

It’s weird,my first memory of trying on clothes was from in a TJ Maxx (or maybe a Marshal’s, I can never tell them apart). I was 10 or 11 and I was just sobbing because I felt like everything I tried on looked horrible on me. Baby steps, while I’ve come a long way toward feeling comfortable with myself, i still have a long way to go. But I was feelin’ myself in this dressing room!💞 

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Would matriarchy end up being the same thing as patriarchy just with different people in power? Would it mean that 90% of violent crimes will be comitted by women? Or that women will be sexual predators, who objectify and treat men as property? I would like to think that there are no differences between men and women that aren't a result of our culture (i mean differences in behavior, not biology and etc), so wouldn't it just be the same as now, just switched between sexes.

No, it is nothing at all like patriarchy. Patriarchy requires that women becomes the property of men because pregnancy happens inside of the woman’s body–the only way to trace male lineage without invasive medical procedures is to make the woman promise herself in a ceremony to a man and that promise is “any baby that comes out of me has your DNA” and then the man’s patriarchal lineage is built off his ownership of this woman’s womb.

Men don’t get pregnant. Women don’t need ownership over men’s bodies in order to have a lineage because we already know who the mother is.

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