baby this is for you


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even after this pic where fred doesnt even look like fred i saw ppl say hes m*ni louis, oh my god louis sweetie im so sorry

Hdjdjkdkdk that just shows they will keep saying this no matter who the kid looks like. At this point you can’t look at him and say he looks like Louis. Nothing in him looks like Louis 

calling adult characters “my baby” and “my child” is all fun and games until someone starts treating them as such

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I'm not sure if you will agree with this but Phili will have a M!A of her self as a baby with her older siblings around taking care of her. The M!A will end in August 5th

M!A: Baby Phili (0/??)

//Replies after this post won’t be in color. That way, I can answer as many as I can before the M!A ends.

i was lost in dream daddy all day and i’m trying my hardest to not make a blog for any of those dads,,