baby this is for you


So like, I’ve been studying for like 4/5 hours and I completely forgot that the daughter of my neighbors on the floor below me was holding her birthday party.

Really loudly.

With thin walls.

And they’re playing JB’s Baby and YELLING over it.

I’m glad kids still have humor these days tbh

Hyunwoo: Hyung aigoo, crybaby our crybaby

Audience: Jisung-ah!

Jisung: “sobs” Whose calling my name?

-At the interview-

Jisung:  Being able to hear “Jisung you did well”… meant I was being acknowledged. I already feel so moved hearing this one phrase.

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beronica parent/baby headcanons?

  • it’s years after everything - after the murder, after riverdale, after college - when veronica presses a whisper soft kiss to the corner of betty’s mouth and asks her for a baby
  • months later and betty presses her own whisper soft kisses to the growing swell of veronica’s stomach. veronica complains about the nausea - curses everyone who’s built up this idea that pregnancy is painless and soft - but the way betty looks at her when she talks about the baby fluttering inside her makes doubling over the toilet every morning easier
  • twenty three hours. veronica’s water breaks and she’s in labor twenty. three. hours. it’s only after their baby girl is born and swaddled in soft yellow hospital blankets and veronica’s tucked into betty’s side, struggling to keep her eyes open that betty cracks a joke about lodge women and their stubbornness 
  • their little girl is a lodge through and through; dark hair, dark eyes, and the recipient of betty’s unwavering love

*coughs* I made a bendy-

I Lost My Baby.

tw: lost puppy

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“I lost my baby.” Morality hesitantly said

“WHAT?” Logan screamed. For someone who said they didn’t like animals, he was freaking out.

“How did you lose them in a day?” Logan said frantically searching the cushions.

“What’s that over there?” Morality asked , but Logic wasn’t listening.

“They could be anywhere by now! Lost in a dungeon, panicking in the bathroom sink- “

“Found her!” Morality said pulling Yaps up from under the desk.

“Oh thank goodness you found her!” Logan said  reaching for her to pet her, but hesitantly touched her, Yaps leaned towards his touch.

“You know you’re allowed to like animals right?” Morality said smiling, “besides you look so cute when you’re with her.” Logan blushed and stopped petting her.

“Shut up.”

On-the-fly fractured Post-SWR fic

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This is Part 4, written on-the-fly, comments/reblogs appreciated.


For whatever reason, once they made it to Ryloth, her mother greeted her with an embrace first, as if she was used to children returning to her.

But not to say, when she parted to breathe, her mother gave her a sharp glare for the absence of explanation.

“I’m not oppose to you flying off, little luv… but I believe we could’ve been in a place to talk about this-” Then her head darted away from the eyes of her daughter.

So Mom had noted the second passenger rising from the wing. 

Mom stood frozen, yet with professional stoicism, so the girl ran to the blind man, taking his hand and escorting him down the wing and to the General.

Whatever transpired between them, her Mom and this father of hers, from then on, she was a witness that couldn’t process everything, for she choose to keep a distance, where she could observe but not hear. First, it seemed like an obligatory debriefing, touchless and muted of sentiments. Then, something seem to boil. Her mom shoved his torso to the doorway and he seemed to submit to this act of aggression, slouching his tall build to let his blind eyes level with hers. There was a mild rise in the volume of Mom’s voice (”Ezra… out of reach… Never… informed… Us”).  But whatever had happened, there had been no joy, only turmoil in the Force, and the stranger absorbed every bitterness as if he had been adapted to do so his whole life.

And her mom nodded at her, called to her, signaling it was fine to come near, then vanished with the stranger inside.

By the time she came inside, there was still the absence of joy. But she came and saw the stranger, on his knees, head resting on mother’s lap. He was muttering something and in response, her mother smoothed his hair, beckoned his chin up, then planted her lips on his forehead.

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can you post a smut drabble with derek rn bc I neeeeeed new stuff from you and I can't wait until tomorrow !!

Morgan wrapped his hand around your throat and you gasped, one of the rules you had when you were acting out scenes like this was you weren’t aloud to make a sound unless he said so, an unauthorised moan was what resulted with his palm pressing tightly against your throat. The level of dominance he had over you was so arousing, you could feel your wetness smearing across your inner thighs.

“Come on, pretty girl. If you want cock so badly you can work for it.” Morgan’s voice was low and playful, he knew how worked up you were and how badly you wanted to come but yet he continued to tease. Seeing you on the verge of tears because of how fucking good he felt inside you or because of how badly your clit was aching to be touched, it was the hottest thing he’d ever seen.

You swallowed your whine and slowly started fucking yourself back onto him, the slow stretch hurt in the best way possible, you were so wet that it was easy to get a rhythm going.

“You can speak.” You gasped out a breath of relieve, moaning as you felt your g-spot get brushed up against. Just before you were about to moan again Morgan’s hand came up and grabbed a section of your hair, pulling you back to meet him. “I said you can speak, not make those slutty moans.”

If this was him when he was being nice, you wondered what was to happen if you were to misbehave once again.