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A baby was suddenly handle to a Captain! Their reaction is...? (and no, they can not handle the baby back)

Jushiro, Shunsui, Unohana, and Kenpachi are really good with babies! Jushiro loves babies, he stats making baby noises and his smiling from ear to ear. Shunsui and Unohana are actually a natural when it comes with kids. Since Kenpachi raised Yachiru  when she was little, handling a baby is pretty easy for Kenpachi

Sui Feng, Rose, Shinji, Toshiro, Kensei, and Byakuya are really stiff when a baby is handle to them, they don’t know how to handle the small child and they look almost scared, like they are going to drop the child, or hurt them in any kind of way.

Mayuri is really mad since he can’t hand the baby back. Although he is mad about this, the baby fucking loves him, they start reaching out to touch his face and they are giggling, but regardless, after awhile he probably gives the baby back to their caretaker.

I want a news article about how Patrick Kane is a fucking genius. Have you ever heard him talk about CORSI, stats and all that analytical mumbo-jumbo scouts judge players on? HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT! And, I dare you, ask him about plays, whether it be the Blackhawks, other teams, defensive, offensive, ask him. His brain has it all stored in there. I’ll bet it’s not just hockey, too. I bet he could do the same with any other sport he’s into. 

Seriously, this guy is so smart. He could kick all our asses at hockey trivia, I’m sure! Can we talk about that?

Princecup headcanons

Because @tysonrunningfox said yes and granted me permission to share. I do not own it. All Princecup things belong to her. I don’t know what is meant to be. All I know is that these dorks need to make some royal babies, STAT!

  • I love the idea of Hiccup trying these crazy schemes to get alone time with her. This is before he ultimately decides to out them, when he thinks he’s so sneaky and smart but can barely keep his hair under control, let alone a secret relationship. Like, he announces that he’s spending a week at the royal family’s summer home and of course his chief of security will be accompanying him. But he also gives the rest of the staff there a full week off, with full pay. Astrid doesn’t know until they arrive and there’s no one around and he’s so damn smug about it. 
  • The Hiccstrid Royal Wedding is the first wedding in history in which the bride carries a concealed firearm. 
  • Duke Jorgenson: Berk’s first openly bisexual royal?
  • The press tries to vilify Astrid at first and it fails, big time. The headlines attempting to cast her as the social climbing opportunist last approximately half a day, because the people love Astrid. Like LOVE her. Her military background! She carries sensible handbags containing her weapons! She eats burgers! I mean, what’s not to love? She’s kind of the best. They get their priorities in order really quickly and are swift to jump on the bandwagon.
  • That’s not to say everything is fine and dandy between them and the tabloids. Astrid can’t stand the press; she’s watched how they’ve tried to feed off the Haddock family’s tragedy (Valka?) for a long time, and she can’t bring herself to trust them. There are so many paparazzi photos of Astrid glaring at the cameras. How long does it take before she agrees to an interview? Your call.
  • When things are getting serious and someone on the royal staff informs Astrid that she needs to start formally picking charities to support, everyone is reminded very quickly that Astrid Hofferson isn’t one to half ass anything. She informs them that she wants to support the local women’s shelters, but they don’t expect to find her down there, IN PERSON, giving free self defense classes. When the holidays come around she bakes hundreds of cookies herself in the palace kitchens to deliver to the veterans hospital and masters the recipe after burning the first hundred or so. The list goes on and on. It’s impossible to stop her. She does things her way, and everyone learns to deal with it.
  • Astrid glares at all the rude foreign dignitaries and Stoick thinks it’s the best thing ever.  
  • Speaking of Stoick: Hiccup? Who is that? When is Astrid coming for dinner? What does Astrid think of the new security protocols? He has an hour off next week, would Astrid be available to join him at the shooting range? SHE IS HIS FUTURE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW.
  • Toothless is the sassiest horse ever. The end.