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Was sidney Crosby really bullied as a child?

horribly. from the primer:

He joined the Timbits hockey team at age 5, and gave his first interview at AGE 7!! This boy has been attracting attention with his skills since he was a wee one. BUT!!!! Not all the attention was good. From a very young age, he was constantly harassed by other players and their parents. Here, a quote from Sid: “I remember being in Pee-Wee [12 yo], a guy trying to break my leg. It wasn’t even during a play: I was going to a face-off, and a guy just two-handed it right at my knee—like a baseball bat.”

And there’s these awful tidbits: “During one provincial playoff game, when Sidney was 8, he scored five goals, and a man in the stands called him a bum with no skills and yelled at him to go home.”(x) “Men in the stands, frustrated at the way Crosby overshadowed their sons, would yell about breaking his neck, how he was going to get killed.”

Let’s take it to Mama and Papa Crosby for some more heart breaking quotes: “Sometimes there was nothing said, but you still felt it,” Trina said. “Something like that happened every year and it got worse. There were so many comments. People said Troy pushed him too hard. It wasn’t everyone, but there were a lot.” [The taunts at the rinks moved Sidney to tears a few times. It was confusing to a kid who was talented and had just been taught to try his hardest.] “It wasn’t healthy for him to play here, physically or emotionally,” Troy said. “He was taking a beating on the ice. Grown men and women were yelling at him, wanting to see him harmed. They cheered dirty hits. If he’d come back the following year, he would have been killed.”

YEAH WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT???? Because of all the bullying and harassment, Sid’s parents sent him to Shattuck-Saint Mary’s, a boarding school in Minnesota that’s been referred to as the “Hogwarts of Hockey”

Code-name: "THE BOSS"

Johnny found The Boss in a secluded corner of the lounge, a tablet in hand- and that damed helmet still on. Johnny subtly straightened the collar of his shirt, brushed a hand over his hair, and with hands in trouser pockets he walked into the little corner space as casually as he could. The Boss’ fingers went rigid over the glowing screen. With a disinterested air, he took a seat on the opposite sofa, keeping a distance between them- he hadn’t scared them off yet, and he was going through all the motions one would when approaching a wild animal. Don’t look them in the eye, don’t face them full frontal- don’t stick your fingers in their face. Johnny could feel their eyes on him, wary and cutting, but Johnny had stared down the worst of the worst of society, with only a table and a pair of cuffs between them. He still felt his pits sweat a little under their direct attention.
Casually, he took out his knife and inspected it for non-existant dirt, running the point under his clipped nails. Cool as a cucumber. He risked a glance up at them. Their visor was no longer directed at his face, but was tilted down, at his hands. Their whole body had softened, as if the sight was calming. Johnny would remember that. He took the chance while they were distracted.

“So. Heard you’re one of the higher up agents. One of the first, and best.”

Immediately their body language radiated “get away from me”, retreating to the arm of the sofa. But just as quickly it relaxed, purposefully, visor turning back to the tablet. He didn’t know what to feel about someone so obviously trying to cut him out.


He tossed his knife up, catching it over and over as he kept the small talk small.

“Persephone vouches for ya. And you ain’t half bad on the field.”

A questioning pause.

“It’s not hard work.” They eventually replied.

He peered ar her curiously.

“What, being an agent? Saving the world?”

Their voice was filled with a chilling aloofness.


Their answer shouldn’t resonate so much with cop like him- but it did. Damn him, but it did. He focused his attention on his knife.

“What d'you do before M.A.Y.H.E.M?”

“None of your business.”

“How long have you been with them?”

“Long enough.”

“What’s your body count like?”

“Lost count.” They said, a wicked lick to their tone that had him pulling at his collar.

“Favourite colour?” Johnny asked lightly, trying to cheer the mood up.

Johnny didn’t expect that question to be the one to make them hesitate. He stared at them when the silence dragged on for a moment, and opened his mouth to ask them again, if they didn’t hear them. Their answer was soft, and filled with meaning he didn’t understand but made his heart strangely full.

“Purple. I like purple.”

His brows raised slightly in surprise, schooling most of his reaction. Keep it casual.

“Huh. Funny. Me too.”

That made The Boss heave a deep sigh, as if expelling something off their chest, and they slouched on their sofa, focussing on their tablet.

“I’m doing research on a target so either pipe down and amuse yourself or go away.” Their guard was up again, and the wild animal had returned after too much prodding.

Gat witheld a sigh, and made a casual shrug he did not feel, then sat back and pulled out his phone. It may not have been much, but info was info, and this was a small victory. If the result was doing fuck-all for an hour till they ran off to do God knows what, then he could put up with that.

He wondered if he would look good in a purple shirt.

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30 Day Mumblr/Momblr Challenge

  1. Introduce your family (with or without a picture)
  2. Age you had your child/ren?
  3. Reason behind child/rens names?
  4. Children’s nicknames?
  5. Who do they look like? You, partner, other family member?
  6. Baby stats? Weight, height, time of birth etc.
  7. Due dates and birth dates for your child/ren?
  8. How many kids do you want?
  9. How many does your partner want?
  10. Did you enjoy your pregnancy/ies? Why?
  11. Did you find out the sex of your child/ren? Why/why not?
  12. Would you be a surrogate?
  13. Best parenting advice you were given?
  14. Worst advice you were given?
  15. Did you stick to your birth plan/s?
  16. Did you have a theme for their nursery/bedroom? What was it?
  17. Did you read any pregnancy/parenting  books? What was your favourite?
  18. Top 5 baby essentials?
  19. If you were to have another baby boy or girl (or both), what would you name him/her?
  20. Do you miss life before kids?
  21. Is parenthood what you expected it to be?
  22. Most rewarding thing about being a mum?
  23. Hardest thing about being a mum?
  24. Knowledge you wish to impart on your child?
  25. Childhood memories you want your child/ren to have?
  26. One thing you never had that you want for you child/ren?
  27. How do you spend family time?
  28. Where would you take your family on an all expenses paid vacation?
  29. You are approached by a TV company to make a tv show about your family. What would the title be?
  30. Your best advice for new mums?

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Bowling night, stats, and hydration selfie 💁🏻
I ran two miles this morning outside for the first time in weeks (I’ve done a bit on the treadmill but haven’t ran outside for a long time), which was a great start to my day. I also tracked all my food, which included half a cinnamon raisin bagel, a homemade acai bowl, avocado and salsa on multigrain crackers, fresh pineapple, and homemade turkey chili (bomb!).
After we had dinner I threw out the idea we all go bowling, and so we did! Three year old had never bowled before and she was SO EXCITED the whole time… she was screaming and high fiving for everyone’s turn even if they got a gutter ball. It was so cute.

Today was a good day. That’s day 2 in a row of healthy choices and making the day count! Let’s keep the streak going 👏🏼👏🏼


i felt like doing the stats for my aventurines

yes, i did make a new one, she is blue aventurine and she lives in the sea spire

stats sheet from @gemsona-hq

some info under read more 

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Ace Attorney RPG Character Bio II: Klavier Gavin

Vote Tally:

Klavier - 2, Athena - 1

(yo this boy be playin’ LITERAL AIR GUITAR)

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be doing my second AA RPG AU character bio, this time on Klavier Gavin! I’ll talk about his ranges, abilities, and some of his battle quotes! Let’s rock!

(btw if you haven’t seen my apollo bio heres a link)

Some background music for you =)

(Note: These stats are not built with the fact that you might meet some characters in later parts of the game, but instead if they were all at the beginning.)

Base Stats (before level up):

HP: 17

Attack (Main): 6 (3x3 AOE)

Attack (Secondary): 10 (melee) (knockback) (1 turn recharge) 

Defense: 8

Movement Range: 5 Spaces

Attack Range (Main): 6 Spaces

Attack Range (Secondary): 1 Space

Max Stats (Bard Route):

HP: 275

Attack (Main): 164 (5x5 AOE) (15% dizzy chance)

Attack (Secondary): 168 (melee) (knockback) (25% dizzy chance) (1 turn recharge)

Defense: 167

Movement Range: 7 Spaces

Attack Range (Main): 9 Spaces

Attack Range (Secondary): 1 Space

Max Stats (Royal Knight Route)

HP: 257

Attack (Main): 176 (melee) (10% stun chance)

Attack (Secondary): 151 (single-target) (30% stun chance) (armor-piercing)

Defense: 211

Movement Range: 9 Spaces

Attack Range (Main): 1 Space

Attack Range (Secondary): 3 Spaces

Klavier is basically a support character. His purpose is to put buffs on the team and put debuffs on the enemies. He obviously can dish out some damage, but thats not his main job. If he decides to upgrade to a Royal Knight, going back to his prince roots, he gains increased defense and attack, at the cost of some range and a little HP.

As a bard, he has 3 specials, which can be upgraded with gold:

Bolero of Power: Any ally within 3 spaces gets a 30% power boost for 5 turns, including Klavier himself. Upgrade once to increase to 40%, upgrade twice to increase to 50%, and upgrade a third time to give them an 60% burn chance on their attack. (2 turn recharge

Requiem of Speed: Any ally within 3 spaces gets an extra turn to move and can move one space further than norma, including Klavier himself. Upgrade once to increase range to 2 extra spaces, upgrade twice to increase to 3 extra spaces, and upgrade a third time to increase to 4 extra spaces. (2 turn recharge)

Melody of Healing: Any ally within 3 spaces restores 20% of their max HP, including Klavier himself. Upgrade once to increase to 30%, upgrade twice to increase to 40%, and upgrade a third time to increase to 50%. (2-3 turn recharge)

As a royal knight, he has 2 specials, which can be upgraded with gold.

Thunder Cyclone: Send a 3 space wide cyclone that does 50 damage to everything it hits (with armor piercing), including allies, and launch them to a random space on the field. Upgrade once to increase to 100 damage, upgrade twice to remove the friendly fire, and upgrade a third time to increase to 200 damage. (3 turn recharge)

Royal Boost: Any ally within 3 spaces gets a 30% boost in power, defense, and attack, and can move 2 extra spaces for 2 turns. Upgrade once to increase to 40%, upgrade twice to increase to 3 extra spaces, and upgrade a third time to increase to 50%. (5 turn recharge) (It’s not OP if it’s insanely expensive to upgrade ;] )

Klavier also has a passive effect called Shine Aura, which increases the amount of bond built when you fight alongside him by 2%.

Some battle quotes:

“Achtung baby! Let’s rock!” (Opening turn)

“I’ve got you covered, ja?” (Uses boosting effect)

“Ack! I’m hit!” (Takes damage)

“…Finally. It’s finally over, isn’t it?” (Defeats boss)

Aaaaaaand that’s all for Klavier! Got any suggestions, tell me!! Next up will be covering Athena the Paladin!! See ya!!

Credit goes to @buttlerina for the AU! Rock on!!