baby tav

throws love

~ @dirktom you always make me happy you witch its g o od an id i l ove you make me giggle so much and its super pleasing to have you around…. jehovahs witness <3

~ @pollyannam3 youre a very cute nerd,, keep goin man im sure eridan is super happy to see you everyday and AAAAAAaa youre literally the nicest thing

~ @lalondeofvoid A VERY BEAUTIFUL RO x u need more love in ur life omfg you de s er v e i t

Imagine this: Baby Tavros hugging a bunch of cats, his nose running and his eyes all puffy, maybe breaking out into a rash. Someone tells him that he knows he can’t do that because of his allergies, but he hugs them tighter and cries out “BUT I LOVE THEM ALL!”