baby tarantulas


So I moved my adult female Psalmopoeus irminia into a fancy new house and I can actually see her again so have some crappy, overexposed phone photos.

She’s already discovered the cork tube and I’m sure she’ll be very happy there because she’ll settle anywhere she’s been for more than 12 minutes. Psalmos, for all their panicky scattiness, at least you know they’re not going to throw a tantrum and refuse to settle every time you move them like avics sometimes do.

an update for all the things

Hi guys. I just wanted to let you all know that I am still clinging feebly to life and my fics have not been abandoned, just critically neglected. Real Life has been beating the dog shit out of me and this is the first time I’ve actually picked up my entire computer in … I don’t even know. A long-ass time. A really long-ass time. I don’t want to hash it out on tumblr because I want to keep this area as free from my real world garbage as possible, but I’ve been almost completely shut down for a long time, just kind of trying to make it to the next day. 

I want to apologize for disappearing because I know it’s a bullshit thing for an author to do. I kept waiting for all the Real Life stuff to blow over, thinking, ‘next off day, I’ll write!’ and never feeling up to it when those days arrived. Then time got away from me. I’ve been feeling the itch to write again for the first time in months, so I’m going to start with Wild-Type and read back over the last couple of chapters tonight so I can pick it back up ASAP. I doubt I’ll be able to immediately start updating every week like I was doing, but I hope to build myself back up to that point eventually. Right now I’m taking baby steps, so everything except Wild-Type is still on hiatus until I get my groove back. 

In a fit of emotional turmoil I also bought myself a tiny baby tarantula on impulse. So now I have … one of those. I won’t go into detail about that because I know arachnophobia is a thing. 


A wiggling wave of A. versicolor babies!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any pets? (Besides the beautiful aster)


ok, you actually asked at a fun time because believe it or not I’m picking up another pet tomorrow.

Right now there’s the charismatic Mr. Aster, I also have a baby tarantula called Pookie, a ball python called Jorgen Von Strangle, a blue crayfish called Kaiju and Bartleby the friendly rat creature.

Tomorrow I’m picking up another snake for my merry band of beasts. He’s a Brazilian rainbow boa and his name will be Xibalba.