baby sweetie belle


Aaaallllllrighty, the interest in the Dragon!AU was big enough for me to go ahead and do a couple of doodles for it, and given they’re my favorite ship and, as always, one of the main pairings in the AU, I started off with Twilight and Rarity!

For a very brief rundown of the AU: Twilight Sparkle is a bright scholar and is sorta famous for her work as a Monster Slayer. She’s one day contracted to hunt down and kill one of the most dangerous and rarest creatures known in the world: a dragon. But, her encounter with said dragon sort of turns her world upside down.

This is probably the tallest and built I’ve ever made Twilight in an AU aside from good ol’ Bodyguard!AU, from which I took some cues from. :3 She’s far more taken to her father’s side of the family and, like her brother, she grows to be pretty tol. Service in the name of Queen Celestia and Princess Luna is a long-standing family tradition/career among the Sparkles and in this AU, Twilight doesn’t stray too far from that calling. Not technically a soldier but she could serve as one, her job primarily revolves around containing, relocating, or slaying hostile creatures of the… well, unordinary caliber (including cockatrice, chimeras, manticores, draugr, werewolves, vampires, star spiders, so on). Twilight much prefers studying and learning about the creatures she hunts over killing them, but sometimes it honestly can’t be avoided. While she’s studied dragons and listen intently to the stories her mentors tell, Rarity is the first time Twi ever encounters a living dragon.

As for Rarity, given that dragons are sought after for several things (their scales/pelts, teeth, horns, treasure, or simply something to kill), she keeps to her territory high in the mountains and, if she ever needs to interact with civilization, takes on her pony form. Rarity is forever fascinated by the lives of normal beings and tries to immerse herself as much as she can without getting caught, but pony fashion in particular has really caught her eye. So much so that she often spends some of her vast trove of gold on supplies so she can make dresses herself. The fashion is probably the primary reason why she likes being in her pony form so much: she gets to wear the outfits. Despite her admiration for normal beings and their vast cultures, she isn’t naive; she knows just how dangerous it can be, no matter how good a disguise her pony form may be, if someone recognized that she were a dragon. As such she isn’t so quick to trust anyone, including other dragons (some of which who’ve taken up selling or killing their own kind for their own greed). She is the primary caretaker of her baby sister, Sweetie Belle, and the young orphaned drake Spike, both of which she’s extremely protective of because dragon youngsters are by far the most valuable.

Aaaaand that’s all I have for now? Feel more than free to ask me any questions if you’d like, and let me know what ya think. Thank you for taking a looksie and keep a lookout for more of this AU! c: