baby swag


SUMMER SALES, dont we all love the summer sales? infact any sales. i picked up this outfit for just £8.50, and doesnt dylan just rock in it? even the glasses. ill start from the bottom, as you can see he has his red chuck taylor converse on we’ev had these for quiet a while but you can pick them up from round about £20-£30 in local stores which i no are supplied around the world or like me thinking ‘there only in them two minutes’ from ebay, second hand BUT in good condition, i would never buy a tatty pair so make sure you have a further look threw the pictures i think i grabbed these at £8. Low converse just top any outfit of in the summer, try and go for the bright colourful converse as a pose to the dark and dull colours. The pants, these are actually a size 9-12 months, i know dylans a little small but aslong as they fit on the waste who cares if there cropped? they look awsome as three quarters with a dropped crotch. The red tartan pants are from NEXT, good quality clothes and for a bargain price of £4.50! The T-shirt goes well with the pants as its very plain, it wouldn’t work if not as there’s to much going on with the bottom half. It actually came in a pack of 3, all for £2 from the store matalan. Again good quality clothing. The glasses also seen trending on Labrynth the singer were suprisingley from primark, and may i add he loves them! we live in the UK so most stores we have over here will be in other countries too, but some Im guessing are just based in the UK. I hope some mamas browsing hopeing for some inspiration come across us and we can help, ill progress it everyday. dont forget to reblog, follow, favourite anything to help me and the little man shine!