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Hush Little Baby.

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REQUEST: Hi what if the reader was from another smaller group with a baby and I’m getting baby stuff at the same time as Carl and we surprise each other and point our guys at each other then the reader tells him to get down and he does and the reader saves him from a zombie?? Then they find their groups arguing and have to calm everyone down?? Just an idea, you’re a really good writer.

FANDOM: Carl Grimes [The Walking Dead]


TAGS: swearing, guns, zombies, Y/N names her child Tommy

I can’t make him stop crying. Poor Tommy but all I could do is cradle him while searching helplessly in the abandoned shopping store. It looked rusty and old but it was helpful. I went aisle by aisle but all I could see were bugs and even spotted a raccoon munching on a box of honey biscuits. 

This was ridiculous! Tommy needed food and more clothes and I needed food myself.

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