baby superhero

i need an entire spinoff about the babysitter from the incredibles getting hired to babysit all the superhero babies in the city because news spread about how she managed to handle jack jack 

she grows up to start a superhero babysitting agency where she specially trains babysitters to deal with babies who wreak havoc with their uncontrolled powers and toddlers who are trying to hide their powers or are learning to control them


A li’l Star Wars space prince!Finn AU + Marvel crossover - because if the Guardians of the Galaxy can come to Earth, so can Prince Finn and his consorts :D

My belated contribution to @stormpilotweek2017 Day 6: “Any AU”
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LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Sets
  • Ravager Attack (76079)
    featuring Taserface, Mantis, and Rocket
  • Ayesha’s Revenge (76080)
    featuring Ayesha, Yondu, Star-Lord, and Baby Groot(!)
  • The Milano vs. The Abilisk (76081)
    featuring Nebula, Gamora, Drax, Star-Lord, and Baby Groot
Just a little something no one asked for: Human!SugarPie...

Ok ok, before you shoot me for how stupid this may sound let me explain my though process for this…

I absolutely love how sometimes in movies and tv shows they show inventor/creation relationships depicted as parent child relationships, I just think its so cute! So I thought to myself, ‘You know, Robbie would totally have that kind of relationships with one of his inventions…’  And that reminded me of how in the episode, “LazyTown’s New Superhero” Robbie just loved his little Robo-pupper so much, and so I was thinking, ‘Robbie could have a relationship like that with SugarPie,  but it wouldn’t really work because he’s a dog…’ Then it hit me!

‘What if SugarPie was a human?!?!’ …Well..robot human…?

Let me explain….

What if after that episode Robbie discarded SugarPie then like, one or two years later found him in an old broom closet or something and thought to himself, ‘I bet I could make him better…’ and after drawing up blue print upon blueprint of different (dog) designs for him and finding he didn’t like any of them, then thinking, ‘What if I make him bigger, stronger, smarter! That’s it! I’ll make him Human!!’ Then using both SugarPie’s old parts and some new ones builds a 6 foot tall human robot-dog man!!<3

This is kinda how i imagined him to look like:

Full body.

From the waist up.

(Art done by me. Sorry the colors are a little off and the designs are slightly different but the top drawing is the official design. I also just realized that the paw patch is missing from the top drawing and I’m too lazy to go back and fix it Haha sorry I don’t draw so good. Just remember its supposed to be there.)

So yeah I liked this idea so much I just had to draw it! I would keep writing more about this idea but that would be too long so here have this:


  • Robbie is Half elf and his magic is linked to his emotions
  • Somehow, wheather accidental or intentional, some of Robbie’s magic (for lack of a better word) “gets into” SugarPie making him capable of human thought and emotion. 
  • He is just as, if not stronger than Sportacus
  • He looks like he’s about 20 years old.
  • Since he used to be a dog not he’s a dog catcher! Only his job is to catch the kids not stray dogs. (Robbie’s just clever that way.)
  • SugarPie loved his creator and calls him “Dad”, “Father”, “Pops”, and “Sir”
  • Robbie also loves his robotic son very much and thinks rebuilding him is one of the best decisions he’s ever made! 
  • Robbie calls him “Sugar” for short and you can too! :D
  • “Good boy~” 
  • “Look at this net that I just found!” (He always carries around a giant child-sized butterfly net for catching children)
  • Robbie reprogrammed him so instead of attacking when he hears the word “trouble”, he protects Robbie when ever he says “I’m in trouble!”
  • Because of this he’s less dangerous and is a happy smiley puppo. 
  • He likes the kids now and calls them “the pups” or “the puppies” 
  • He LOVES Sportacus!! 


  • Robbie designed him to have some of Sportacus’ features. (His nose, jaw shape, eyebrows, and body type.)
  • Sugar’s body type is a combination of both Robbie’s lean (and slightly feminine) physique and Sportacus’ muscular upper body.
  • “If I’m designed in his image, doesn’t that make him like my dad too?…”
  • “Hmm………….I guess it does….”
  • YES SPORT IS HIS OTHER DAD!! (He just doesn’t know that…)
  • Sugar doesn’t understand Robbie and sportacus’ hero/villain relationship.
  • “Pop?…Aren’t parents supposed to live together?…Why does Pabi live all alone in that airship?”
  • “Because we aren’t married.”
  • “why not?… You love him don’t you?”
  • “But he doesn’t love me back…”
  • SugarPie “accidentally” calling Sportacus “Dad” or “Pabi” to his face and Sportacus slowly catching on to what’s going on.
  • “Hello honey! How are my husband and my son doing today?~ ;}3”
  • “!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!??”
  • Sportacus and Robbie ending up together and raising their robotic son together.
  • The End  

Vintage postcard showing the Fox Carthay Circle Theatre, in the western part of the Wilshire district of Los Angeles, an area now known as Mid-City West.

Though, as a rule, most Bat-Man franchises served a specific territory with no geographical overlaps, somehow the Wilshire district of L.A. found itself with eight competing Bat-Man crime-fighting outlets, causing much chaos and confusion, and directly resulting in the subsequent banning of superheroes altogether from the Greater Los Angeles area.

Imagine Erik Finding Out You’re His Daughter Right When You’re About To Ask Hank Out

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(Sequel to this imagine!)

“Really? You’re free right now?” you asked, just making sure that you weren’t just hearing things.

“Y-yeah, I guess I am. Wow. That’s weird. I don’t really have free time. That’s weird, too, mostly because I don’t have much of a life,” Hank laughed awkwardly. You were smiling so wide your cheeks hurt.

“Awesome,” you shyly pushed your hair off your face, gathering up your courage. “I was thinking, would you want to-”

“Erik,” Hank breathed, looking behind you. Sure enough, when you turned around, Erik was standing in the doorway with eyes locked on you. He didn’t speak for a while, and Hank was starting to get concerned.

“Were you ever going to tell me?” Erik asked. “Either of you?”

“Peter and I agreed to wait,” you said, voice frighteningly even.

“Why wait?”

“Y/N?” Hank asked.

“Y/N is my daughter,” Erik said mater-of-factly, but he didn’t look at Hank. “She wasn’t honest with me when I asked about her family. You told me your father was dead. Do you not care if I get to be in your life?”

“I don’t want to talk about this right now,” you grumbled. You had been far more unaccepting of Peter that your father ‘simply had to go’, and it was no secret to anyone. You harbored a lot more internalized anger at Erik than Peter did.

“Y/N,” Erik said as you started to walk away, but you flicked your wrist and caught his arm with a vine, holding him in place.

“I’m going for a walk,” you declared, not sure how you would deal with either of the new men in your life.

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My little triceps where shaking so bad by the end of this. Good job, little guys :) Today was a higher rep today. *NOT easier* I don’t know why I think it will be easier. It never is. Ab work again, as well. 

I’m used to having two rests and now I am down to one with the way these workouts are set up. So I’d made the choice to throw in a steady-state cardio session instead of intervals once a week for a little break. I think that’s a break, right? Who knows, but it works for me :) 


favorite character meme - four relationships [¾]

→  Oliver Queen and Barry Allen
“ I think you’re full of crap. Look, you’ve convinced yourself that everything you’ve been through took away your humanity. But I think it’s because of your humanity that you made it through. You wouldn’t have survived, much less come out the other end a hero, somebody who wants to do good, if you didn’t have a light inside of you. “