baby sumo

Bts reacting to their wife not wanting kids!


“Well why not?”

“You’re too clumsy.”

“I am not!”

“You dropped me yesterday when you were carrying me to the bedroom.”

“Fine then… I’ll convince you one day though.”

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“But we could have beautiful babies.”

“Not interested.”

“Models. Baby models.”

“You know what… maybe…”

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“Maybe when we’re older?”

“But why though? What do kids give you?”

“Satisfaction… and if you have a lot… a dance group.”


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“You know what I probably should be mad but nah.”

“I just wanna focus on my career.”

“That makes the two of us.”

“Perfect <3″

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“Not even just one?”


“But we need to continue our family line.”

“Do you want your vagina gauged open 10 inches? and gain strechmarks from it?”

“I will if thats what it takes. One day they’ll find the science for me to do it.”

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“But we could have little baby sumo wrestlers.”

“Baby sumo wrestlers?”

“Well they’re going to be strong and squishy like me!”

“Now you’re just making it hard to say no ;-;”

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“Not even later?”


“But I’ve only just become an adult, i want the whole adult package.”

“Does that package come with marriage?”


“Haha neat.”

“Does that mean kids?!”


“You are a heartless women!”

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Sick Guzma Headcanon

-Guzma is terribly difficult to live with if he gets sick… He acts like a baby and never quits whining about how he cant stop
sneezing, he cant breathe and yet he wont rake medication.

- i forgot to mention, he HATES medicine and wont take it whatsoever. Until Tapu cocoa is involved he ain’t taking any meds.

-His sneezes get louder every consecutive time.
Example: “Ah, ahcoo- ahh-acHOO-HIGEH- AAACHOOO!…tch, ugh my frkin’ head….”

-he wont admit this, but he’s a huge cuddler when sick and loves it when its being offered.

-constant supervision is needed on him, everything like time on doses cuz he’ll forget, and he tries to leave thinking he has strength to move but he will fall due to fatigue.

-i feel like he would be sensitive to alot of things. Like if you wipe him down with a towel, he will wince or groan feeling uncomfortable with the cold water toughing his skin. On the plus side, he likes it when his back is rubbed, i guess in some ways he feels better, more comfy despite being sick.

-I also feel like he secretly likes to be taken care of despite all the resistance he shows. Makes him feel like someone does care about him and he likes the incentives: Cuddles!