baby steps

It’s not stupid. I promise. It’s not stupid to turn into your 5 year old self and get happy beyond measure for the little things. It’s not stupid to be proud of yourself for completing a load of laundry and washing the dishes. You aren’t lame for patting yourself on the back when you chose a salad over a burger. You’re taking care of yourself and each victory - no matter how small - is worth celebrating. 

Stop beating yourself up. You’re a work in progress, which means you get there a little bit at a time not all at once.

even if you don’t see progress right away…

  • YOU.
  • ARE.
  • DOING.
  • GREAT.
The signs as sports anime

Aries: The Prince of Tennis

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Taurus: One Outs

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Gemini: Initial D

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Cancer: Free

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Leo: Baby Steps

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Virgo: Air Gear

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Libra: Ace of Diamond

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Scorpio: Prince of Stride

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Sagittarius: Kuroko no Basket

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Capricorn: Yuri!!! on Ice

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Aquarius: Yowamushi Pedal

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Pisces: Haikyuu

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“Could you do a prompt where neil and Katelyn team up because they both like the Twinyards. Like they are togheter at a party and a bit tipsy, and Katelyn says: hey, we have the same type guy we like. So they start talking about the twins and it turns out Aaron really likes neck kisses too! So neil is like what else does he like? They exchange information and these meetings become a monthly thing. Neither Aaron or Andrew ever finds out. “ @mac-noa

omg that prompt is 👌👌 and i’m not sure what can i add bc it’s already perfect but… (also sorry for taking this long im a mess and have no excuse)

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Be it the pursuit of recovery, or the pursuit of your dreams, everybody starts somewhere. Keep going and don’t give up :))


The bedroom is usually the one room I can stay on top of w little effort. “Usually” being the operative word. x_0 Not close to finished, however all the trash is picked up, the clothes are all together and the floor is swept. Probably took about 20/30 (?) minutes. Not bad as I was fighting my way through an escalating anxiety attack; even got part of the living room defunked and swept. Bugger won this round when it turned into a full-blownpanic attack 🖕

Upcoming Episodes for 2017

Baby Steps (Airdate: TBD)
Clyde thinks that Howard and Harold are going to have another baby, so Lincoln helps him learn how to be a good big brother

Brawl in the Family (Airdate: TBD)
When Lori and Leni both buy the same dress, a fight breaks out, leading to DEFCON 5 in the Loud House.

Suite and Sour (Airdate: TBD)
The Loud kids promise to behave themselves on a trip to a resort. 

Back in Black (Airdate: TBD)
When Lucy gets a crush on a normal boy, her sisters give her a makeover.

Making the Grade (Airdate: TBD)
When Lisa gets put into Lincoln and Clyde’s fifth-grade class, Lincoln’s social standing is at stake.

Vantastic Voyage (Airdate: TBD)
The Loud kids are sick of their family van always falling apart, so they decide to try and trick their parents into buying a new one.

Also, these that don’t have Synopsis yet:
>Arggh you for real
>Garage Banned
>Change of Heart