baby stephanie

 So I was really confused because like who is that ginger baby? So I did some research… APPARENTLY, THERE WERE TWO FEMALE ROBINS. LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR WONDERFUL CARRIE KELLEY.




Headcanon that Stephanie pretty frequently “yells” at Cass:

“Cassandra Wayne, what the hell makes you think I will look good in that getup.”

“Cassandra Wayne, how dare you steal the last Thin Mint cookie.”

“Don’t even THINK about it, Cassandra Wayne!”

And Bruce is confused and mildly concerned and he finally asks Barbara,

“Does it seem like Stephanie…scolds Cassandra a lot?”

Barbara tries not to laugh at Bruce, but the effort just makes her mouth screw up in a funny way, and she can tell he is well aware that she is trying not to laugh at him.

“Oh, Bruce,” she sighs, “She does that so Cass can hear her new name. Y’know, it’s not like she’s in school and would hear it called out loud very often.”

Bruce stupidly says, “Oh,” but doesn’t have room to feel embarrassed because he’s too busy feeling his heart swell.

The next time Stephanie says it, he pays attention to the little smile Cassandra flashes.

Baby Bruce and the batfamily

Requested by anon

- The second he turns into a baby, everyone is rushing to Alfred back at the manor.
- Alfred hides a smile because Bruce as a baby brings back so many memories.
- Tim and Duke go straight to the computer to figure out how it happened.
- Stephanie and Dick are taking too many pictures to be of any help. So much black mail.
- Cass is fascinated with Bruce as a baby. Damian is wondering if he looked like Bruce when he was that age. Also trying to keep Dick and Steph from taking all the photos.
- Jason being one of the few who can get Bruce to stop crying. Turns out he is great with babies.
- Threatening everyone not to tell Bruce later, which they totally will.
- Kate and Barbara are volunteeering to take care of patrol for the rest of the time he is a baby. They dont take orders from him even as a crying baby.
- If he stays like a baby for long no one gets any sleep.
- Crying at all points of the night.
- Alfred taking pics of various family members holding him.
- Stephanie sticking him in a green latern baby outfit and sending a picture of it to Harper.
- This results in Damian chasing her around the manor.
- Acting like nothing happened when he is turned back. Kate is the one to tell him about the pictures. -First time Bruce lectures Jason he mumbles about how he liked baby Bruce better.

Headcanon list No.1

Helena being the baby of the batfam would be like….

•her getting her way 100% of the time

•Damian putting on a facade of being jealous and hating her but really he adored her

•Selena singing the mockingbird song but changing the words to steal instead of buy

•Selina also trying to persuade Bruce to get her a cub of a big cat of some sort so if she ends up in Arkham the cub will remind Helena of her

•Helena playing with ears of Bruce’s cowl and trying to mimic his glare

•Tim taking a video of it

•Helena finding it hilarious when she throws food at Duke and then points at Dick

•Alfred taking pictures with a Polaroid and adding it to the Wayne photo album as well as framing some

•Dick stealing Helena and trying to get her to say “Nightwing” as her first word

•Also Jason stealing Helena trying to get her first word to be “Red hood” or “Jason”

•The Batgirls agreeing to try and get her first word to be Batgirl

•But Cass sneakily on the side try’s for it to be “Cass”

•Obviously her first word was Pennyworth

•Helena loves chewing on Batarangs

•Jason looking for Helena to cheer him up

•Helena constantly giggling at everything which softens the batfams heart

•But also Helena having a scream that could challenge Black Canary’s

TimSteph and Photography

(With all the dark and angsty headcanons I’ve been doing lately, I need to do some happy ones otherwise my head will explode) 

Headcanon that Tim has a thing for taking candid photos of Stephanie when she doesn’t expect it. He likes to hide where she won’t see him and take pictures of her doing normal everyday things like drinking coffee or folding laundry. He has them all compiled in a huge photo album titled “Stephanie’s Prettiest Moments,” and by now he’s got hundreds of cute photos in there. Some gems: 

• A photo of Steph, taken from behind as she dances around the kitchen in sock feet while making pancakes 

• Blushing Steph standing in a doorway, trying not to smile as a toothbrush hangs from her mouth and her hand can be seen trying to block her face from the camera 

• Steph sleeping on the floor with her legs propped on the couch and Alfred the Cat curled up on her stomach. A book lays sprawled open next to her 

• Angry Steph flipping off the camera as Alfred tends to a gunshot wound on her leg. Dick can be seen laughing in the background 

• Sick Steph curled up on the couch, snuggled cozily in a blanket so only her eyes and nose are visible. Piles of tissues and stacks of DVDs surround her and steam can be seen from a bowl of soup on the coffee table  

• Steph posing with a new CD she got for Christmas, perched happily under the tree with a Santa hat and tinsel wrapped around her neck like a scarf. She’s in fluffy snowman pajamas and reindeer slippers, and there’s the smallest hint of an eggnog mustache on her lip 

• Steph early in the morning without any makeup on yet, smiling as she watches cartoons. The photo is taken from around Tim’s body, and his arm can be seen around Steph’s shoulder, so it’s clear that he was trying to be sneaky and took it while they had been cuddling side by side on the couch together   

• Steph with tears streaming down her face, in the middle of throwing a pillow at Tim while the ending scene from Toy Story 3 can be seen on the tv in the background

• Steph half asleep with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in her hands, wearing one of Tim’s old shirts that stops at her knees paired with knee length cat socks. Her hair is in a wild disarray, and despite her tiredness she’s giving a small smile to the camera  

• Steph sitting in a library, books scattered around her as she reads with a look of intense concentration on her face, her brows wrinkled in thought and her teeth chewing her bottom lip. The camera is angled from just below the table and half the screen is blocked by it, as if Tim was trying very hard not to be seen taking the picture 

• Steph trying to get what looks like eggs and flour out of her hair. Various ingredients scatter the kitchen, and one can easily deduce it was taken after a food fight gone wrong. There’s cocoa powder blurring the camera lens, giving the photo an odd appearance  

• Steph sitting on a picnic blanket atop some grass, gazing at the sky as pink and green fireworks burst above. It’s dark, so you can see mostly only shadows on her face, but the lights from the fireworks make her eyes appear to glow  

• Steph running on a treadmill in workout clothes with ear buds in her ears. The photo’s taken from at least twenty feet away behind an elliptical machine 

• This one is taken from what’s obviously the inside of a closet, and you can only see through a small crack in the door. Steph is seen in their bedroom, wearing an old t-shirt and sweatpants as she dances around the room and sings into a hairbrush 

• Steph with her eyes half closed and pink frosting on the corner of her mouth as she bites into a cupcake 

• Steph laying back on a beach towel, wearing a purple bikini and sunglasses. She can obviously see Tim taking her picture, but she’s too busy relaxing to care 

• There’s one photo where it’s actually Tim in the shot, and this one was clearly taken by Stephanie. Tim’s sleeping with his head on multiple papers and files on his desk, a cold cup of coffee and some old takeout containers beside him 

• Steph sleeping sprawled out and taking up the entire bed, her hair tangled around the pillow like golden seaweed and the covers in a heap on the floor, likely after being kicked off in her sleep 

• Steph sitting on top of Damian, who’s red faced and looks ready to kill. The shot is blurry, as though the person with the camera was laughing when he took it 

• This shot is blurry as well. It’s a close up selfie of Steph’s face with Tim’s face rushing into the frame, planting a huge impromptu kiss on her cheek. Steph looks surprised, as if shocked out of focus, and one can easily deduce that Tim snuck up on her for a peck  

• Steph from behind in a long mauve gown, her arms up and her fingers working intricately on her hair. Her face cannot be seen, and she’s too busy concentrating to notice that Tim’s in the room. There’s a floor length mirror in the frame, so you can see Tim as well, clad in a nice tux and his hair gelled back with a camera in hand  

• A blurry photo of Steph laughing, her nose crinkled and her eyes shut as she giggles at something funny Tim said 

• One is taken by Cass, who hijacked Tim’s camera and snuck up on the couple, getting a shot of them with their faces an inch away from each other, caught as they leaned in for a kiss 

• Steph leaning over the back of the chair to the batcomputer as Bruce points to something on the screen. Jason is next to Steph, but he’s the only one who noticed Tim and his camera. He’s smiling wryly as he holds up the middle finger with one hand and gives Steph bunny ears with the other 

• Steph in the middle of the ocean, awkwardly surfing a high wave. The shot is angled as though Tim was dropping the camera as it was taken, likely to help Steph out because she’s actually falling off the surfboard 

• Steph in the opposite end of a booth at a diner, grinning and laughing as Tim’s finger dots a dollop of whipped cream on the tip of her nose    

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If the batkids went to college like normal kids what do you think their majors would be?


Dick: Okay I actually really like what they did with Dick joining the police force, I think that’s a great fit for him. So I could totally see him majoring in like Criminal Law or something along those lines. (I’m a sucker for Officer Grayson.) Sometimes he stops by Cass’ self defense class she teaches to give a few tips on ‘what to do if someone larger and stronger than you grabs you and how to turn their weight again them.’ and goes over what rights a person has when the police are involved and what red flags to watch out for. Because Dick’s not dumb, he knows there’s bad guys on the force. But as long as he’s here he’s gonna be damn sure they don’t stay on for long. 

Jason: I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS SO MUCH AND OKAY, ENGLISH LITERATURE FOR SURE. Jason loves books, he loves reading, I feel like he’s the guy who will whine about having to read one case file but then read an eight hundred page book in a week. So English Literature for sure, if they were in a normal setting I could easily see Jason as being a college professor who visits Gotham’s kind of shitty high school’s and he tells them that they matter and how important an education is. He would be the get really into Bruce’s charity work when it came to children from low income families especially. 

Tim: Tim’s the overachieving asshole who gets a major in business management and a minor in mechanical engineering. He doesn’t sleep and during his graduation ceremony they have to call his name a few times before you hear a very loud ‘DRAKE’ come from the crowd and Tim wakes up and gets his diploma. (The mess.) But yeah I could see him majoring in business because he’s the one to take over Wayne Enterprises, but he also does engineering so he can make sure no one’s embezzling money from any Wayne accounts and checks over all the computers for viruses and makes his own systems. (Once again, overachieving asshole.) His siblings have no clue why everyone thinks his intimidating, this is the same guy who calls cheese whiz and a Monster ‘lunch.’ 

Damian: Okay, okay so I know this probably wouldn’t happen. But can you imagine if Damian ended up majoring in veterinary science and became a veterinarian? Okay like this 22 year old Damian with a scowl and a button he’s wearing that says ‘animals are better than people.’ But then a little girl brings in her kitten who’s small and sickly and Damian’s eyes soften and they get that cat healthy. (Damian waves his hand when the parents say they don’t have the money to pay for all the fancy medication.) He volunteers at shelters in his spare time and also helps Cass teach a tae kwon do class on the weekends. (Sometimes they do yoga, helps with core strength.) 

Stephanie: Okay this may just be because I relate to Steph hardcore but FASHION MERCHANDISING (my major) with a minor in business ethic!!! I could totally see Stephanie coming out with her own clothing line and the material is strong and durable (So no creepy guy can rip your dress.) And hella stain resistant. She ends up making a name and a brand for herself and the main message is ‘badass and beautiful, because why pick?’ (Sometimes she gets the boys to model some of the clothes. It’s the best.) 

Cass: Okay Cass is a little tough, but I could see physical therapy? Or tbh I feel like she’s be the one of Bruce’s kids to go backpacking and sends back postcards and amazing pictures. She teaches self defense classes and is on a roller derby team. She’s just having fun and kicking ass. Also she’s Stephanie’s favorite model to use for when she releases sportswear. She appears in so many magazines doing high kicks and flips and loves spreading the message that ‘strong doesn’t mean unfeminine.’ 

Babs: Forgive me, Babs is such an enigma to me. I could see her double majoring in computer science and criminal law. Since Dick and her father are on the force she helps with all the background work like tracking down drug cartels and interrogation. She’s a goddamn force to be reckoned with. (And the only person Tim trusts to double check Wayne Industries finances after he’s done filing taxes.) After the accident that puts her in a wheelchair, she’s still just as active. Because yes, shit happens, but don’t let that stop you. She visits Gotham’s hospitals a lot, especially the children’s ward. 

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Seeing as he's a bit of the baby of the family, how do you think the others would react to Damian going on his first proper date? He's perfectly capable as a fighter but... Romance?

Ohhh nelly. Long post. Here we go~

Well, first of all, Damian would not tell them. He’s a very private person, especially with people that he finds important (and if Damian is taking someone on a date, he truly likes them).

This does not mean that they do not find out. 

Dick is in the kitchen, nonchalantly eating a snack. Damian is drinking juice. 

“So, date tonight?”

Damian chokes. “W-what?”

Dick polishes off his snack, throwing the wrapper into the trash. “I know you’re mature, Dames. Don’t worry.”

Damian is–surprised, suspicious but…relieved. He shrugs a little. “Thanks.”

Dick reaches over and ruffles his hair. “’Course.” A beat. “So when an individual gets a hanky for some panky–”

“Get away from me.”

Tim just stops him in the hallway.

“Drake, you’re in my way.”

“Listen to me.”

“I don’t have time for this, I have to shower.”

“Gremlin, listen. I don’t know a lot about romance–”

“Incredible, I don’t believe it, you?”

Tim ignores him. “But I know some things about people. Do not fall asleep on a roller-coaster. Do not get mixed up between alter egos and real life and crime and end up in a compromising situation and suddenly half of your friends and family are dead.”

Damian blinks. “Drake–”

“And most important of all,” Tim levels his younger brother with a look. “Do NOT eat their food. That is all.”

He leaves the teenager shifting his weight in the hallway.

Cassandra, to Damian’s horror, has the most physical advice. She hands over a package of starbursts, and then says “dancing.”


“Dancing. They’ll like it. Language of the soul.”




“Kisses. Start slow. Feather-like.”

“I don’t want to hear this.”

“Fine. But you will. I’ll be here.”


Cass smirks as she watches her baby brother scuttle away. 

Stephanie is…protective. 


“Brown, get out.”

“Why are you dating? Intellect? Loneliness? Biology?”

“Sure, now go.”

She swipes at his wallet, opening it and ripping out the photo. “Is this them? This is them? Seriously?”

“Yes, now give it back!”

“Nice legs…but legs? Seriously? What sort of biological urge rules that?”



“Shut up!”





Barbara gives him realistic advice.

“Relax. Bring mints. Use cologne, but not too much. Be sure to let them speak. Smile. And relax.”

Damian is a little surprised at her skillful work. “Uh…very well.” He steps past. Maybe this won’t be too bad–

“And get your hair cut, you look like Ringo Starr on steroids!”

Too good to last. 

Jason doesn’t say a word, just lets Damian complain.

“They’re crazy. Do you hear me, Todd? Crazy.”


Damian kicks at a couple of tools littering the garage floor. “This is none of their business. Why do they pry into my business?”

“Welcome to family life, kid. Hand me that wrench.”

Damian hands it over. “It’s not as if I’m a ruffian,” he mutters. “I know what I’m doing.”


“I mean, this is my date! I’m not incompetent!”




“Do you…” Damian sighs heavily. Humiliation, thy sting is true. “Do you have any advice?”

Jason removes the bolts from his teeth, looking up from the car hood thoughtfully. After several long moments, he replies, “Don’t tell them your secret identity, even if they have pretty eyes.” With that, he returns to his work.

“…I see. That’s…rather logical, I suppose. Thank you.”


Bruce just…looks at him across the room. Damian squirms a little. 


Bruce shakes his head.

“What? What is it?”

The father sighs deeply, rubbing his eyes.


He just reaches a broad warm hand across Damian’s neck and squeezes. Damian looks up in question. Bruce’s lips are thin, but thoughtful. He pats his youngest son’s head like he’s six and not sixteen. Damian releases the tension in his shoulders. 

And then Bruce yanks his chin up and intones. “Eleven o’clock.”

Damian tries to struggle out of his hold, but can’t. “Father, release me, this is strange, why do you always do this, I–fine. Eleven.”

Bruce nods, then lowers his brows. “PM,” he orders, as if banishing any future loophole nonsense. 

Damian rolls his eyes, sets his jaw, and nods. 

Bruce’s face smooths and releases his grip, brushing away his son’s clothes of wrinkles.

They share a small smile of assurance.

Alfred is the last to see him go. In a rare show of affection, he rubs his thumb over the teenager’s furrowed forehead. “Have a good night, sir,” he says warmly as he ushers him out.

Damian looks into the old man’s eyes and suddenly feels at peace. “You too, Pennyworth,” he whispers. 

He walks down the steps, Alfred’s gaze taking in the lanky figure while the sun sets.

He sighs, hand twitching for the door handle.

They grow up so fast. 

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She was wrapped tightly in the light pink homemade blanket that Steph’s mom had sent their way. Her curly dark brown hair swirled perfectly on top of her small head. Her toes peeked out of the bottom of the blanket wiggling as she slept. Steph could hear her husband humming from within the GTlive room. 
“This is where your uncle Jason sits, here is where uncle Chris paints his nails, oh here’s were mommy reads the chat. They are all so excited to meet you.” 
Steph took a peek into the room where Matt was gliding around. His baby tightly wrap in his arms, as he rocked her back and forth showing her the room. “Ever since we announced your arrival, it’s all they could talk about, on twitter and the chat.” Steph giggled. Matt turned around to see his tired wife. “You should be resting.”
“You shouldn’t tell a women who just had a baby what to do,”   
“Solid point,” 
“I got bored of resting, honestly who two are much more interesting than the back of my eyelids.” She placed her lips delicately on her baby’s forehead. Matt felt his eyes filling with tears.
“We made this, we made her, and she’s beautiful.” Steph leaned on Mat’s shoulder.  


imagine little baby nine year old Cassandra Cain taking over Gotham with Girl Scout cookies


walking through dangerous neighborhoods with thin mints 

brow beating politicians with do-si-dos

threatening petty criminals with samoas

and little Stephanie Brown tagging along with a gap in her teeth