baby stein


turn off the lights and turn off the shyness
‘cause all of our moves make up for the silence

“How can one be a woman and not be a feminist? That’s my question.”

Debbie Harry by Chris Stein, 1980s

Also, I know there are gonna be a lot of people pissed about Chase’s behavior in the past few episodes, and I am too to a certain extent, but his reactions and behavior have been pretty understandable imo coming from someone with a bipolar abusive mother. For me, and it seems for Chase, the positives outweigh the negatives. At least until you get to a certain age where you figure out that “no, they’re not going to change, and I need to protect myself from any more emotional whiplash.”

Y’all saw how excited he was that Victor was actually being nice to him for once. The poor boy CRAVED the positive attention, so it’s only natural for him to keep hoping that the violent side of Victor is just a fluke and that eventually he’ll just be the caring father that he so desperately wants. He hasn’t grown enough yet to be able to let go of that sentiment and protect himself and his feelings.

I’m probably projecting but that’s my two cents lol


You knew that Laurel was gonna die. And now you’re gonna take me back, and I’m gonna save my sister.

Legends, still feeling the buzz. Let’s go. Show me smolAtom.
Good intro, Stein.
O_O Tiny Ray?
Ray, save it for the classroom.
Confirmed! Waverider has one bathroom. Headcanons, GO!
Love you, Mick.
Ray, ever the optimist.
80’s fashion perplexes me.
Where’s asshole Sidney?
Ray, the safest place for little you is with Mick.
The denial is strong with this one.
That is the perfect level of creepy for tonight.
Please do not hurt the baby dominator.
Call bullshit, Jax. Do it.
Omg, Yes. Jax & Mick. Yes.
This episode is full of win.
Are sure Mick didn’t get a hold of tiny Ray?
I repeat, where is Sidney?
Tiny Ray is still smart.
No, Mick. Stein has been visiting Lily, but you were close.
Stein, they wouldn’t have blamed you one bit.
Mick has a soft side. See.
Wow, Zari.
Nate, shut up.
Does Sidney not exist? Was he made up by the dominators because I don’t seen any pictures of the boys together.
Yeah, I don’t feel sorry for Nate at all.
Baby Dominator has a sense of humor ^_^
Sara, you lie.
Clarissa lives everyone!
Jax, he’s joking. Chill.
I’m not sure I like Sara’s new suit.
Good job, Mick.
Aw, Jax wants to free Stein.


Leo Snart trying to help fix Mick(y)’s drinking problem
Leo Snart trying to help the Legends through their grief
Leo Snart not over his Micky’s Death
Leo Snart’s puppet Stein
Leo Snart accepting this Mick for who he is
Leo Snart



Also good:

Molly asking if they like brown people in Phoenix. Hot like fire.

Gert and Old Lace legit made me cry. SUCH A GREAT DINOSAUR EPISODE.

Karolina’s outfit!!! Karolina’s hair!!! Be still my comics-loving heart!

They didn’t forget about Destiny, THANK YOU.

Vaugh did NOT sign up for weird shit. (Poor little Gib has no idea.)

Alex being a ruthless genius, yesyesyes.

Chase mouthing off and supporting his girls. YESYESYES.

Nico bringing her own leadership chops to the table. HELLYESYESYES.

Still bad:

No, but seriously, stop trying to woobify Pride. THEY ARE SERIAL KILLERS.