baby st. clair


Tummy time

I’m still around! I haven’t had chance to update really since we decided to renovate the house. It’s a great house, we love it here but haven’t had chance to put our own stamp on the place. A lot of the rooms are in chaos but the living room is finally done (minus the dining room table which we’re still waiting to be delivered!) We discovered some amazing tiles in the bathrooms and the kitchen and I managed to convince Mylo we should definitely keep them. 

Meanwhile, our beautiful Étienne is managing to wrap us around his finger more every single day. In just days he’ll be 2 months old and I can barely remember life without him around. There’s a debate in my head lately when I look at him, and I think “I can’t wait for him to be toddling around and going on trips to the beach” as another part yearns to always have this little baby in my arms. 

One thing I have learnt, is Étienne is really not fond of tummy time. I’ll talk to him, sing, catch his eye with his favourite fox plush but he’ll mostly lay there for a little and then whimper until he’s picked back up (I know I shouldn’t give in so easily but you have to see his little puckered pout, it’s seriously heart melting) We’re sticking with it but for right now, his favourite game seems to be “tummy time or lay here and look adorable until mummy or daddy cuddle me?" 

I’ll post more soon, I promise.

New York City bound!

My twin sister Luna is over in NYC attending Juilliard and I’m so proud of her. She is following her dream, and soon has her first solo performance and I wouldn’t miss that for the world! It’s a surprise trip, she has no idea mum, Penelope, Etienne and I will be there. 

It’s my first time travelling with a baby and I’m pretty sure I’ve packed enough for months not just a week! Our flight got re-scheduled due to bad weather so we’ll be taking a late flight, which hopefully means Etienne will sleep through most of the journey. I’m so excited to see my sister again and of course for my baby to spend some precious bonding time with his aunt. 

What are your tricks for travelling with a baby? I’d love to hear suggestions from you mamas and daddies! 

New York, New York

I’m sorry for not updating but we’ve been having too much fun in New York City! Étienne did great on the flight here, only fussing a few times. I’m a lucky mumma. I’m definitely a lot more confident about travelling with a baby now and picked up a lot of good tips from my mummy friends. I hope the flight back home will be such a great experience!

We’ve been having a blast here. It’s not only Étienne’s first time in NYC, but mine too! I have fallen in love with the bright lights of times square but the busy streets would take a lot to get used to - especially with a stroller!

Our main reason for visiting is to see Luna perform her solo piano piece at Juilliard. I’m so proud of her and I feel blessed to witness anytime she plays music. Mostly I’ve loved seeing her with Étienne and how much he loves his aunt already. As I write this blog post she’s sat at the piano, baby bundled into her lap as the room is filled with beautiful music. She’s playing kiss the rain by Yiruma, a song I listened to a lot while I was pregnant and has quickly become my go to song when Étienne needs soothing. 

We leave for home in 3 days and I’m hoping to see as many of the sights as I can during our remaining time here. Do you have any favourite places in NYC that I should visit? 


this is probably a bad picture to show the teether buuut it is also 3:09am so there’s that :3 it’s not perfect - it’s so far from it infact. there’s dark shadows on it which sucks but also it frustrated me so much I gave up fixing textures. tomorrow(later because it’s morning?) if anyone wants it just drop me a message and I’ll send it. of course, as I said it’s NOT perfect there’s some big flaws with it but okay for some pictures I guess.