baby spoilers

Daisy told Jemma that she knew she could take on the entire base, beat everybody, destroy a group of super strong Androids…

And she said it was because after all the crap they had been through she new, without a doubt, that Fitz and her belonged together.


Talk about being willing to, literally, go down with her ship. Daisy Johnson schooling all the fangirls in the world hahaha

Carol's arc in season 8?

A little thought occurred to me, and I don’t know if I like it very much.
So, we know how utterly devastated Carol is, how hard she’s trying not to lose herself. She told Daryl that she will kill to protect her family, to protect HIM, and that afterwards there won’t be anything else left inside of her.
Now, we know thanks to spoilers that Carol (and Kingdom people) come to save the day in the finale, so we know she’s indeed going to kill to protect her people.
So, where does this leave her in season 8? Will they continue this endless torture arc with her in s8? Will they forget she said that she’ll die inside if she kills again and act like she’s healed? Will she really heal? Will they finally end this misserable arc and bring us our beloved Carol back? I’M LOOKING AT YOU MILHOUSE.

What in the actual fuck

I’m so stressed about that episode

WHat is happening?

Why is framework Jemma dead? Is framework Jemma actually dead? That’d be a problem for real Jemma’s plan

I thought this arc was over and we’d have some peace but NOOOOOOOOOO

What is going to happen? WHat is the next arc? Can we just let the characters LIVE? In peace? In the shield reality?

I am nto going to survive the next SIX FUCKIGN WEEKS

Send help

Longing (a Walking Dead ficlet, Caryl).

Don’t mind me.  I’m just working out some Caryl feels by reimagining that second hug/their goodbye. 

Supposed she’d called out his name, one last time. 

You know he’d come back, right?  Whatever.  Put on Shae’s shipper goggles and bask in the loving angst, hahaha.

Part of my Say the Word collection.  Spoilers, I guess. 

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Lance immediately vows to never hit on Allura ever again.  

This is my own design of Lotor I have absolutely no idea what he’ll look like in the next season for all I know he’ll have 5 arms and a head 3 sizes too big for his body~