baby snatchers

  • {Twice hears banging inside their walls}
  • Jeongyeon: I'm gonna climb up and try to see what it actually is
  • Jeongyeon: Oh my god it's a raccoon
  • Nayeon: A raccoon?! Which one? Describe it
  • Sana: Is it Little King Trash Mouth and his husband Gary?
  • Jeongyeon: Oh, right. I forgot you guys were crazy raccoon people
  • Nayeon: What? Just cause we watch the raccoons in the alley? It's fun, it's like a soap opera
  • Sana: It's more like a HBO miniseries. Lots of plot twists, some nudity. You'd like it, you just gotta catch up.
  • Nayeon: Is it the king?
  • Jeongyeon: No, it's definitely not a him because it has babies
  • Nayeon: Oh, a gay raccoon can't have babies?
  • Jeongyeon: Oh I don't know I guess he could adopt or have a surrogate
  • Nayeon: Of course he could. What does it look like?
  • Jeongyeon: It looks like a raccoon.
  • Nayeon: Jeongyeon; colouring, marking, hairdo, anything distinctive
  • Jeongyeon: Okay. Uh, well it has three black rings on its tail and its ear kind of has a notch in it
  • Dahyun: A gauge? Has that reached the raccoon community?
  • Nayeon: [Gasps] It's Big Baby Pudding Snatcher. I was wondering where she went
  • Sana: Big Baby Pudding Snatcher! Of course
  • Jeongyeon: Why do you call her Big Baby Pudding Snatcher
  • Nayeon: Why do you think, Jeongyeon?
  • Sana: Pudding cups, she snatches them
  • Jeongyeon: From who?
  • Nayeeon: Me, in the alley
  • Jeongyeon: Why are you eating pudding in the alley?
  • Nayeon: Where else am I gonna eat it, Jeongyeon? The bathroom? That's gross
The Big Yellow School Bus

Summary: Just when you thought you’ve settled in your new skin, your favorite bar gets invaded by the masculine, pine scent of a young man you used to call your fuckbuddy.

Genre: Angst, drama,romance, graphic smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Music: Love is a Dog from Hell by Mad Clown feat. Suran (please listen to Mad Clown and Suran; they are heavenly.)

Dedicated to @tayegi who inspired me to write again.

Words: 12,852 (what the fuck)

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  • Prompto: We need more details Iggy, what type of Chocobo?
  • Noctis: Colors, markings, chips in beak!
  • Ignis: *sigh* I don't know, black, kind of blue, scar on right leg?
  • Prompto & Noctis: *Gasp* Big Baby Pudding Snatcher!
  • Gladiolus: What?
  • Prompto: That's Big Baby Pudding Snatcher!
  • Gladiolus: Why did you name it that?
  • Noctis: She snatches pudding out of our hands when we eat them in the alleyway.
  • Ignis: Why are you two eating pudding in the alley!?
  • Noctis: Where are we suppose to eat it, Specs?
  • Prompto: In the bathroom? That's gross, Ignis!
While some beings considered it an honor to have their child become a member of the Jedi Order, others likened the Jedi to baby snatchers. However, records indicate that most parents—after being educated about the myriad risks and responsibilities of raising Force-sensitive children—were genuinely relieved to relinquish their offspring to the resourceful Jedi.
—  Jedi Master Bodo Bass via Jedi Holocron | Ryder’s Windham’s Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force
Uncle Negan : Part Three

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part 6

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negan imagine / negan x you / negan x reader

warnings: language, negan being negan

“H o l y shit.” the doctor cradled the screaming baby and handed it delicately to Negan. “Straight from the fucking oven. You are a fucking angel.”

You collapsed back into the bed, exhausted from the labor. 

“A beautiful girl. She definitely has her dad’s fucking looks with all of this crying.” He laughed as he bounced her in his arms, the crying slowly coming to a stop. You barely lifted your head off of your pillow, trying to catch a glimpse of the baby you hadn’t held yet. 

“Oh man, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to just-” he cut himself off looking down at you, realizing you hadn’t seen her face yet. “-she has eyes just like her mothers.” He trudged over to the side of the bed, carefully placing the package in her arms. Once situated, her big eyes gazed up at you. She was gorgeous. You smiled as she reached out, grabbing for your hair. You laughed, relieved she was okay. You slowly looked up at Negan as his boots inched closer to the bed. 

“Where’s Rick?” He took off his jacket and threw it on the bed. 

“Scoot on over and I’ll tell you.” You slowly made room for him on what must’ve been a twin sized bed. In some weird way you were thankful he brought you here for the birth because he had taken all of the beds from Alexandria on there first run. He crawled up into the bed placing one arm around you and another on the baby’s head. “Rick decided to take a little nap while you were squeezing this little shit out,” he turned to look at you, “Now what we need to talk about is what we’re going to name this princess.” 

You returned the eye contact. “We?” 

He awkwardly turned his body to face you as much as he could. “Let me make something very fucking clear. I brought you here out of the kindness of my fucking heart to make sure you delivered this baby anywhere other than your fucking home. My resources, my doctor, my shit. As I understand it you delivered at least 2 months fucking early. So the way I see it, you owe me a little more than a fucking thank you.” Your tension filled the room as you r fear locked into his eyes until a pound on the door echoed through the room. 


“Dwight,” Negan sighed, pulling his arm closer to you “open up the damn door.” Rick’s pounding continued until Dwight swung open the door leaving him standing cold in the doorway. He looks between you and Negan, searching for words before laying eyes upon the baby. 

“Rick! Thank you for finally deciding to join us. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the fucking fun. Look at this happy family. I mean we were before you walked in.” You saw Rick’s jaw clench as he proudly kept his cool. 

“I would like to see my child.” 

Negan laughed, leaning down whispering something into your ear before removing himself from the bed. “Well sure thing, Rick! I’m not a fucking baby snatcher if that’s the shit you’re fucking suggesting.” He kissed the baby’s head, grabbed his jacket and headed for the door. “You may wanna hold her for a bit tho, because I held her first she may have already associated my smell with the ‘father’ title,” he patted him on the shoulder, “but I wouldn’t fucking sweat it.” He signaled for Dwight to follow and the two left the room, locking the door behind him. Rick stood frozen in the middle of the room; you could see his sweat from the bed. “What did he say to you.”

“Rick,” you whispered trying to break his gaze, “Rick, she has your nose.” He slowly looked up at you. 

“S–she?” You saw him look down, trying to hide the smile that started to crawl across his face. 

“Rick.” You called his name again, your voice becoming unsteady. He made his way over to the bed, a steady flow of tears following close behind. He laid down, resuming the spot Negan had warmed up for him. You laid the baby in his arms, creating a look of wonder across Rick’s face. He was speechless. 

“She is so…so beautiful,” He kissed her head, “She has your e-”

“My eyes. I know.” you said finishing his sentence. “You know he’ll never hurt Mary. You just have to ignore what he says.” 

“Mary,” He laughed, overcome with joy, “after your Mother? I thought you told me her name was-” 

“Sure, yeah-yes. My mother.” 

He put his arm around you, accepting you and Mary into his existence. “She’s going to make everything alright, I feel it. This is exactly what Alexandria needs.” 

You slowly looked at the door, disguising the fear in your eyes. 

“Eventually, she will be. Eventually.” 






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5SOS Preference : You're Older Then Him, Have A Child From A Previous Relationship, He Steps Up To Be Childs Dad

Luke: You had just turned 21 a couple months before, you had a two and a half year old daughter and had just gotten divorced after being married for little over a year, your life wasn’t the greatest at the moment. You had moved to Australia with your daughter to get away from everything and that was where you met Luke. At first you were a little passive with him, with you being 21 and him only being 17 but he and you stayed friends even when he turned 18. “Happy Birthday!” your daughter, Aria, tells him when you enter the guys’ home and they all welcomed you with warm smiles and hugs and Luke took your daughter from you. “Thank you Miss. Aria, how are you doing today?” “Good! Mommy got you something.” Luke looked at you. “You did?” You nod and hand him a card. “Well, Aria and i got you something, it was her idea.” Luke opened the card and inside was a charm necklace with a picture of you and her in the middle. “She wants you to take it on tour with you so that way, you’ll have a reason to smile.” Luke smiled, handed the card/necklace to one of the other guys and pulled you in for a kiss. “Be my girlfriend, i don’t care what other people think, just be my girlfriend, please?” “What about Aria?” Luke smirked. “Love her like my own, don’t worry, i’ve always wanted to be a young parent.”

Calum: “My baby is no longer a teenager!” Calum joked and you swatted his arm away. “Shut up Mr. i’m still 18 for a few more months.” He laughed. “Want me to get Daniel or do you want to? I mean it’s your birthday so if you want to stay here i can go and get him.” You smiled. “Will you?” “Of course.” He then left and you smiled at your perfect life, until you got onto twitter. ‘Cradle Robber’ 'Baby snatcher’ 'Don’t push your baby onto Calum when he’s just a baby himself’ Sighing you turned the app off just as Calum returned back home with your three year old son, Daniel. “Hey Danny!” “Happy birthday mommy!” “Thank you. What are the plans for today, Calum?” “It’s your birthday, you tell me.” Daniel spoke up. “Ice cream?” “Sure, let’s go.” Calum says holding Daniel’s hand as the three of you exit your home. When you got to the ice cream place, you hid behind Calum to ignore the stares of the fans that had recognized you guys.“ "Calum why are you with her? She’s older then you and has a baby from another guy, what’s up with that?” Calum sighed and stared at the fan. “I love her, and i love Daniel. He’s my son and she’s my girlfriend, hopefully she’ll be more then that one day but for now, i’m happy with my life, now if you don’t mind, it’s (YN)’s birthday and she’s going to spend it happily, thank you.”

Michael: You had attended the 5sos/One Direction tour that had been in your area. You had a friend drive you to drop you off and they promised they’d be back to pick you up when the show was over, they lied, they weren’t there. You were very pregnant and now regretted being at the show. You walked towards the back of the venue towards where you saw some security guards in hopes you could find a way out of here safely. “Excuse me?” you yell out but no one heard you. “Excuse me?” Nothing until you felt a tap on your shoulder. “You alright? You look lost.” You turned to see Michael from 5 seconds of summer in front of you. “I kind of am. My ride who was supposed to take me home, isn’t here and they’re not picking up their phone and i’m starting to get dizzy and i hurt.” “Okay, follow me.” he lead you back to the buses, lead you inside and had you sit on a couch. “Mind if i ask how old you are?” “19, yeah i know stupid pregnant teenage girl, but i got raped and refused to abort so thats why i’m in this situation now.” Michael’s eyes widened. “Wow, um, i’m Michael, i think you know that by your shirt, but um, stay with me for now. I’m not letting you out of my sight until you have this baby. Do you have a place you’re living?” You shook your head. “The friend that took me here, her car was my home basically, i’m pathetic i know.” He shook his head. “No, you’re not, you’re just staying with me for a while, this baby is going to need two parents.” “You don’t even know me and your career is just beginning to bloom, you can’t be dragged down at just 18 years old.” Michael shook his head with a smile. “I can start to know you and who cares how old i am, i just met you and i already like you, so, what’s your name?”

Ashton: “Cara get back here, don’t go over there, you don’t know what’s over there!” you yell after your four year old who ignores you and continued to roam around backstage until she bumped into Ashton who lifted her up and held her at his hip. “Why were you running from your mommy?” “I wanted to play.” “Mommy wanted you to go back to her and not where you were going, you didn’t listen to her.” “Sorry.” “It’s alright.” He walked her back to you and handed her over and you gave him a kiss. “Look at you in daddy mode.” He smiled. “I have younger siblings, it helps.” “Have i told you how thankful i am to have you, Ashton?” He held you and Cara close. “Yeah, but i should be the one thankful. You helped me prove that you can go ahead and be young and be a parent and still make it in life. I may not be Cara’s real dad, but i promise i’ll be a better dad then the one she supposedly has.” You smiled. “And you have a girlfriend who’s older than you.” “Not by much.” “Three years. I’m 22 and you’re 19.” “Two and a half years, not quite three, i’ll be 20 in a month and we’ll be set to go.” Cara got let down and she hugged Ashton’s legs. “Thank you for loving me and my mommy, we love you too!” Ashton hugged her back. “You are very welcome my Cara, i love you guys more than you know.”

(I think i got carried away with Michael’s haha, hope you like this one)


Amy Rodriguez post-game interview from last year’s match against Trinidad & Tobago ft. Lauren Holiday the baby snatcher

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You say you only watch OUAT for CS right? But why do you hate other aspects of the show?

I mean have you watched it? lolol. 

  • 2 rapist sisters live while their victims die
  • they’ve completely ruined rumple/belle 
  • they made snowing baby snatchers like wtf???
  • they’re obsessed w/regina but can’t even write a good redemption arc for her. 
  • split regina & evil queen so she doesn’t have to pay for her crimes even though she called herself the EQ; it’s not a different entity, people! 
  • they are all about plot plot plot while they refuse to show real progression and would risk that for shock value.
  • forced friendships!!1! (ie emma/regina) 
  • they gave 2 villains a true loves kiss?? TLK is forever ruined now. 
  • crazy obsessed with the author plot NO ONE fucking cares about.

And you know what? i love CS but they be fucking that up too? like they’ve been through literal, hell, darkness, and death only to go back to being bf/gf and we don’t even know if they’re living in that house he picked out? the pay off sucked after all the build up cause the writers wanted the audience to not guess the outcome and be all ~~~~unexpected/shocking. it’s bullshit.
AR Kane: How To Invent Shoegaze Without Really Trying

The music Tambala and his partner Alex Ayuli made in a burst of intense creativity between 1986 and 1994 – some of it now collected on a new compilation, The Complete Singles Collection – still sounds utterly free-floating, like they pulled it out of the ether. It would also change British pop in various ways, encouraging other groups to experiment with feedback and twist indie rock into new shapes, and forming a crucial if largely accidental part in UK house music’s commercial breakthrough.

They’d grown up going to “really, really weird clubs”, from new romantic hangouts to early electronica parties. Alex was part of a dub soundsystem, while Rudy came from the jazz funk scene, “a mix of gay and straight, black and white and Asian”. The music they made as AR Kane – blending dub, feedback, psychedelic dream-pop, house and free jazz – can still be heard in artists such as Radiohead, Four Tet, Animal Collective and Burial.

“And My Bloody Valentine,” Tambala says. “They were a jangly indie band until we put out Baby Milk Snatcher [in 1988]. Suddenly they slowed it all down and layered it with feedback. And they did it better than us, which was interesting.”

A few days after seeing the Cocteaus on TV, Tambala met a woman at a party who knew Ayuli and asked how they knew each other. Jokingly, Rudy said they were in a band together. He explained how they’d played around with Citizen Kane and The Mark of Cain and arrived at AR Kane, thinking it was “really, really funny”. So when the woman asked, “What’s the band like?” Tambala riffed away, saying: “It’s a bit Velvet Underground, a bit Cocteau Twins, a bit Miles Davis, a bit Joni Mitchell.”