baby snapshot

Zodiac Ball
  • Aries: The temperature becomes warm, a baby dragon tries to make a swift entrance, but the glass breaks and a chaos begins, giggling and excited, blowing up balloons with scarlet lava, The party has only just began
  • Taurus: swinging on the vines outside, Mother Earth inhales with the trees in the wild, leafy weaved hair sparkling matted with Venus hairspray, held to tradition, its customary for beauty to arrive late
  • Gemini: One young, fresh faced winged creature flitters in following sprinkles of scattered chatter, in a second, it vanishes, and another one appears, contradicting everything the first creature said
  • Cancer: Arriving with suitcases, a girl with half crescent moon eyes arrives at the door, purple lunar dust she doesn't know her age, her chest has freckles like constellations, she said she was looking for home
  • Leo: Light begins peering through the window, a golden haired baby cub face arrives, snapshots flashing through illuminated eyes, crimson hair that falls behind her like a red carpet
  • Virgo: A mental hum sweeps through, in walks a youthful, earthly creature, wings held down to the ground with sewed safety pins, thinking with her eyes as they dart across the ground and sky, her mind impossible to catch
  • Libra: Pan flute music begins playing, and a cloud descends from the sky, translucent and reflective, a creature with a clam necklace and icing sugar for rouge, everybody wants to be friends with her, now the party is fun
  • Scorpio: Nobody noticed with their eyes that a mystifying essence had arrived, but everybody's soul was alerted, because they felt their spirit swamped with a watchful gaze, a ruthless guardian
  • Sagittarius: A balmy, coconut breeze blows through the party, enchanted, fiery arrows are thrown into the dartboard, a creature of many backgrounds and teachings arrives, speaking many languages and decoding secret rhymes
  • Capricorn: From a silver lining in a cloud, delicately crafted snowflakes fall down, a Princess arrives at exactly on time, riding a carriage pulled by unicorns, her name engraved on a plaque on the highest star in the sky
  • Aquarius: A rainbow of illuminated fairy lights beam from the clouds, rain drops of thought fall into your mind, a creature, clear winged and extraterrestrial speaks with every guest telepathically
  • Pisces: Music from seashells play in everyones ear, footsteps are heard from galaxies away, reverent and indefinable, a creature enters with sand webbed in her feet, Neptune dust sprinkled in her hair a teal turquoise dream reaching into the sea

sooo many of u texted me to get my snapchat omg.
i’m sorry i can’t answer you all… i’m trying the best i can to answer you!!! but now i’ve made a snapchat just for you guys😘😘 i’m not available all the time,but i’m gonna try my best to log in and text you guys <3
snapchat username: drag0nslayerrr

Here, the photos of me are pushed behind snapshots of babies
or weddings of family members who mean something more
a gentle coating of dust is illuminated by afternoon sunlight
these outdated school prints, she thinks are a reflection of who I am now,
but years have passed and I stand in that room in denim
to cause old-fashioned minds to shrink with a single sentence.
I am incongruous here, the floral carpet sparks some kind of migraine
but everything still smells of the pipe he used to smoke and
after a while you get used to that stench engrained in the walls
soaked into the curtains, penetrating your lungs and poisoning your blood.
Silence falls upon the room thicker than that blanket of dust and smoke,
if we ever had common ground I’m sure we passed it miles back
and although they say blood is thicker than water,
I’d have more to say to a stranger.
—  blood is thicker than water

[FICRECS] Zayn/Liam

Hey, uh so, there’s about ~40 fics in here bc it seems like i’ve been reading a lot and avoiding my responsabilities :P 

like always bolds are my faves :)

  • Hello, My Name Is… by insomniacjams [4.5k | Teen]
    alternately titled “Hurricane Zayn”
    Liam first sees Zayn when he joins an international student club at college.
    Zayn first sees Liam when his name appears on Liam’s binder with a heart. Liam + Zayn ♥
  • Everything’s Gonna Be Alright by ziamxo [4.4k | General]
    It’s taking Liam a bit longer to let Zayn go.
    Or the one where Zayn goes to the 2015 Asian Awards and Liam starts putting things into perspective.
  • peppermint by Anonymous [6.2k | Mature]
    Stranger looks at Zayn sadly. “Are you alright?”
    Zayn sniffs. “No,” he says. “Bit less than alright.” Zayn feels water run from his tear duct down his cheeks, and Brown Eyes looks incredibly upset.
    “No, don’t cry,” Jawline pouts, waving his hands uselessly in front of Zayn’s face as if by doing so, he’ll shoo the tears away. “Please don’t cry.”  
    “I’m not fucking crying,” Zayn says through gritted teeth, rubbing at his eyes with his sleeve.
    or, fic in which Zayn is bitter because he has hayfever, and Liam is a godsend.
  • He Says I Smell Like Safety and Home by unfortunate17 [5.2k | Explicit]
    Zayn feels his heart swell four sizes too big for his body. “I make you feel safe,” he repeats, knowing that there’s a dopey smile stretching his face and scrunching up his nose, “You sit in my lap ‘cause I make you feel safe.”
    “And warm,” Liam points, cheeks hot, “Loved too.”
    In other words, Liam likes to ride Zayn because it’s kind of their thing.
  • the only exception by insomniacjams [4.6k | Explicit]
    Liam and Zayn meet in a compartment of an overnight train between Bratislava and Frankfurt.
    Liam rides Zayn.
  • Taking the Plunge With You by Romancemesomeziam [4.9k | Explicit]
    Zayn can’t sleep because of a leaking sink, so he calls a plumber since he is in desperate need of slumber but ends up getting more than a dream filled night in exchange.
  • You Know I Got You by writingsofamadchild [15.3k | Explicit]
    “You don’t think I look stupid?” Zayn murmurs, fingers spreading across Liam’s thigh to tug him closer. He keeps his hand there, resting against his inner knee, gently cupping it and smoothing a thumb across the rough material of his jeans.
    Liam snorts, he can’t help it. His breath is catching in his lungs just looking at Zayn because he is so beautiful, and he can’t grasp the concept of how Zayn doesn’t get it.
    [Alternatively, the one where Zayn and Liam will do anything to protect and take care of the other, but admitting their feelings well -]

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