baby smaugs

I saw a drawing by @hvit-ravn (I love their art so much and the way they draw human anatomy is astounding to me. Plus, their art of Kíliel is what inspired me to draw them more often. *throws self into the garbage*) and immediately, I had the idea to do Kíliel. And what’s better than family feels? Almost nothing. So here, have (a very pregnant) Tauriel (again) and Kíli with their babes, Eliel and Gilion. I always imagined Eliel being the spit and image of Tauriel, and Gilion the same way with Kíli. The personalities, though… that’s a different story ;)

I just want to say thank you to those who have said such nice comments about my art! I love all y’all. I’ve been getting messages and it’s just making my life a little brighter. I don’t normally do this, but if anyone has any requests, send them to me! I could always use the ideas!

Also, I might be writing a fic about Kíliel, including them having a little family. But I’m on the fence about it. Thoughts?

My portfolio can never be complete for an OTP unless there’s some form of baby feels in there. So, enjoy this adorable family, Tauriel and Kíli with their twin babies; their daughter (the baby with the curly hair and pointed ears), Eliel, and their son (the baby with straight hair and dwarf ears), Gilion. Both names mean daughter and son of starlight, respectively. 

anonymous asked:

did you get smaug hand tamed when you first got him?

I did!

My sister is a breeder (and runs Peanut and Friends over on Facebook). She not only handtamed him and his siblings, she also handfed them! So Smaug is completely normalized to people, and in fact has no idea what to do with other Cockatiels when they’re around.

Smaug and his sibs! (photo belongs to Peanut and Friends)

First words
  • Baby: T.. T..
  • Mother: Omg
  • Baby: T.. hr..
  • Mother: I can't believe it. Come on, honey!
  • Baby: Thranduil is my sugar daddy. That's right. God fucking dammit I love his fucking fabulous hair and body and face. Sweet Jesus what a babe. I want his lips all over my gracious soul. Lord have mercy for I have sinned. I wanna be his little elve-slave. His wife didn't die in war, she died because she was mesmerized by the holy spirit called Thranduil. Oh gosh, I want him to smack my ass and call me Legolas. Take me now, Thrandu-

just a cute lil post for all of my favourite characters in middd earth :’)