baby smaugs

First words
  • Baby: T.. T..
  • Mother: Omg
  • Baby: T.. hr..
  • Mother: I can't believe it. Come on, honey!
  • Baby: Thranduil is my sugar daddy. That's right. God fucking dammit I love his fucking fabulous hair and body and face. Sweet Jesus what a babe. I want his lips all over my gracious soul. Lord have mercy for I have sinned. I wanna be his little elve-slave. His wife didn't die in war, she died because she was mesmerized by the holy spirit called Thranduil. Oh gosh, I want him to smack my ass and call me Legolas. Take me now, Thrandu-

just a cute lil post for all of my favourite characters in middd earth :’) 


Get to know me meme :

[4/5] Favorite male character >> Legolas 

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hellaradbros  asked:

I have three bettas fish in three separate tanks named Smaug, Baby Boy Blue (despite having a miniscule amount of blue on him), and Mr. Grumpy Gills.

 a  a a  aa hhhh!! that sounds so cute!!! do u perhaps have any photos of them? i can tell grumpy gills is my patronus