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on motherhood ||| 7/2/15

what even is motherhood? you grow this tiny babe in your belly for the better part of a year and worry about it every single day. you try to eat healthy (even though all that baby wants is pickles and donuts) and stop drinking beer, you ask for all the advice that you can, you stock up on diapers, you read the books and take the classes, and you sort through tiny tiny clothes. and then, after so much work and the worst pain and most trying hours of your life, that tiny babe is in your arms. and you have no clue what to do. it’s surreal and weird and crazy and emotions are running rampant. but you’ve never felt as much love as you do in that second. that first second when you finally see his face and time literally stops and your heart explodes and says, “oh there you are! I’ve been waiting for you but I never knew what you look like but now I do and you are so perf!”

the next few weeks are spent learning constantly and it is hard. learning who this tiny person is and realizing that your life is completely changed forever. exhaustion sets in, you feel inadequate, you fight with your husband, and wonder if you’ll make it through the week, through the day even. motherhood is exactly like they told you it would be, except better and harder and completely different. there are just enough sweet moments to break up the hard ones – I’ve said it before and I still stand by it: I am positive babies sleep so much to give you a break from all the crazy and give you a minute to watch them sleep and then you fall in love with em all over again. those moments are so necessary. you cry a lot but also your heart explodes every day and you get through it all, on love alone.

then that tiny babe grows into a bigger tiny babe and starts smiling and making noises and eating food like a normal human. he crawls and laughs and claps his hands and thinks the world of you. he recognizes you and holds his tiny bit chubby arms up to you and gives you open-mouthed kisses. he becomes adventurous and curious about the world, and you get to show him. you are his mama. you are the one he wants when he is scared, you are the one he comes to for comfort and snugs, you are the one who makes him laugh, you are the one who gets to show him the whole entire world. you are his comforter, helper, protecter, adventure-taker, Hobbit-reader, butt-wiper, biggest fan, outfit-picker-out-er, keeper of the boobs, belly tickler, silly dancin partner, sneaker of ice cream, encourager, cleaner of all the messes, ouchie-kisser, listener of all the ideas, master snuggler, best friend. what a hugely significant role is motherhood. what a crazy beautiful hard learning process. what a precious gift.

Preference #2- He wants to try something new

Harry- (Painting your nails)
You had planned on going out with some old friends from school, which you were excited about. After doing your hair and finding your perfect outfit, the only thing left to do was your nails. You felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist as the familiar Cheshire accent whispered in your ear, “Please don’t go. Stay home with me.” You turned around, facing him. “I’ll be back soon, I promise. No later than 10.” You reassured him. Harry nodded, although you can tell he was upset. “Alright, let me just try something real quick.” He said as he covered your eyes and walked you over to the nail polishes you owned. “Keep them shut!” Harry exclaimed, as he began painting your nails. You peeped your eyes opened and saw the color he picked, thankful he picked something that matched your dress. You saw complete concentration in his face, making you giggle. After 30 minutes, he instructed you to open them. You saw your nails, seeing as if he decided to paint the entire finger instead of the nail. You chuckled and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you baby.”

Liam- (Sleeping Positions)
You had just moved into Liam’s house, since your relationship with him was going steady. You loved living with him- but there was one problem you faced every night, sleeping. Liam fell asleep before you, leaving you up alone. You both slept with your backs towards each other, not looking at each other, not cuddling with each other, barely even touching. It was harder for you to fall asleep because you haven’t had gotten comfortable in that house yet. You normally played on your phone until you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore. Tonight was no different occasion. You were on twitter as you felt an arm wrap around your waist. “Why aren’t you asleep?” He asked, in a sleepy tone. “I’m just scared. This is a big house.” You said, chuckling lightly. Liam nodded and pulled himself closer to you, so that your back was up against his torso. “Go to sleep. I’m here to protect you.” He murmured as you closed your eyes, drifting off into a bliss.

Louis- (Surfing Lessons)
You and Louis were definitely the lazier couple out of the One Direction relationships. You both would you any excuse to stay home and just sit on the couch, drunk off of each other’s presence. Today was one of those days. You and louis was completely relaxed on your bed, cuddling and talking. “Let’s learn how to surf,” Louis said, bringing up an idea that has been in his mind for quite some time. “Surf? Why surfing?” You asked. Anything sports related had never been up your alley, and you didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your boyfriend. “Yea, surfing. Liam was telling me about it and I’ve been interested about it. I want you to come with me on Friday with a surfer to learn how to.” Louis said, looking for you to nod your head in approval. You thought about it for a second, weighing in the pros and cons. You saw how excited Louis was, just from bringing up the idea. “I better go buy a wet suit.” You said and Louis cheered, kissing you on the cheek. “Yay! Surfing it is.”

Niall- (Unprotected sex)
Niall had just returned from home after a 8 month tour. You were excited nonetheless, but your body was literally aching for his tender touch. You woke up to his delicate face next to you, he was still asleep. His eyes fluttered open, as his blue orbs met your own. You leaned in slowly, giving him your usual good morning kiss. That kiss was much more intense however. You knew where this was going, and so did Niall. After undressing and hand stuff, you couldn’t wait any longer. You grabbed a condom from the night stand without breaking the kiss, but Niall smacked your hand away, making the condom fall to the floor. “No.” He whispered against your lips. “Let’s just try it-without the condom.” Niall suggested. You nodded, and even though their was now the risk of pregnancy, you both knew you were ready to have a baby.

Zayn- (Twitcam Together)
After a lot of pleading from his fans, Zayn decided to make them happy and do one. “Hi you guys! Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve done this.” He chuckled, as his fans sent him messages. He read a few, and noticed majority of them was asking about you. “Hm, I didn’t know you guys were so curios about my girlfriend! Baby come down here!” Zayn said to you. You were reading a book upstairs, not wanting to participate. You decided to pretend like you didn’t hear him, and contined reading. “Looks like I’ll have to go to her.” Zayn said as he grabbed the computer and walked upstairs to you. He took a seat next to you and moved the computer, so that both of you were visible. “Say hi (Y/N)!” Zayn exclaimed. You looked to him and then to the camera, nervous. “Hello.” You said quietly, waving your hand shyly. As the twitcam progressed, you broke out of your shell and began communicating more. You and Zayn were having a great time, and so where the fans watching. You both said your farewells to the video and shut the computer off, ending the twitcam. You turned to Zayn and smiled, happy you were happy to participate.”They love you.” He said, in regard to the directioners. “I love you baby”. You said, kissing him on the cheek.


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anonymous asked:

Did you notice that the babies arm is raised? Or is it just me? The baby is supposed to be sleeping right?

I noticed. Babies sleep in really weird positions sometimes, though. I’ve often looked at me nieces and thought “Is that comfortable? Really?” I think the lack of support of the head is more telling, but I don’t know that it’s an absolutely giveaway that it’s a doll. I’m about 70-30 on the side of it being a doll. Most of that is based not on what I see, but on the fact that if they had a living breathing baby, there would be many, many more pictures of it.