baby skitters

Day Care (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Reader and Bucky have to look after some puppies and kittens for a day.

Words: 1003

You definitely couldn’t have called how your day turned out.

You most definitely did not expect to be chasing a hoard of puppies round the avengers tower with Bucky Barnes.

But you did.

It all started when Tony walked in that morning with six puppies and five kittens. He was very vague about his reasons for having them, he claimed he was doing Pepper a favour. But because of his avenging duties, he had to leave and the only people left at the tower were you and Bucky. You stayed behind because you broke your arm during the last mission and Bucky stayed behind because he was still adjusting and didn’t want to cause any trouble for the rest of the avengers during the mission.

So that was how you ended up in your room with a hoard of baby animals skittering around. You and Bucky were sitting on your bed with the kittens while all the puppies ran around your bedroom. The kittens were easy to deal with, you’d just given them some milk and now they were all fast asleep. The puppies were a different story…

It was hard to keep track of the puppies, they just didn’t stop running around. In the three hours you’d been watching them, not one of them had stopped and sat still for five minutes.

After a while, Bucky left because “I can’t take the little scratches their claws make against the floor, I just need a twenty minute break. I’ll be straight back afterwards.”

You decided to sit and read a book while Bucky was gone. You were so engrossed in the book you didn’t notice the lack of sound coming from your room. But after about 10 minutes, it hit you. You sat up and looked up from your book.


None of the puppies were in your room anymore. You sprung up and saw that your door was ajar.

“For god’s sake Buck!”

You ran around your floor trying to find any of the puppies and ran into Bucky while doing so.

“Hey, why are you out of the room? Couldn’t take it either?”

“Nope. Someone left the door open when they left my room and let all the dogs out.”

“Oh…well shit.”

“You’re damn right ‘oh shit’ let’s split up, you go down towards the gym area, I’ll try the kitchen.”

“Okay, got it!”

On your way to the kitchen, you noticed another door was ajar so peeked in and saw the small husky puppy called Indie. You shut the door behind you so she couldn’t escape, and after a brief struggle, you picked her up and took her back to your room. Then you started your search again.

You made it to the kitchen and found two more puppies - the two labradoodles, Anna and Laura - who had worked out the ice button on the fridge and so were eating some of the ice cubes that were splayed out across the floor. You picked the two of them up and headed back to your room.

On the way there, you saw Bucky who had the two corgis, George and Louis. And you couldn’t deny, it was pretty damn adorable and a little sexy watching him cuddle the two puppies. You put those four in your room and you both carried on walking around to look for the last puppy - Raksha the german shepherd (the most troublesome of the puppies). You knew she’d be the hardest to find so you needed both your wit to try and outsmart her.

You were walking round your floor for a good half an hour before you thought of something.


“Yes Miss (Y/L/N)?”

“Can you tell me where there are heat signals on this floor please?”

“Of course miss, there seems to be a lot of heat in your bedroom, two heat signals in the room you are currently in and a small heat signal coming from the dining room.”

“Okay, the dining room. Thanks JARVIS! As soon as me and Bucky enter the dining room, can you shut all the doors JARVIS?”

“Of course (Y/N).”

You and Bucky jogged over to the dining room and heard the whoosh of the doors shut straight after you enter.

Since the room was very large, you and Bucky took either side of it and after looking around for a few minutes you both ended up at the dining table.

Giving each other knowing looks, you both knelt down and crawled underneath the table and found Raksha perched comfortably on one of the chairs, asleep.

“You know, I had a lot of fun today (Y/N).” Bucky said quietly.

“Yeah, me too Buck. Though they were a handful, they were definitely worth it.” You said as you smiled warmly at the small puppy.

“I wasn’t talking about the puppies, (Y/N).”

Confused by what he said, you turned to Bucky…

“What do you m-”

You were cut off by Bucky’s lips on yours and you instantly melted against them. You kissed for a while before you had to break apart for air.

“I’ve been meaning to do that for a long time now.” He said between breaths.

“I’m glad you finally got round to it.” You said contently.

Both your heavy breathing woke Raksha up who proceeded to lick both you and Bucky’s faces, which were now very close to each other.

You both crawled out from under the table and took Raksha to your room with the rest of the puppies. When you got there, you made sure to close the door properly this time before you and Bucky laid on your bed, arms wrapped around each other and just watched the puppies start to relax and settle down.

And just as you two started to feel drowsy and start to nod off, there was a collective meow which signalled it was time to feed to cats again.

“It’s gonna be a long night…”

But a fun one, it would be too.

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PHE-rompt: *Stage whispers to the point of wheezing* Baby's first Christmas! *Skitters away.* - Fluffily, PHE

Logic, it seemed, escaped almost every aspect of every Christmas tradition according to Chloe Beale, and Beca knew this from years and years of celebrating the holiday with the redhead. 

Tradition came first. Questions came later. And, above all, Santa as you may well know, came too - once a year, which was, in Chloe’s mind, the most important part of the holiday. 

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