baby skin

Ok, forreal...

Y'all gotta stop picking on that black baby girl. The memes are too much. They are getting out of hand. That’s somebody’s child. Stop! We used to talk about how black girls & women are portrayed in social media. We are the butt of everyone’s jokes. Now they’re using a baby to fulfill the negative stereotypes attached to dark skin babies. We need to get back to protecting black girls and women. Be serious about it.

Rappers still yellin bout they redbones

While they try to hide they dark skinned baby mother from the public

Our bodies are so amazing

Just today I was looking down at my legs and thought “my legs look great” I have had a love/hate relationship with my body over the years and trying the Self Love thing has been hard.

I kept looking in the mirror and admiring the curve of my waist to hips and even my stomach. Sure my stomach hangs out farther than I’d want it to but it is a great reminder that I carried two babies in there. My skin has a great texture and skin tone. I just have to remind myself to drink more water to keep my skin hydrated.

I really have to cut myself some slack when I’m feeling down about my physical appearance. My body is doing great things for me and that is good enough.


(I am aware Disney Studios and Pixar Studios are two separate studios. I’m only using Disney examples because of their association with the studio and the only films Pixar has dinosaurs in prior are Rex and Trixie from Toy Story/Toy Story 3)

I’m aware The Good Dinosaur is HIGHLY stylized but it still doesn’t stop my deflated disappointment for the dino designs in this movie…

They look rubbery, baby skin smooth, the one on the left looks like Barney and Rex from We’re Back were fused together. (I can’t even talk about the anatomy of the green ?brontosaurus?) 

And even THAT would have been fine! … had the backgrounds just MATCHED the subjects! 

These are amazing, realistic, textured backgrounds on par with Brave and these flashy, rubber, bright colored toons just DON’T fit! They look like you could squeeze them and they’d squeak like a bath toy. They need a flashier, more colorful background to blend in.

Back in 2000 when Disney made Dinosaur they filmed live locations (real backgrounds) then animated the realistic-looking dinosaurs into the scenes. It worked better in some scenes then others admittingly, but at least they were compatible! 

Granted the T Rex from Fantasia and the Carnotaurs in Dinosaur were intentionally made to made villainous and scary, these rubber guys don’t look like they’re supposed to be scary, they don’t even have the comical features given to the T-Rex in  Meet the Robinsons with its big bobble-head, bright colors and large, expressive eyes. 

In 2007 when they made Meet the Robinsons Disney toonified up the scary T-Rex but it could look both silly AND sinister and STILL look like a T Rex and match the bright flashy future universe.

I’m not looking for realism from Pixar though, if I want realism I’ll watch Jurassic Park. And I also know this movie is not targeted for nitpicking 20-somethings like me, its aimed for family’s with 6-year olds that love dinosaurs. I’m just saying as a lover of animation, who constantly hears ALL THE TIME that Pixar is ‘the king, the best, better than every other studio’ that this looks very cheap and unfinished, almost ‘slapped together.’

 I know this film had a bunch of issues during productions, between changes in directors, issues with release dates, etc. But in my own opinion, this looks kind of half-assed, something I would expect from Nickelodeon back in 2001, not Pixar in 2015. 

Anyway, just me ranting, and judging by the excitement from the masses in TGD’s comment sections its probably an unpopular opinion. Oh well. I know its just a teaser now, I guess I was just expecting something entirely different, that’s not always a bad thing either, I’ll just have to wait and see. 

Seriously loving this mascara from Too Faced. It’s called Size Queen and I got it at Sephora for $21. The brush is gigantic and gives my lashes huge volume and curl! Just one coat makes lashes long, bold, and thick. And I just found out that it has Vitamin C & E in it to help keep lashes healthy :) Definitely worth the price! Also loving the somewhat new Baby Skin from Maybelline. It made my pores look smaller and my skin look smoother, also creating an even canvas for my makeup to go over. Check these products out guys :)