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You know what I really loved about the new episode??

There was a time where Simmons, without a doubt in his mind, would follow any given order from Sarge, even if he was on the other team.

And there was a time where Simmons would kiss Sarge’s ass, regardless of what team he was on.

And there was also a time where Simmons would betray his team without a second guess, solely because it would make his Sargeant happy and would get him some praise.

But now? This boy is outright telling Sarge that “orders can’t be given if you’re on the other side” and chose what was right over pleasing a superior.

My boy?? He’s grown and developed so much, and I’m so glad it was highlighted in the new episode.

Also the moment where he came to terms with some complicated emotions involving Grif was beautiful, thank RT ily

A REALLY LATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR @unshoddenshipper ! It’s her Grif and @actual-locus‘s Simmons and their little ones, Māli and Macha!

(Also Simmons is just scooping the baby for a quick smooch before putting her back in a more supportive hold.)

Daisy told Jemma that she knew she could take on the entire base, beat everybody, destroy a group of super strong Androids…

And she said it was because after all the crap they had been through she new, without a doubt, that Fitz and her belonged together.


Talk about being willing to, literally, go down with her ship. Daisy Johnson schooling all the fangirls in the world hahaha

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Can I request an imagine with Luke where the reader who worked at the bau with the others but is on maternity leave brings their 3 year old baby girl for a surprise visit and the team gushes over their baby and Matt meets the daughter for the first time? Please and thank you!

Gosh, thank you so much for this request! I’m already loving Matt Simmons (especially his relationship with Luke). So, this was so much fun to write! I did change it though so Luke’s baby is a newborn, it just flowed better with the storyline. Enjoy <3

A Surprise Visit

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request
Warning: SPOILERS for Season 13

Description: A surprise visit from your baby girl brings a lot of happiness to the BAU.

It had been two months since the death of Stephen Walker. Yet, every day at the BAU felt like a struggle. Having to glance at his empty desk every time they entered the doors placed a heavy weight on them all.

It hadn’t helped that, since returning from their short break, the cases had been more difficult than ever before. Being another team member down due to your maternity leave only exacerbated the situation. Not to mention that Luke had become increasingly distracted, clearly missing you and his baby whilst he was halfway across the country.

Everyone was sympathetic to the downtrodden agent, trying their best to keep his spirits up. Even Garcia had made an effort to ensure he received regular updates, including adorable videos and photos, on your baby girl.

But, not even their best efforts could make him feel better about being separated from his new family.

It was a particularly bad day when they had all trudged back to Quantico after a horrific case that had resulted in the loss of hostage. The mood was solemn the entire flight home and you had been able to pick up on their upset just through Luke’s texts alone. He usually sent long messages detailing the case, how much he had missed you, asking about ‘his favourite girls’ and how he couldn’t wait to get home. So, it was strange that he only sent a brief text informing you that the jet would be landing in two hours.

As you glanced over at your daughter sleepily soundly in her carrier, you had immediately called Garcia to tell her you would be popping into the office. Although being at home trying to cope with the demands of a newborn as well as your own recovery from childbirth was challenging, you felt slightly guilty that Luke had been the one to return back to work.

You knew he feared missing out on precious time with his daughter and he would have given anything to be at home with the two of you. So, the least you could do was welcome him back properly.

Luke always been considerate of you but, since the birth of your child, he had been more attentive than ever. He had spent the entire month off following Stephen’s death at home with you, helping your through the late stages of your pregnancy. A smile crossed your face at the memory of him painting the nursery and giving you a relaxing foot massage as the two of you lay on the couch.

It had been exactly what you both needed, time to recover and heal together. The birth of your daughter had been the perfect way to end the month, Luke holding your hand through the entire labour (he still claimed that his hand had sustained lasting damage) and being by your side to welcome your baby Sofia into the world.

The joy the two of you felt seemed like it would last forever. But, the break had ended much too soon. Luke had barely had the chance to settle into family life before he had to get back to the BAU. His guilt was evident, often crawling home late to whisper his apologies to you. It broke your heart to see his face fall in disappointment as you told him Sofia was already asleep.  Luke had been so determined to be the best father he could be to his little girl and you just knew he was gutted about not being able to be there to soothe her cries.

“Oh my goodness! She is just a bundle of overwhelming cuteness.” Garcia squealed quietly, fawning over the sleeping baby in your arms.

You laughed softly, seeing the way the bubbly blonde’s eyes lit up around your daughter was always amusing to watch.

“Seriously, how did Newbie manage to create this treasure?” She whispered, gently tracing her little cheek with her finger. “She’s definitely all you Y/N.”

You bit your lip to conceal a grin. Apparently, the banter and bickering between her and Luke was still as present as ever. Before you could respond to her comment, your eyes brightened as you saw the rest of the team filter through the glass doors.

Almost immediately, Luke’s eyes met yours. He did a double take, grinning in bewilderment as he quickly ran towards the meeting room.

“What are you doing here?” He asked quietly, pressing a light kiss on your lips – careful not to disturb your sleeping daughter. A gentle smile broke out across his face as he bent down to caress her tiny hand. She gripped onto his finger tightly and Garcia sighed dreamily at the cuteness of the scene.

“We thought we would surprise you.”

You shifted slightly, carefully passing your daughter over to him as the rest of the team filtered into the room. The adoring look on Luke’s face as he gently rocked Sofia in his arms caused them to smile brightly, overjoyed to see their colleague reunited with his daughter. The former ranger had been surprisingly broody recently.

Luke cooed softly as he held your daughter close to his chest, her little hand still gripping onto his finger. She found his heartbeat comforting and you had lost count of how many times you had walked into the nursery to find the two of them fast asleep together, her lying on his chest.

Everyone smiled as they observed the sweet scene. The fact that the tough FBI agent completely melted over the sight of his baby girl moved even Garcia.

Luke grinned up at you, happiness etched across his face as he murmured his thanks to you for the ‘best surprise ever’. You just laughed softly as the rest of team began to gush over their surprise visitor. They were all so thrilled to see Sofia, intently watching her sleep peacefully in Luke’s arms as if she were an engrossing movie. After an exceedingly tough case, seeing such innocence really helped them.

Rossi came over to embrace you, placing a kiss on your cheek as he muttered a greeting.

“It’s nice to have you back even if it’s only temporary.” He told you, tapping your cheek affectionally. “You’re looking even more incredible than usual. Motherhood suits you.”

“I wouldn’t say that. I’m fairly certain I still have baby powder on my pants.” You laughed softly, shaking your head. “But, I figured that it’s never too early for her first visit to the BAU.”

You grinned as your gaze fell upon Spencer who was peering over Luke’s shoulder, his eyes bright with happiness as he watched your daughter squirm. He was completely smitten with her, but was slightly fearful of accepting Luke’s offer to hold her. She just looked so tiny and delicate.

“This will be you one day.” JJ laughed softly, nudging the Spencer encouragingly as he reached forward to stroke your daughter’s cheek. She met your eyes and smiled knowingly. The two of you knew how great Spencer would be as a father.

“We’re so happy you dropped in.” Prentiss exclaimed, pulling you into a warm embrace. “And, don’t worry about us here. We’ll be fine. Take all the time you need off.” She told you kindly, well-aware that you had felt a little guilty about leaving them another agent down.

“It’s great to see you.” Tara smiled as she watched JJ tenderly hold Sofia’s hand. “You’ve really cheered Luke up…God, he really is so sweet with her.” She murmured, grinning as Luke bounced your daughter gently in his arms – her small hands moving to trace his face. He looked so proud as everyone fawned excitedly over her little movements.

You smiled at them, glad to have been able to bring a little happiness into the office.

“What’s it been like here? How’s Matt?” You asked curiously, eager to find out about the BAU’s newest recruit. You and Matt had established a good friendship over the years, so you had been pleased to hear about his appointment.

“He’s been great.” Prentiss replied, patting you gently on your shoulder. “He’ll be so happy to see you.”

Before you could enquire as to his whereabouts, he entered the meeting room – a bright grin plastered on his face.

“Garcia texted to say that we had two very special visitors in.”

“Hi, you!” You exclaimed, pulling him into a hug which he reciprocated immediately. Even as the BAU’s most recent addition, he could sense the impact your absence was having on the team. Plus, he was always delighted to see you.

As you pulled away, his eyes swept over you – taking in the radiant glow of your skin and bright smile.

“You look beautiful.” He told you sincerely. He couldn’t believe that you had only given birth four weeks ago.

“I may be preoccupied, but I’m still in the room. Stop hitting on my girlfriend Simmons.” Luke quipped playfully, grinning at his fellow agent as he continued to gently rock Sofia.

A soft murmur of laughter filled the room at his comment. You smiled as your saw Matt’s eyes drift down to the bundle Luke was carefully cradling in his arms, his eyes softening at the sight of your daughter.

“Is this her?” He asked in amazement as he walked over to the pair. A wide grin crept across his face as he stroked her face tenderly, feeling her soft breaths.

Luke smiled at him. “Matt meet Sofia.” He shifted slightly in order to transfer his baby girl into Matt’s arms, grinning at the way her little arms moved as she stirred.

She gurgled slightly in protest at being moved from her father’s arms. You smiled to yourself, Sofia was already a total daddy’s girl and Luke was completely wrapped around her little finger.

Matt rocked her gently, instantly calming her. He had two young daughters himself, so he knew all the best techniques to soothe babies.

“There, there.” He whispered softly, smiling as she relaxed into his arms.

“Oh God, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” Garcia muttered under her breath, clutching at her heart. You didn’t miss the exasperated look Luke shot her, biting your lip to prevent your laughter.

“She’s going to be heartbreaker this one.” Matt told you quietly.

Luke wrapped a strong arm around your waist as he pressed a tender kiss to your temple. Everyone laughed as a gentle murmur of chatter filled the room. The happiness was almost contagious and it seemed strange to think that just hours earlier they had been completely downtrodden.  

You outstretched your arms as Matt handed Sofia back over to you, pecking your cheek and murmuring his congratulations before pulling away to talk to Luke. You rocked your daughter in your arms as you carried her over to see Emily and Tara. Her two ‘aunts’ fussing over her as she stirred sleepily.

Luke and Matt stood side by side as your boyfriend stared at you, not able to take his eyes off the two of you. There was something about watching you hold his baby that he found truly amazing. He couldn’t keep the wide grin off his face as he watched you coo reassurances to Sofia.

“You’ve already prepared yourself for when she starts dating?”

Luke glanced up at Matt, a knowing smirk appearing on his face as he chuckled softly. “Ever since we found out she was a girl Simmons.”

Matt grinned, nodding to his fellow agent before clapping him on the back. “I did the same for my two girls.”

About last night...

I’m currently crying because:

a) Jemma knew that Fitz needed a little time to himself to cool off so she gave it to him and then the second she entered the room after her cup of tea, he started spilling his guts.

b) At some point at the Academy, Fitz trusted Jemma enough to tell her all about his father and his abusive behaviour.


d) They always seem to wait until they are really alone to be intimate and I find that fact adorable/on point? 

e) The way Fitz looked proudly at Jemma as he told Mack it was something she said that led to his eureka moment and she smiled back all sweetly.



So, I desperately need a scene where someone tells Grif that he isn’t just the hate-glue of the group. He’s a wonderful, loyal friend who puts up with way too much shit and has saved his friends’ lives countless times without ever being thanked for it! Simmons, tell your boyfriend how important he is, dammit!!!

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Ok so I was thinking about "trade baby blues for wide eyed browns" and Maybe that was a line from Mikey's POV? I know that Mikey was around Alicia at the time and she has blue (ish) eyes and Pete has brown eyes as well.


okay so it’s obvious alicia has blue eyes (something I never knew or thought about), and everyone knows G.I.N.A.S.F.S. (Gay Is Not A Synonym For Shitty) is petekey asf, or at least suspects it (shall I direct you to my “photo-proofed kisses” post…). 

“ill see you in the spring. first pew on the left. wear your white veil and dont forget the words.”

I’ve already mentioned this in one of my other posts, but since this was written in the summer of 2006, the next spring would be the spring of 2007, and who got married the spring of 2007?

Now, July-October 2006, Fall Out Boy was in the studio writing Infinity On High. When was this journal written? July 7, 2006. Obviously Pete knew about the wedding when they were writting the album, so when he wrote G.I.N.A.S.F.S. and he’s saying “trade baby blues for wide-eyed browns,” he was probably trying to tell Mikey to trade Alicia for him and to take him back.

let’s just,,,let that seep in.