baby silvertooth


I am not normally vain (LOL) but I have to declare: first off, that the reason I look like a drowned rat is someone tossed a full pint of beer over the crowd in the pit during the encore, and it landed on me.

Second, the reason I am making that face is actually quite funny: my companion Karen offered to take a photo of us together, and Brandon was all “yay, let’s do photos” and I was like “hell no!” and tried to hide behind him. He actually physically grabbed me around the shoulders and pulled me back in front of the camera. You can’t really see that I’m bending down because I have my arm around his waist and I’m trying to push him back in front of me, but that is what is happening here. He has wrestled me into the frame and is holding me in place so I don’t run away, hahaha!


In celebration of the entire Pink Floyd back catalogue (Shut up! I do love my spacerock! I know, I know, I spent my youth being beaten up by troglodytes in Dark Side Of The Moon t-shirts, too, but I love the early Syd stuff, and the Meddle/soundtracks era mid period so much, it’s in keeping with the Tangerine Dream-Hawkwind-Kosmische stuff I love apologetically) coming online on Spotify!

But since @QuartzCity was tormenting me with young shirtless Gilmours at Live In Pompeii, I cannot *help* but notice that this is where a certain young(ish) man I have ~tumblr feels~ over gets his fashion cues (and his effects pedals) from…