baby shikamaru

When you got all these destroyed sibling relationships in Naruto: 

  • Nawaki and Tsunade
  • Hashirama and his brothers.
  • Madara and his brothers.
  • Itachi and Sasuke.
  • Asura and Indra
  • The entire Uzumaki Clan
  • The entire Uchiha Clan
  • Senju clans

But the Sand Siblings just out here prospering 💁

  • Temari: Kankuro - Shikamaru and I are having a baby; do you know what that means?
  • Kankuro: It means that he's going to get his balls cut off for fucking my sister.
  • Temari: It's a boy; do you know what that means?
  • Kankuro: It means you better name him after me or else your husband will genuinely lose his balls.
If ShikaIno happened instead of InoSai

the baby would be charming us with little to no effort (because he/she would be too lazy but ooze so much charisma anyway)

Inojin spent too much time with his Dad :/ but baby got skillz

I’m so torn between wanting to pummel his face to the wall and wanting to pinch his pale cheeks

But he’s Ino’s baby alright. Ino’s the one who doesn’t put up shit from bullies but she isn’t one who would actively fight them, either.


“It’s not scary to die… for the 
people who are precious to you!”
                                                            -Sakura Haruno

”I was unable to protect my friends.
The mission failed. I shouldn’t be a 
                                                             -Shikamaru Nara

  • Temari: I have had no sleep since Shikadai was born seriously. It's a shock to even relax right now.
  • Ino: Hey, how about you ask Shikamaru to be on night duty for a while like Sai does with Inojin sometimes?
  • Temari: ...
  • Ino: What?
  • Temari: You really think that Shikamaru would give up his sleep for that? If you do, you're officially mental.
  • Choji: For his son? Actually, I think the little guy might be the only thing he'd voluntarily give up sleep for.