baby shikamaru

When you got all these destroyed sibling relationships in Naruto: 

  • Nawaki and Tsunade
  • Hashirama and his brothers.
  • Madara and his brothers.
  • Itachi and Sasuke.
  • Asura and Indra
  • The entire Uzumaki Clan
  • The entire Uchiha Clan
  • Senju clans

But the Sand Siblings just out here prospering 💁

  • Temari: Kankuro - Shikamaru and I are having a baby; do you know what that means?
  • Kankuro: It means that he's going to get his balls cut off for fucking my sister.
  • Temari: It's a boy; do you know what that means?
  • Kankuro: It means you better name him after me or else your husband will genuinely lose his balls.

orokabu  asked:

honestly Bless ur blog its so good shikanaru is such a good pairing it does not get the attention it deserves

It really does not. But lets just make yourself feel better with the knowledge that it USED to be one of the most shipped pairings - in Japan at least and there were lots of fanfics between 2005-2010 too before certain characters (you know who) stole the focus and the ship wars raged. It has been years since then, i actually think people forgot about their bond more than just never saw and appreciated them. 

Honestly i think litle attention is a good thing after all. They were and still remain one of the most healthy, drama-free and geniune relationships in the series. 

Also because they are ninjas their bond is ninja af who needs attention ? 

especially when they are canon now


“It’s not scary to die… for the 
people who are precious to you!”
                                                            -Sakura Haruno

”I was unable to protect my friends.
The mission failed. I shouldn’t be a 
                                                             -Shikamaru Nara

“Welcome into this world, little one! You got Kaa-chan’s eyes? You’re going to be a tough one too, I bet.

Kaa-chan swears to protect you until my last breath, Shikadai…”

I attempted to paint something close to realistic but yeah… Mama Temari is always awesome! OH! Here’s a bonus:

Be strong, my boys. Be strong…