baby she looks so perfect i am crying

Maid To Serve

TITLE: Maid to Serve


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTE : Yes, I know I am sadistic and mean. 

“And shall you, Anna, take Wilhelm to be your husband, to love and cherish, for as long as you both shall live?”

“I shall.” She smiled, tears of happiness in her eyes as she looked at Wilhelm, who looked adoringly back at her, having just sworn the same to her mere moments before.

“Then, I pronounce you as husband and wife from this day forth, you may kiss your bride.” The high priest declared, before you, Mya and Wilhelm’s family cheered happily.

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For miss birthday girl @holysmoaksoliver, HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 Hope you like it <3 (also tagging @sistercanaries)

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“Don’t you give up on me, Felicity Queen. Don’t you dare.” Oliver’s frantic voice hummed into her ear, placing a kiss on her sweat-damp forehead. God there was a lot of blood, was that right?

“Smoak-Queen,” Felicity reminded him, a wave of pain stopping her breath for a moment. “Oliver–,”

“Shh… It’s okay, baby, it’s okay… just–just breathe okay?” Oliver said.

“You sound–more scared–than I do–my love.” Felicity smiled weakly.

“Me? Scared? Big growly vigilante guy? You’re the strongest woman I know… why on earth would I be scared?”

Felicity left out a huff of laughter and then a heavy moan, the pressure and pain was becoming too much.

“We should… really get–to-to–a hospital…” Felicity said, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Oh baby…” Oliver said, leaning his forehead against hers. “It’s too late. But the ambulance is on it’s way, you just gotta hold on…”

Felicity leaned forward, grunting in pain, “Ahhhhhh!

“Keep pushing Felicity!” Donna said, “This baby isn’t gonna come out on her own!”

Felicity gave a hard push, then fell back, exhausted, “Mom we don’t know if it’s a girl!”

“Don’t stop now, sweetie!” Donna said, “And of course it’s a girl, those Smoak genes run strong.”

“How did this happen?” Felicity cried, dropping her head onto her husbands shoulder, “The baby wasn’t supposed to come for two weeks! And it wasn’t supposed to come this fast, and there wasn’t—aaaaahhhhhh!–supposed to be a black out keeping us all stuck in the loft, waiting for the ambulance–oooooh!”

“Felicity, I promise, everything is gonna be okay.” Oliver whispered in her ear, “You’re gonna be okay, and the baby’s going to be okay. But the baby is coming now, and she or he is coming now. Stubbornness seems to be a trait the baby’s gonna inherit from both sides of the family.”

“The big head I’m pushing out of my body is totally your side.” Felicity said, her voice cracking from exhaustion.

“Push, sweetie, I see the head!” Donna said, “One my big push for my grandbaby!”

Felicity took her husband’s hand, letting out a loud groan, leaning forward into the push.

“We got shoulders, hands, fingers–,” There was a sharp small cry, “It’s a girl!”

“A girl?” Felicity said through a happy laugh, tears of relief and elation beginning to roll down her cheeks, “A baby girl?”

Oliver leaned over from where he was laying, “She’s so beautiful…” He said, kissing his wife, his voice was thick with emotion.

Donna wrapped her new granddaughter in towels and got the makeshift tools to cut the umbilical cord, “You want the honors, dad?” She said holding out the baby to Oliver.

He took his new daughter into his trembling hands, looking at Felicity for reassurance. God he loved the way she smiled at him. He was sure his hands were too big and too rough to hold something so small and perfect. Donna showed him how to cut the umbilical and he handed the baby to her mother.

Felicity looked down at her cooing, crying, tiny new baby, when the power flickered back on and light flooded the loft. “You are perfect, and loved, and I am so happy that we somehow made something as wonderful as you.”

Oliver kissed her hair, too overwhelmed to speak at first, then mumbled, “Happy birthday, little one…”

A/N: Since pinkandpurpleunicorn wanted daddy Luke and he won!! 


You tried to not worry so much while being pregnant. You knew it wasn’t too good for the baby. But you couldn’t help it, you worried about a lot of things. Now even more since your baby was constantly always on your mind.

You worried about if you didn’t eat enough one day, too much another day, if you lifted something too heavy, if having sex would hurt her. Wait that last worry was Luke’s. You just thought it was sweet that he was concerned sex would hurt his daughter growing inside you, even though the doctor had told him it was perfectly fine. Luke was a bit of a worrier as well, you helped each other calm down. The two of you had a perfect relationship.

The two of you were home from a long day of baby shopping, half asleep, cuddling on the couch while a movie played in the background. Luke went crazy over all the baby clothes. Who would’ve though a man would love tutus so much? He insisted that the two of you buy a dozen of the fluffy skirt things; some with little bows, some with sparkles, all different shades of pink. You tended to stick to the head bows, imagining your little girls blonde curls peeking out of the dark purple headband with the 5SOS tally on it that Liz made for you.

Your little girl had been a powerful kicker, moving around in your belly all the time. Except for now, she hadn’t so much as shifted in over an hour. You had been talk to your belly, pushing on it, tapping, and shaking it trying to get your little one to move. She even moved slightly when she would be sleeping, but now there was nothing. You couldn’t help but panic.

“Luke what if something is really wrong with her, she’s never been still for this long.” Your voice shaking with worry and tears welling up in your eyes. Him trying to not be as scared as you, rubbing circles on your back as you rocked back in forth. “Love relax. Don’t stress that’s not good for her. Take deep breaths.” “Well her not moving isn’t good for either of us.” “I should have known to not keep having sex with you. The doctor lied to us, it wasn’t going to be fine.” Rolling your eyes at his assumptions and accusing the doctor of lying. “Luke this isn’t about your dick for once. Call the damn doctor.”

Luke rushed upstairs to call your midwife. While you stayed on the couch continuing to talk to your bump. “Hey little girl. Why don’t you want to move for momma? Just a little nudge to let me know that your ok. You can’t scare me like this. Please baby girl, wake up.” You finished talking and were wiping the tears off your face when Luke ran back down stairs. “The doctor said this happens a lot actually. Don’t stress too much, drink some cold juice, and walk around a lot maybe do some jumping jacks or something. If she doesn’t move for another hour or so, we need to go to the hospital.” More tears running down your face, but Luke looked hopeful. You looked up and nodded as he wiped your tears and kissed your forehead.

None of that helped. You had finished an entire bottle of apple juice, ran 3 laps around your house and had done about 50 jumping jacks. Currently you were bouncing on one of those huge balls, Luke holding your hands and looking at you with expectant eyes. Stopping you looked him in the eyes before breaking down in sobs. “Nothings working Luke. What’s wrong with our baby?” He pulled you onto the couch and kissed your cheek again before getting an idea. “It hasn’t even been an hour yet babe, maybe she’s too pissed that you woke her to move. I’ll be right back.”

He ran back upstairs and was back down with his guitar in less than a minute. He sat down close to you, lifting your shirt, rubbing your belly and playing a small kiss on it before strumming his guitar. He knew you had a special place in your heart for Wrapped Around Your Finger and chose to play that acoustically. Letting his soothing voice calm your nerves slightly. You had even begun running your fingers through his hair, fully relaxing when you finally felt a nudge.

Sitting up, eyes wide you grabbed one of Luke’s hands. After a minute of nothing he started to sing again, almost immediately feeling a more powerful kick to his hand. Looking up to see you wearing a smile that mirrored his, eyes full of tears again.  “You gave us quite the scare young lady. You want to be grounded before your even born? Daddy doesn’t like to see your Mum cry, it breaks his heart. But your probably going to break my heart too though. I love you so so much. And I am really wrapped around your finger.” Placing another kiss to the spot where she was pushing your stomach.

Looking up at you he smiled again. “Our baby girl is going to be perfect love. And trust me babe, I’m wrapped around your finger too.” He said giving you another sweet, slow kiss on the lips.

i look at her and i am in love
because every little thing she
does is just so perfect to
me and she is absolute perfect
sunshine, golden rays shining
and lifting me up when i fall

she is a white rose in bloom, and
baby, when she blooms, there
isn’t a single part of me that isn’t
falling head over heels because
she is sweet and brings me a kind
of happiness i’d never thought

she is there when i am crying,
and i am always going to be there
for her as well, and she says
things to me that i find hard to
believe because i’d never before
considered myself worthy of love,
and i still don’t, not really, but
it’s all a work in progress

and we are cute nicknames and
cuddling and soft kisses and sweet
words and simple happiness,
we are young and we are in an
innocent, deep kind of love that
is full of butterflies and everything
sugar, everything nice

so tell me how can this
kind of love be considered
and even illegal in some places
on the map
just because she is a
and so am

—  a.m.p.

queerfictionalladies  asked:

i would love some fic recs! have you read any good s3 fix-it fics?

Oh yes. *Goes and looks at AO3 bookmarks*

Season 3 fix-it fics

  • One of my favourites has to be The Adventures of a Single Girl in London by earlgreytea68​ (I seriously love her). Janine comes back after finding Sussex boring and moves in with Sherlock. She tries to get Sherlock to find her the perfect man whilst she tries to mend his broken heart. It is hilarious, lighthearted, and perfect.
  • On the Other Side by mildredandbobbin​ is incredibly angsty, and will hurt your heart a little bit, but eventually everything is mended and happy. She uses a lot of tumblr theories and headcanons, so it’s interesting to see what it would look like if Tumblr wrote the next season.
  • Obviously, this list is not complete without Swan Song by our very own, astudyinrose. It’s not so much a fix-it fic as it’s a look at an alternate universe of what might have happened if events had happened slightly differently- namely, if Tessa hadn’t shown up that night. Sherlock is an insecure, completely in love gay baby in this fic, and it’s glorious. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’s perfect. (And yes, I am biased, because I’m a beta on it, but I don’t care. I love it.)
  • A Second Chance by kipli has Sherlock time-travel back to Angelo’s that first night together after he open the matchbox. So it’s season 3 Sherlock with season 1 John. 
  • Two fix-it one shots by earlgreytea68: Trick Questions is also an alternate ending to the stag night in TSOT, and Operation Baby Girl Watson follows that idea that Sherlock and John have a plan and explains why John went back to Mary at Christmas.

Fics where Sherlock is a gay baby hopelessly in love with John:

  • John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas, Working on the Edges, The Bang and the Clatter, and Letters, all by earlgreytea68. She is absolutely fantastic at writing a Sherlock that is vulnerable and absolutely, hopelessly in love with John. 
  • All the Best and Brightest Creatures by wordstrings. In this AU, someone actually listens to young Sherlock and Moriarty is put in jail for the murder of Carl Powers. Sherlock meets John a different way, but he falls absolutely in love with pretty much instantly. This is still a WIP, but you will get lots and lots and gay baby Sherlock in love.
  • Nothing to Make a Song About by emmagrant01 shows what happens if John hadn’t forgiven Sherlock when he came back from the dead. Ten years later, John is divorced from Mary and back in London, and Sherlock does everything he can think of to get back with John, since he has been pining for John all that time.
  • The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom is told from Sherlock’s POV in first person, and is all about how he is head over heels in love with John.
  • there are many, many more fics I could rec you that have a super in-love Sherlock, but these at least have some Pining!Sherlock in them as well

And a rec just for you, bc I thought of you whilst I was reading it:

(I’m publishing this just in case anyone else wants these fic recs)

She’s No You - Liam One-Shot for Marie

Originally posted by wolfeimagines

Title: She’s No You (this whole thing is 100% inspired by she’s no you by jesse mccartney)

Character: Liam Dunbar

Request: for Marie

Marie had to stop herself from wincing when Liam’s loud laughter boomed after hearing one of Hayden’s jokes. To keep herself from seeming rude, Marie plastered a closed-mouth smile and let out a silent, breathy laugh that was obviously fake, but nobody seemed to notice. She had barely even touched the sandwich and bag of chips in front of her, yet her appetite was lost somewhere in the duration of when Hayden joined the pack at the lunch table.

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