baby shatt

No but when Shiro wins a match and gets chucked back in with the other prisoners, beaten and bloody but ALIVE and Matt gathers him up, shares the food and water he’s saved, tries to clean his wounds and then tries to pull Shiro into his lap. Larger, weakened Shiro with his head and upper body curled into Matt’s lap Bc not all of him will fit while Matt talks to him and plays with his hair and refuses to let anyone get close, smaller but angry and aggressive and willing to FIGHT to protect Shiro as much a possible. Ends up with black eyes and broken fingers when he tries to fight off a guard from taking Shiro again and again. Ends up unconscious while fighting when Shiro gets taken by guards and a scientist bc the aliens that were taken by this scientist don’t always come back and when they they are Not. The. Same. Shiro comes back with his arm missing and just crawls into Matt’s lap, shaking, and Matt hates that he can’t stop this.

narwhalsarefalling  asked:

omg for the shiro and matt galra baby imagine them taking her on friendly diplomatic missions and the leaders just,, fall in love with her and her big eyes and soft ears. and also galra keef being like the go-to babysitter because the kid likes his hair and maybe the fact that he even smells a little bit like the galra too. holy shit dude


LIKE THERE ARE THESE BADASS GALRA GUY AND THEY JUST START CRYING CAUSE CUTE LITTLE BABY. and Keith is just “FUCK I can’t believe I have to watch this fucking baby” and the baby just messes up his hair and Keith is just “fuck you for being so cute galra baby”


Today, the Trailer Park Heartthrob known as Tucker Cipriano aka Shatt announced “Only God can judge me” before throwing on some rosary beads he found laying next to his neighbor Jeremy Jones trailer.
All the girls who love him around the park are wearing his new brand, (yes he’s a designer) called Baby Shatt, hoping it’ll get his attention.  He has yet to fall in love with any of them.   Some of the trailer park boys hoping to get Shatt’s attention were wearing his brand too, but we won’t name names (for now.)