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No but when Shiro wins a match and gets chucked back in with the other prisoners, beaten and bloody but ALIVE and Matt gathers him up, shares the food and water he’s saved, tries to clean his wounds and then tries to pull Shiro into his lap. Larger, weakened Shiro with his head and upper body curled into Matt’s lap Bc not all of him will fit while Matt talks to him and plays with his hair and refuses to let anyone get close, smaller but angry and aggressive and willing to FIGHT to protect Shiro as much a possible. Ends up with black eyes and broken fingers when he tries to fight off a guard from taking Shiro again and again. Ends up unconscious while fighting when Shiro gets taken by guards and a scientist bc the aliens that were taken by this scientist don’t always come back and when they they are Not. The. Same. Shiro comes back with his arm missing and just crawls into Matt’s lap, shaking, and Matt hates that he can’t stop this.

Homes Don’t Have to Be Perfect Final Chapter

Lance’s heart vanished from his chest as Shiro went on.

“There was a wreck and he was hurt.” Lance’s blood turned to ice. Shiro took a shaky breathe. “We’re at the hospital. I think you should come as soon as you can.” Lance choked on a sob as he tried to stand. His legs felt weak as he fell to his knees. Biting his lip, he tried to speak.

“Is he-” Lance sobbed again.

“No, he-” Shiro took another breath in, “Just get here when you can. And Lance, be careful.” Lance nodded as he cried, cupping his hand over his mouth to stop the noise. Shiro paused for a moment before bidding him goodbye and hung up. Lance let the phone slid out of his hand as he pulled his knees up. Burying his head in between them, he felt his sobs break his ribs open. Why couldn’t things just go his way for once? It seemed that when everything was nice and perfect something bad would happen. Lance cursed Fate as he tried to stumble onto his feet. Even if things were never perfect, he had to get to Keith. Lance cleaned up his face and grabbed Pike. Pike whined and grumbled at being woken up, but soon fell back to sleep against Lance’s shoulder. Quickly grabbing the diaper bag, his wallet, and his keys, Lance rushed out to the car. With Pike secured safely in the back seat, Lance angled the rear view mirror down so he could see Pike. He needed the constant reminder that the baby was in the back seat so he would drive safe. He couldn’t lose the other person he loved. Pulling out, Lance headed towards the unknown fate that waited for him at the hospital.

When he arrived, he grabbed the bag and car seat and rushed inside. As he entered the waiting room, he was greeted with the sight of all of his friends. Everyone was seated except for Shiro, who paced the room. Matt’s eyes followed Shiro’s distressed footsteps with a sad look in his eyes. Pidge, tired from being woken up from their daily nap, was dozing on and off against Allura’s shoulders as Hunk gripped Shay’s hand tightly in his. Lance’s bare feet slapped the tile floor harshly as he rushed over to them.

“What happened? Where Keith? Is he okay?” Lance rushed the words out of his mouth, afraid that if he didn’t his voice wouldn’t hold. Matt stood slowly and walked Lance to the line of chairs. Pushing him down, Matt turned to grab Shiro’s arm. Shiro seemed surprise until he noticed Lance’s red eyes and quivering lip. He ran his hands over his face as he tried to take a deep breathe. Pike made a soft noise as Lance set the car seat down.

“Keith was in an accident.” Shiro started quietly. “He was on his way home from Lord knows where when a car ran him off the road. He flipped his bike and hit his head hard enough to knock his helmet off. I don’t know much about his condition. All they have told me is that he hasn’t regained consciousness yet.” Shiro sighed as he looked up, trying to stop the tears. Lance gasped for breath as he gripped his hair.

“He was leaving my house. We-We went back to my house to watch a movie after we ate and-and by the time he left it was dark. I shouldn’t of let him go. I-I should had made him stay. This is all my fault!” Lance pulled on his hair harder as he folded in on himself.  The room fell quiet at Lance’s break. Slowly, people began to move. Allura nudged Pidge up as she crossed the room. She pulled Lance into a bone crushing hug as she shushed him softly. Pidge pulled open their computer and started to type in it frantically. Hunk and Shay looked at each other as they whispered out a plan. Matt gripped Shiro’s hand and counted to bring Shiro’s breathing back to normal. When Lance had calmed down enough to be reasoned with, Hunk and Shay walked over. Picking up the car seat, Hunk patted Lance’s shoulder.

“We will take Pike back to my house. Call me if anything comes up.” Lance nodded as he handed Shay the diaper bag.

“Please be careful.” Lance’s voice broke as he tried to smile at his friend. Hunk patted his shoulder once more before reaching out for Shay’s hand. Lance watched them walk away until the doors closed behind them. Pidge pushed up their glasses as they turned to the group.

“It was no accident. I hacked the police files and got the eye witness accounts. There’s no mistaking the car that was described. It was Nyma.” Pidge looked at Matt with stone cold eyes. “We are going to the police department now. We may get in trouble for messing with her car, but she is not getting away with this.” Matt looked up at Shiro before nodded at Pidge. Matt gripped Shiro’s hand tighter before letting go. He reached up and pulled Shiro down into a kiss.

“I’m just one call away. I love you.” Shiro kept his eyes close as he nodded.

“I love you too.” Matt kissed him one last time before he walked away. Allura grabbed Pidge’s hand and kissed their knuckles.

“Be safe,” Allura sighed as Pidge kissed the top of her head. The Holts rushed out of the door. Shiro sat down next to Lance. “I’m going to go call Coran.” Allura stood up and walked to the nearby hallway.

“Now all we can do is wait.” He sighed as he leaned his head back against the wall. Lance as he looked down at his hands.

It seemed like hours before the doctor emerged from the back. By that time, Allura had left to go see what the situation was with the police and the Holts. Lance was fighting sleep when the door was pushed open.

“Family of Mr. Kogane?” The doctor called out. Shiro was up on his feet before Lance could even blink. The air turned heavy as Lance leaned forward to hear the doctor. “He sustained some minor wounds across his body, but our biggest concern is the damage done to his head. We do not know the exact amount of damage done until he wakes up, but we fear that some of it may not be reversible.” Shiro nodded as he squared his shoulders.

“Can we see him?” He asked with a surprisingly strong voice. The doctor shook his head.

“I’m afraid not right now. He has just come out of surgery. The left side of his face had many broken bones that need repair. Once he is out of the recovery room, a nurse will come to get you.” Shiro nodded as the doctor turned and left. As Shiro turned to sit back done, Lance felt as is his body was turned to lead. He couldn’t move or think properly. He couldn’t even remember if he was breathing or not. Shiro must of noticed his situation for he grabbed Lance’s forearm and pulled him up.

“Let’s go for a walk.” He whispered as he pulled Lance down a hall. They walked the maze called a hospital until they arrived at the cafeteria. Shiro ordered two coffees and forced one into Lance’s hands. “If Keith doesn’t wake up soon, I want you to go home and get some rest.” Shiro spoke firmly with a soft undertone.

“No.” Lance bit out over the coffee lid.


“No!” He slammed the coffee down, splashing some up on his hands, lightly burning his skin. “It’s my fault he’s in this hell hole. The most I can do is be here when he wakes up.” Lance looked away from Shiro’s eyes. “What else am I to do? Go home and wallow in self pity?” He knew he should be so harsh, but he was hurting. “If I hadn’t come here in the first place Keith wouldn’t be hurt. Nyma would never got mad or jealous and would never had run him off the road. He would be fine if I never showed up.” Why should he be nice if the world wasn’t nice to him?

“Lance,” Shiro sighed. “Keith wouldn’t be fine if you never showed up. He would had continued to fall in and out of depression just like he had before. With you and Pike around, he has something to fight for again. You reminded him why life is worthwhile.” Shiro drank the rest of his coffee before meeting Lance’s eye. “Go home. Sleep, shower, do something. Frankly, you look like shit. You don’t have shoes or a shirt and the bags under your eyes are bigger than Keith’s ever been, and he is an insomniac.” Lance glanced down. Shiro reached across the table and started to whip the coffee off Lance’s hands. “We don’t know when he will wake up. It could be minutes or it could be days. Butt if you are not here, I swear I will call you the second anything changes. Keith would want you to take care of yourself and Pike first.” As Shiro spoke, Lance started to notice how tired he was and how much the coffee had hurt. “Keith needs you, but he needs you to be functioning and at your best. So, take care of yourself, if not for yourself than for Pike and for Keith.” Looking at his red spotted hands, Lance nodded slowly.

“Call me no matter what. I-I just need to know that he is going to be okay. I can’t lose him.” Shiro nodded as Lance stood up. “I’m going to go call Hunk to get Pike.” He said as he walked away. Shiro watched him as his heart felt heavy. These poor boys had been through too much.

When Lance go to Hunk’s place, Hunk forced him into a chair and started to treat the burns on his hands. Then, he made Lance lay down and watched over him until he fell asleep on the sofa. Pulling a blanket over him, Hunk silently prayed that his friends would be okay in the end.

Sadly, Keith did not wake up during the night and, as expected, Lance was back in the waiting room the first thing in the morning. Laptop in hand, Lance started to work on the magazine ads that were due soon to keep his mind off of things. Allura played with Pike quietly after making Shiro leave to go get some sleep. Before Shiro left, she informed them that the Holt siblings and Hunk would have to remain at the police station for a while for questioning. She also said that the police would be calling Lance soon to get his side of the story.

Lance pulled up the ads pictures for Legendary Life magazine. They were doing an issue for LGBTQ+ matters and wanted to feature Allura’s company in the magazine. They wanted to include a few of the previously used photos along with an interview with Allura with the two full page images. The images would be the opening for the article, which was to be titled “One Love, One Life, One Family”. Scanning through the lines of picture of Matt and Shiro, Lance decided on one where Shiro held Matt in his arms. The brilliant bouquet of flowers hung from Matt’s hand at his side as his other arm wrapped around Shiro’s neck. The two had their eyes close as the leaned towards each other to touch their noses together lightly. Lance smiled at the picture as he toned down the colors slightly and adjusted the lighting until it had a soft, holy glow to it. He then typed out the words “One Love” in a curly font and colored them white. Dragging the words up, he placed them on the picture above Shiro’s head. He then reopened the picture file and scrolled down until he reached the ones of Pike, Keith and him. He froze for a moment when he saw Keith’s face, unharmed, awake, and happy. Drawing in a quick breath, he clicked on the photo of Keith and himself lifting Pike up by his arms. Keith had that soft smile on his face as he glanced down at Pike, who was caught mid-giggle. Lance smiled a little as he saw the love that was present in both Keith’s and his eyes. Giving the picture the same heavenly glow, Lance moved the white “One Life” words above their hands. As he typed out the “One Family” words across the bottom of both pictures, Lance wondered if Keith and him could still have a life where they gave Pike a complete family. Finishing off the pages with a muted rainbow banner, Lance sent the pages off the Allura’s company email for approval.

Closing the laptop, Lance took Pike from Allura so she could get some rest. He set Pike on his lap and smoothed down his hair. It seemed with each passing day, Pike was growing up. Lance smiled sadly at the thought that soon Pike wouldn’t be a baby anymore. Lance moved his hands in front of them both and started to teach Pike a new sign. This sign brought tears to his eyes for it meant so much more than the name it stood for.

It would be three more day until Keith woke up. By that time, Lance had gone to the police station and told them how Nyma tended to be abusive in their relationship and how she threatened to take Pike away from him. With Keith still out, the trial would have to wait, but the police were in the process of arrest Nyma as Lance and Shiro sat in the hospital’s waiting room. The Holts and Hunk were let off with a warning since Nyma threatened Lance and since no one was harmed by their modifications.

Lance was running through signs with Pike when the doctor came out. He walked right over to Shiro and Lance with a soft smile.

“Keith is awake. So far, most of the test have come back with wonderful results. By some miracle, there is no damage to his brain. But, I must warn you before you go back. When the bones around his eye socket broke, there was damage done to his eye. Most of the damage can not be repair and it is likely that he will not regain sight in his left eye.”  They both nodded as the doctor directed them to stand. “Now, if you promise to be calm, I can left you in to see him.” He looked over at Lance. “Just out of curiosity, what is your relation with Mr. Kogane?” Lance stuttered about for an answer as Shiro laughed.

“He’s Keith’s special someone.” The doctor nodded as led him to Keith’s room.

“I did not want to assume. My husband has been trying to get me to stop depending on my ‘gaydar’ as he says.” The doctor pushed the door open and let them in. Shiro entered first and greeted Keith with a soft ‘Hey’. Lance stopped for a moment before turning to the doctor.

“Thank you.” He said as he shifted Pike higher up his hip and walked through the door. Keith laid on a bed covered in white sheets. He only had a few wires and tubes connected to him, but Lance knew that this number was much lower than it had previously been. White and beige bandages covered various parts of Keith’s body and a black brace covered his left wrist. Half of Keith’s face was covered in bandages, but it did not stop his smile from pulling up when he saw Lance. Walking over to the bed, Lance reached for Keith’s hand, holding it tight in his.

“Hey, good-lookin’.” He smiled softly as he whispered. “Decided you didn’t look bad-ass enough without a few scars?” Keith snorted as Lance sat down on the bed with Pike in his lap. Pike looked at Keith for a moment before clapping his hands and reaching out. Lance tried to discourage Pike by bouncing him lightly on his lap. Pike made a whining noise in the back of his throat as he signed something that Keith did not know. Pike stacked two ‘k’ on top of each other and then brought them to his heart. He repeated the sign before clapping and reaching out for Keith again. Lance made a startled noise as he glared down at Pike. Darn his kid for being a fast learner.

“What’s that sign for?” Keith’s voice was a little rough as he spoke. Lance meet his eyes as he felt his cheeks grow red.

“It’s your sign name. I guess he really missed you.” Lance laughed a little as he rubbed the back of his neck. Shiro barked out a laugh as Keith turned bright red. “It took awhile to figure one out, but I didn’t expect him to pick up on it so fast. I kind of based it off of the sign for babysitter, if that is okay.” Keith slowly pushed himself up more and picked up Pike. He smiled at Lance. He reached out and placed his hand on Lance’s cheek. Shiro grinned as he turned around, covering his eyes with his hand.

“Go on and kiss. Just remember we are in a hospital.” He laughed as Keith’s face turned bright red.

“Shiro!” Keith yelled as Lance giggled softly. He leaned forward and weaved his fingers into Keith’s hair. Keith sighed as Lance leaned down more and let their lips touch. Pulling away, Keith meet Lance’s gaze.

“The sign,” He spoke softly against Lance’s lips, “ It’s perfect.”

A few years passed and the bond between Keith and Lance grew. Nyma was sent to jail and was never heard from again. Shiro and Matt had a beautiful wedding where Pike was the flower boy, for no one trusted him to carry the rings down the aisle. That job was left to Black, who they knew would not through the golden bands. Just as expect, Keith never gained his eyesight back in his left eye, but that never stopped him. The kids at the daycare seemed to find the scars amusing rather than being scared of Keith’s big, bad biker persona. It probably also helped that the kids were head over heels for Keith’s service dog, Blue, who was also being trained to help Pike too.. When Pike was three, Keith moved in with them. When Pike was four, he started going to special classes in the next city over so he could start learning to read and learning more advance signing. The school also offered speech classes for Pike, but Lance turned them down. Later that night, Keith asked why. Lance looked up from the signing pamphlets he was given with a smile.

“They want Pike to adapt himself to the hearing world, but he doesn’t need too. Pike doesn’t need to be the society’s standard of normal to be wonderful.” He looked back down at the pamphlets. “Pike can decide for himself if he wants to be like them when he is older. Right now, he is perfect just the way he is.” Keith leaned over and kissed Lance soundly. He couldn’t be more in love with this man than he was right now.

One Saturday, while they all were watching a movie, Lance looked up at Keith with a nervous smile. Keith had Pike sitting in his lap and Lance leaning on his legs from the ground. Tapping Keith’s shin, he drew Keith’s attention away from the TV.

“What do you think of one day adopting him?” Lance asked softly, nodded towards Pike.

“I don’t know,” Keith started off slowly. “I never really had a home. How can I give something that I never had? Plus, I’m not the ideal image of a parent. How can I give him the home he deserves?” Keith sighed as he brushes a piece of Pike’s hair back.

“Homes don’t have to be perfect, Keith.“ Lance looked up from his place on the floor with love in his eyes. "They just have to be full of love, and I know you love him.” Keith pondered the question in silence for a moment as Pike watched the show on tv from his lap. Absentmindedly running his hands through Pike’s hair, Keith accidently grabbed his attention. Pike turned and looked up at him as he signed ‘what’. Over the years, Pike had grew use to signing and almost perfect the language at even a young age. Keith smiled and signed ‘nothing’ with a shrug of his shoulders. Pike smiled at him before turning back to the tv.

“Yeah, one day I would like him to be mine too.” Keith sighed softly as Lance stood and kissed Keith on the head. He reached over to the left of Keith and grabbed a box, bringing it into Keith’s line of sight.

“Good, cause Keith, will you marry me?”

Perfect : having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

Their home may not had been perfect by definition, but it was perfect to them. 

It’s finished!!

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Homes Don’t Have To Be Perfect Chapter 2

Why did Lance have to be back? Why did it hurt so much to see him? Keith thought he had gotten over Lance, or at least the pain that he caused. Keith’s breath stuttered in his chest as he realized why it hurt. Why did he have to love Lance so much?

Keith knew he shouldn’t of acted like that, but sometimes his emotions just get out of hand. Why didn’t anyone tell him Lance was back? Why didn’t anyone tell him Lance had a kid!? Keith scolded himself as he waited for his take out order. Keith should have just kept walking. He shouldn’t had stop to wave at the baby. He could of been able to get inside and he never would had confronted Lance. Why didn’t he? Because of that damn kid! It’s not his fault he has a soft spot for babies, or that the miniature Lance had the cutest grin possible.  

“Here’s your order, Keith.” The waitress’s voice shocked him out of his thoughts.

“Thanks,” he grumbled out as he paid her. Grabbing the bag, he raced back out to his bike.

Wondering if Shiro or Matt knew anything about Lance, he kicked his bike off and sped back to Shiro’s house. He weaved in and out of traffic, earning himself a few horns and jesters. Parking the bike next to Shiro’s old truck, he race up the stairs and threw open the door. Slamming the food down, he rushed into the living room.. Matt was seated on the sofa his feet in Shiro’s lap. Shiro was rubbing Matt’s leg with his hand, his head tilted back. Shiro, who had already removed his prosthetic, absentmindedly rubbed Black with his foot, things he did when the nights were hard. Black, the Newfoundland dog that Shiro insists was a puppy, lifted its head, thumping its tail on the floor at the sight of Keith. Shiro opened his eyes and turned his head to see Keith gasping for air.

“Food?” Matt asked with a childish voice and looked up at him with hopeful eyes.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me Lance was back?” Keith hissed as he stomped over to the sofa. Shiro sat up straight as Matt turned his head in confusion.

“Lance is back?” Matt’s innocent voice asked as he glanced up at Shiro, Shiro, who suddenly looked guilty, turned his head away from Keith.

“You knew didn’t you, Shiro?” Keith slammed his hands down on the arm of the sofa, causing Matt to jump. Keith looked at him apologetically before turning back to Shiro.

“Yes.” He began to speak slowly, his body rigid.. “Allura mentioned that he got in contact with her about a job. Some stuff went down and he needed to start again.” Keith knew he should calm down and be gentle. He could already see how his mood set both of the men on edge. Yet, once again his emotions won over logic.

“You wanna know what went down!? A kid, Shiro! Lance has a fucking baby!!” Keith raised his arms as he spoke. “Why didn’t you tell me? You know what happened!” Keith’s voice broke without his permission as he yelled. Sadness fell over Shiro’s face.

“I didn’t tell you because I knew how you would act. This could be a good thing, Keith. Just try to-”

“No!” Keith cut him off. His breath was fast and short. He knew what Shiro was going to say. He was using his ‘dad’ voice. “I’m not having a repeat of last time.” Keith spun on the ball of his foot and ran out of the house. He heard Shiro call after him, but he didn’t stop. He continued to run until he no longer felt the claws of panic and grief closing around his throat. Slowing down, Keith came to a stop in the park near Shiro’s house and sat down on a nearby bench. Placed his head in his hands, Keith listened to the birds, the children’s laughter, and the footsteps of people on the sidewalk. Counting out his breathes, Keith slowly gained control again. Suddenly, his phone vibrated in his pocket, making him jump back into reality.. Pulling it out, Keith saw that it was a text from Pidge.

-‘Where are you?’  

Did they know that he wasn’t at Shiro’s or where they still looking for him after the incident at the diner? Either way, Pidge could be scary smart. Keith knew if he ignored them, they would just hack into his phone for the GPS location. Keith clumsily typed back.

- The park by Shiro’s house.

Pidge never replied. Within five minutes, Keith saw Pidge’s figure walking towards his. Their pace was fast for their short legs. Keith knew that walk. Pidge was pissed. Keith hung his head down as they got closer, knowing what this was about. Pidge stopped in front of Keith and stood there for a minute. Keith stared at Pidge’s shoes as silence engulfed them. Out of nowhere, Pidge raised their hand and smacked Keith across the back of his head.

“What the hell?” Keith yelped as he rubbed the back of his head.

“What the hell is correct. What the hell happened earlier?” Pidge placed their hands on their hips and stared down Keith. “What was all that “you’re lucky you’re holding a baby” crap about? What happened at Shiro’s? Matt called me and said you came in on the verge of an attack and then ran out. It took everything Matt had to stop Shiro from running after you.” Keith hung his head as the scenes flashed before his eyes.

“Don’t act as if you don’t know.” Keith said softly. He slumped against the bench as Pidge’s anger deflated. Pidge sat down next to Keith with a sigh.

“Keith,” they started, “No, let me finish.” Pidge jumped in before Keith could interrupt them. “I know you’re hurt, but so is Lance. You see, -” Pidge stopped and shook her head. “Some stuff has happened to Lance recently and he needs support. I know that’s not what you want to do right now, but it’s for the best. You didn’t see him after you walked away. He looked so heartbroken and as if he was about to cry. Considering he has been through so much in the last few months, you really did a number on him to bring him to tears.” Pidge sighed once again as they looked straight ahead.

“The baby?” Keith asked rubbing at his eyes. Pidge whipped their head around to Keith. Chuckling, they shook their head.

“You always were soft. That was Pike.” Pidge’s eyebrows pinched in the middle. “Speaking of which, his reaction to you was odd.” Keith’s eyebrows shot up at their remark. “I mean, it took almost 30 minutes for Pike to even be comfortable with Hunk. Yet, he reached towards you the instant you passed by.” Keith’s eyes widened. He just thought the baby, Pike, was just social like his dad.

“I guess kids just like me.” Keith said with a small smile. That had to be it, right? Pidge nodded .The mood of the conversation lifted slightly as Pidge smiled a little.

“I would hope so with your profession.” Keith snickered as Pidge stood up. “I have to go. Rover hasn’t had dinner yet. Go back to Shiro’s. He’s scared of having a repeat of two years ago” The mention of that dropped the mood once again. Keith dropped his head again. He knew Shiro was still scared. He had every reason to be. Pidge turned to walk away, but paused. Turning their head back, they called out again. “Keith. Think about it. I know that he really needs you right now, and you probably need him too.” Keith didn’t look up as Pidge walked away. Pidge’s words struck Keith in the heart and weighed down heavy. They may be right. Then again, when were they wrong? Thunder boomed in the background as dark clouds began to cover the sky. Rain began to fall by the time Keith had the energy to remove himself from the bench. He took his time walking back to Shiro’s.

Keith was dripping wet by the time he entered the door. Keith stood in the doorway, hand still on the knob, as Shiro meet his eyes. Shiro looked like hell. With unexpected grace, Shiro stood and walked over to Keith.

“Matt, could you get a towel and a chance of clothes for Keith?” He called back into the living room. His voice cracked as he forced the words out with a heavy tongue. It took everything in Keith to not look away. The sounds of Matt flopping off of the sofa and running down the hall could be heard over Shiro’s footsteps. “Keith, I am sorry I overstepped my bounds.” Shiro placed his hand on Keith’s shoulder. “I should have told you sooner.” Keith shook his head.

“No. You were right.” Shiro pulled Keith into a hug. Placing his hands on Shiro’s back, Keith whispered, “Thanks for looking out for me. I am so sorry.” His voice hiccuped as Shiro rubbed the middle of his back.

“You don’t have to apologize.” Shiro whispered. Matt enter with a pair of sweatpants, am over-sized t-shirt, and a warm towel. Matt didn’t look as bad as Shiro, but he still looked a little rough. Keith thanked him as he grabbed the items and turn towards the bathroom. As he walked away, he heard Matt ask Shiro if everything was okay. The sound of Shiro’s voice stopped Keith’s feet from moving.

“I don’t know. I made a huge mistake Matt. I was only trying to keep him safe.” Shiro’s voice sounded so broken and tearful that Keith’s heart lurched at the idea of hurting one of the only people who cared about him.

“It will be alright.” Matt reassured Shiro. “Everything will work out just fine. Lance will be okay and Keith will be okay. Sometimes people just have to hurt for awhile. Even though they both have been hurt enough already. It will just take some time.”

“ I want to keep a close eye on him for awhile to make sure he doesn’t do anything drastic again. I just hope this all works out in the end.” As Shiro’s voice drifted off, Keith rushed into the bathroom. Gripping the sink, Keith tried to take deep breathes. He looked up at himself in the mirror. His dark gray eyes bore into his soul as he stared at himself.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. You’re okay.” He muttered to himself. His knuckles turned white as his grip tightened. “Just breathe. Don’t think. Just breathe.” He canting to himself as he slowly turned toward the shower. He turned the hot knob all the way on. Keith slowly removed his wet clothing before stepping under the burning water.

Keith stayed in the shower until the water ran cold. When Keith exited the shower, Shiro had already gone to bed and Matt was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea. He looked up at Keith as he entered. Ghost from the past hung from Matt’s shoulders and eyes making him look much older than 25. He smiled softly at Keith.

“The sofa is made up. If you need anything, let me know. It’s best if we don’t wake Shiro up.” Keith nodded as he bid Matt goodnight and walked to the sofa. Laying down, Keith faced the back of the sofa and pulled the blanket high over his shoulders.

He stayed like that until he heard Matt go to bed. Sluggish, he rolled onto his back to stare at the ceiling. Tears collected in his eyes again as he remembered Lance. Pulling his hands to his face, he bit his lip to hold in his sobbing. His anxiety and depression peaked as the weight of the past pulled at his body. Just when everything seemed to be fine, it all came crashing down again.

A wet nose touched his face as Black whined at him. Keith looked at the dog before pulling the big fluff ball towards him. Hiding his face in Black’s coat, Keith let the hot tears roll down his face. The salt in them burned his bitten lip as he cried harder. After a while, Black decided that he should stay and climbed onto the sofa with Keith. Burying himself in the dog’s fur, Keith slowly calmed down. Keith did not get much sleep that night as thoughts bounced around in his head.

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omg for the shiro and matt galra baby imagine them taking her on friendly diplomatic missions and the leaders just,, fall in love with her and her big eyes and soft ears. and also galra keef being like the go-to babysitter because the kid likes his hair and maybe the fact that he even smells a little bit like the galra too. holy shit dude


LIKE THERE ARE THESE BADASS GALRA GUY AND THEY JUST START CRYING CAUSE CUTE LITTLE BABY. and Keith is just “FUCK I can’t believe I have to watch this fucking baby” and the baby just messes up his hair and Keith is just “fuck you for being so cute galra baby”


Today, the Trailer Park Heartthrob known as Tucker Cipriano aka Shatt announced “Only God can judge me” before throwing on some rosary beads he found laying next to his neighbor Jeremy Jones trailer.
All the girls who love him around the park are wearing his new brand, (yes he’s a designer) called Baby Shatt, hoping it’ll get his attention.  He has yet to fall in love with any of them.   Some of the trailer park boys hoping to get Shatt’s attention were wearing his brand too, but we won’t name names (for now.)