baby shatt

No but when Shiro wins a match and gets chucked back in with the other prisoners, beaten and bloody but ALIVE and Matt gathers him up, shares the food and water he’s saved, tries to clean his wounds and then tries to pull Shiro into his lap. Larger, weakened Shiro with his head and upper body curled into Matt’s lap Bc not all of him will fit while Matt talks to him and plays with his hair and refuses to let anyone get close, smaller but angry and aggressive and willing to FIGHT to protect Shiro as much a possible. Ends up with black eyes and broken fingers when he tries to fight off a guard from taking Shiro again and again. Ends up unconscious while fighting when Shiro gets taken by guards and a scientist bc the aliens that were taken by this scientist don’t always come back and when they they are Not. The. Same. Shiro comes back with his arm missing and just crawls into Matt’s lap, shaking, and Matt hates that he can’t stop this.

a week in: chapter two, part one by albino_yeti

Rating: G
Ship: Matt Holt/Shiro
Word Count: 9030

Summary: Waking up with accidentally acquired baby laying on his chest, Shiro and Matt have to go to the store just before the storm hits to keep him alive for the next week.

He swings his legs over the side of the bed, knees cracking as he stands up, hands holding Lance tighter against him as he tries not to jostle him too much. But because the universe hates Shiro, he stumbles as he stands up, tripping over the forgotten pillow. He rights himself before he falls.

A soft, high-pitched noise escapes Lance’s mouth as a tired hand comes up to rest on Shiro’s chest. Shiro looks down to the baby, already heading towards his door. Lance lets out a wide, tired yawn, his other hand coming up to his eye, rubbing it with the back of his hand.

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Today, the Trailer Park Heartthrob known as Tucker Cipriano aka Shatt announced “Only God can judge me” before throwing on some rosary beads he found laying next to his neighbor Jeremy Jones trailer.
All the girls who love him around the park are wearing his new brand, (yes he’s a designer) called Baby Shatt, hoping it’ll get his attention.  He has yet to fall in love with any of them.   Some of the trailer park boys hoping to get Shatt’s attention were wearing his brand too, but we won’t name names (for now.)