baby shark doo doo

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What's your opinion on sharks? I know this has nothing to do with astrology I just really like sharks :))

SHARKS ?????

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Ba-by shark doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, baby shark !!

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• they have been since over 400 million years ago and survived 5 massive planet extinction events which killed almost everything else on Earth
• they have no bones, so when they die, there’s nothing left from apart from their teeth, somewhere deep down in the ocean, covered in sand
• do you know how sharks vomit ? They basically throw out their stomach and then swallow it back. Awesome.
• they preffer to eat alone, because if there’s a group of more sharks, they tend to steal each other’s food and that can get pretty dangerous…
• sharks have personalities ! So there’s probably your potato shark soulmate somewhere out there :-)

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Everyone thinks they’re just agressive and mean but they’re so ?? CU T E ???

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