baby segs

Player: Tyler Seguin – Dallas Stars

Prompt: This imagine was inspired by that adorable picture of Segs holding baby Cracknell. My heart swoons for hockey players and babies.

 Mentions: Adam Cracknell

 Warnings: Slight Cursing, Pregnancy

 Preview: You two had never even talked about the topic of children. You had not even talked about marriage. So a protection slipup was not in the plans for your relationship.  

 Characters: 623 words

You had found out two weeks ago that you were pregnant. You just had not gotten up the nerve to tell Tyler. You were scared to how he would take the news. You and Tyler had been together for two years but you were still young. And even though Tyler had calmed down after he met you, he still enjoyed nights out partying it up.

 You two had never even talked about the topic of children. You had not even talked about marriage. So a protection slip up was not in the plans for your relationship.  

 You were pulled from your thoughts when you felt your breakfast making its way back up your throat. You ran to the bathroom.

 You had almost finished throwing up the contents of your stomach when Tyler came in. He kneeled beside you rubbing circles on your back and pulling your hair into a pony.

 When you finally did finish, you got up and washed your hands and face. Tyler looked at you with concern.

 “Are you okay babe?” he asked standing behind you wrapping his arms around your stomach. You flinched at the touch of your stomach. You had stared at your stomach for what seemed like hours convincing yourself you couldn’t see anything. According to your doctor, you were 12 weeks along. You had snuck off to an appointment during one of Tyler’s practices. Tyler looked at you confused and it once again pulled you from your thoughts.

 “Must be some kind of stomach bug, I probably caught it at work.”

 “Maybe I should call Adam and Theresa and tell them to come another time.” He questioned.

 “No its fine Hun, I know how excited you are to meet Lynde and this is the only chance before everyone heads back home.” You smiled trying to reassure him.

 He let it go thankfully and soon you were all sitting outside. You swooned when Tyler was finally handed the small baby. Suddenly you could see Tyler holding your own little baby.

 Tyler was instantly entranced by the little girl and couldn’t take his eyes off her. Even with his shoulder, he was making sure he held her with such care. It was love at first sight for him or so you thought.

 “Is she giving baby fever Tyler? Will we have little Seguins running around soon enough?” Adam asked with a chuckle

 Tyler’s laugh was so loud it boomed in your ears.

 “No way dude. I am a long way off from having any kids myself. I will borrow yours sometime though.” He smiled back down at Lynde.

 He didn’t notice all the color drain from your face as you excused yourself, but Theresa did and she followed you. You were hoping you would be able to pass it off as being sick.

 You walked into the kitchen and poured yourself a glass of water. Not only had Tyler just said that he didn’t want kids anytime soon, he didn’t even imply he wanted them with you.

 You sighed grabbing the kitchen counter.

 “Are you okay, Y/N?” Theresa asked making you jump.

 “Oh yea, just not feeling too hot, think I caught a bug.”

“Cut the bull, So why haven’t you told him?” Theresa stated quite matter of factly.

 “What are you…” you tried to play dumb.

 “Y/N, I just carried a baby for nine months I know what pregnancy looks like. It is why Adam asked, he was testing the waters. You are glowing sweetie.”

 “Well thank god Tyler has not noticed.” you sighed.

 “Not noticed what? Am I in trouble?” He laughed.  

 “Tyler, I’m Pregnant.” you blurted out.

 Thank god he wasn’t holding Lynde anymore. 


Nill talking about Seguin pre draft!