baby seal curls up on couch

On Our Own

I’m on mobile so I can’t link it but I got the idea from otpprompts

“You’re sure you’ll be ok?” Holly asked for the tenth time in the past five minutes.

“Yes babe, I think can handle watching our daughter for half an hour. She’s probably just going to sleep the entire time anyway.” Gail reassured her yet again, lifting her arm slightly to show her wife the sleeping baby tucked in the crook of her elbow. It was cute really, the brunette was the chilled out one during the pregnancy while she was frantic about everything, but once Callie was born the roles reversed. Holly hadn’t left the house by herself in three weeks.

She was hovering her hand on the front door knob. “Half hour I promise”

Gail brought her free hand to Holly’s cheek and caressed it, bringing her into a tentative kiss. “I know you will, and we’ll be here being fine all on our own” she looked down at Callie and cooed “won’t we baby girl?”

Holly’s heart fluttered, she didn’t think she’d ever get over the rush of feelings that came with Gail’s love for their daughter. She sighed, “alright. I love you.” She sealed with a kiss. “And I love you.” She kissed Callie’s brown curls. With once last look Holly went out the door, leaving Gail with the baby -fully alone- for the first time.

“We got this right, baby?” Gail cooed as she bounced the bundle of joy in her arms, making her way back into the living room. She lowered herself onto the couch slowly, trying not to jostle the baby.

Callie stirred and Gail froze, halfway into reaching for the remote, her face was pulled together, oh no. That’s her grumpy wake up face. The same face Gail apparently makes before waking.

And soon enough her cries filled the house. Gail went through the regular motions, when nothing seemed wrong she went to sooth, rocking and bouncing at the same time. She’d figured that one out second day in.

“Shh, it’s ok, I’m sorry I woke you. I really am. I know how you feel, waking up sucks, especially when you aren’t ready to.” Gail was pacing the house. “You aren’t going to go back to sleep though, are you? No you aren’t and we both know why.”

Callie was now at a soft whimper, her eyes locked on the blondes face. Gail was rambling, Holly told her it calmed the infant during one night of impossible crying. That night Gail talked for two hours straight, every time she would stop Callie would start again. So she told her stories from work, told her about all of her aunts and uncles at the station and how much they wanted to meet her, told her about Holly, told her their story, told her about all of the things she was looking forward to doing with her.

“Mama isn’t here. I feel you there too, she’s got a magical touch that can sooth the meanest dragons to sleep. Which she does do, almost every night, talking about me if you didn’t catch that.” She chuckled to herself. “Maybe it’s the singing. Is it? The singing.”

Callie was silent of course, watching Gail in awe but with a weird sense of understanding. While she had talking and the bounce rock thing Holly had singing and soothing touch. Holly would trace her fingers across the infants rosie cheeks, up and down her back, round her tiny ears and sing. Then in mere minutes Callie would be asleep.

Gail brushed at the brown curls, she couldn’t get over how soft they were, and the colour was amazing. It was a light brown, not quite light enough to be a dirty blonde but not dark enough to really be brown, it was a colour of its own. Elaine said she would probably lose her hair or it would change, like every other Peck before her, Gail hoped not.

Holly usually would open the door with a ‘honey I’m home’ but Callie hadn’t gotten the best sleep the night prior and didn’t want to wake her. It was surprisingly quiet, she was expecting at least the tv to be going, but nothing above a murmur was sounding from the living room.

Rounding the corner she found something she couldn’t have ever imagined. Callie was buckled into her bouncer and set securely on one of the arm chairs, Gail sat on the couch across from her and in between the two was what had her gapping at the doorway. The coffee table was beautifully set up for a tea party. Some of it real, some of it from a child’s play set.

“Gail, honey, what'cha doing?”

The blonde spun around, a bit sheepish. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m having a tea party with Callie.”

“She’s an infant”

“Which is why I haven’t allowed her to have tea with her milk, not even decaf” Gail chastised the newborn.

“Oh well then this all makes sense and isn’t odd in the least.” Holly smiled and sat next to her wife. “Can I ask how this happened?”

“She woke up five minutes after you left, I got her to stop crying but you weren’t here to put her back to sleep. We talked and decided a tea party would be a nice way to pass time until Mama came home to use her magic and put everyone to sleep.”

“I see. Can I join?”

Gail moved her head from side and looked to the baby across from them. “What do you think kid, should we let her into the club?”

Callie blinked.

Gail nodded her agreement. “You may join for a not so free trial of Tea Time With The Pecks. Keep in mind we are up for suggestions on the name”