baby savings

so i live in The Midwest™ which means that on the drive to state wrestling i saw two pro-life billboards (there were probably more that i missed/was asleep for)

the first one had a picture of a baby on it ofc and said “ABORTION IS ALWAYS THE WRONG CHOICE” like,,, yikes,,,, guilt tripping and overgeneralization at its finest

the second one was just a white sign that said in big red letters


and then in slightly smaller black letters



which, does not sound like something that was written by a human,, at all,,,

Okay so like How Will I Know by Whitney Houston is really getting me some serious Johnlock feels like they are best friends and Sherlock is pining but he’s convinced it’s not real it’s just his hormones or something else making him feel this way but every time he’s with John his heart is racing and he thinks he’s madly in love but he can’t be sure so he consults Molly about the trials and tribulations of love, trying to figure it all out like how will he know? How will he know if John really loves him? How will he know?

anonymous asked:

can you rex some fics where one or both are teachers//professors?

teacher zayn

Let Lips Do What Hands Do

do firemen dream of exploding sheep

Extra Credit


What makes me happy

Looking for a lover to burn

took in the perfect serenity you give me (every day)

right from the start you know i got you

Let Me Be The First

cause nobody saves me baby the way you do

The Box

Glass houses full of stone

teacher liam

Better The Devil You Know

i’ll never stop choosing you babe, i’ll never get used to you

Hot for the teacher

You’re The Shining Distraction That Makes Me Fly

teach me a lesson


A little bit of magic (English Version)

these amber words on our fingertips

Innocent Pleasures

Hateful Love

To Sir, With Love

Love Drunk

How Far Are We Falling?


You Never Give Up On Me


Finally my babies are here!!

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Yep, you can use them just put credits