baby sam and dean yeaaaah

Dean was a fussy baby. Putting him to bed was a nightmare, because he would cry and scream and just generally be difficult in every way possible. He wouldn’t take a binky for longer than three seconds before he spit it out, resuming his tantrum. Feeding him was impossible because he wouldn’t hold still long enough, and being kicked in the stomach by a baby hurts a lot more than you would think.

Mary got so used to working around all of Dean’s difficulties, though. She learned that all she had to do to get him to go to sleep was hum something into his ear while she was shushing him. It turned out that putting a dab of applesauce on the end of his binky would confuse him long enough for him to calm down. She figured out that in order to feed him, she had to lay down on the couch with him and cuddle him long enough for him to relax. 

She got so used to caring for her little hurricane of a child, that when her second born turned out to be the perfect baby, she almost couldn’t believe it. Sam almost never cried. He loved naps, and all she had to do to make him sleepy was rub his back a little bit.The only noise problems they really had were when Dean would poke him in the stomach and make him giggle for what seemed like hours. Sam was normal weight, and Mary never had any trouble feeding him or bathing him. He was the most well-behaved baby she’d ever seen.

What amazed her about Sam, though, was that she always felt like he was even more well behaved for his big brother. His grin always shined brighter when it was Dean who was playing peek-a-boo with him; he always seemed to giggle louder when Dean made silly faces at him instead of her or John. John said he didn’t see it, but Mary was positive. Dean was the best big brother in the world

Months later, John finally does see what she meant when his son’s first word is “Dean” and not “Dada”.