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Can we talk about this scene? Okay, we all know this is a heartbreaking moment for everyone involved, but there is something that really stood out to me. The last thing Dean says to his mom is, “You’re home now,” which sets off the rest of the conversation. There is nearly four minutes after this where Mary continues to talk and then the episode ends, and Dean says absolutely nothing at all. Four minutes of no dialogue whatsoever on his part. Mary keeps explaining, leaving these long moments between sentences where she expects Dean to say something and he doesn’t, so she jumps in again and tries to explain more. When Sam finally interjects and asks what she means, it’s only after a quick look to Dean to realize he’s not going to do it. Even Sam is expecting him to say something, and he just doesn’t. This is so important to me. Can you recall a time in the series where Dean is in the shot for more than a few minutes and doesn’t say anything? Or a time when someone repeatedly trails off to let him respond and then he doesn’t? This is the first real time where we’ve seen Dean so thoroughly broken and upset that he physically doesn’t have words. He is rendered speechless. You can see it in the way he breathes, the way he audibly exhales in disbelief, the way he blinks in this quick progression as he processes what must feel like his heart being ripped out of his chest. He could beg his mom to stay. Plead with her. Tell her things will get better and everything will be okay. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t say anything at all. His mom waits for it. Sam waits for it (Sam, who knows him better than anyone else, waits for him to say something). And there’s nothing. No questions. No promises. No attempt to do anything at all to sway her decision. The last thing he says is, “You’re home now.”

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Wow did Ryeowook actually write the letter in English? That's pretty impressive

We can’t guess which talents Wookie really has, that smol man is full of surprises anon-nom :) 

But as Wookie wrote in the first chapter of his letter he wrote the letter and asked his friend named Kun Woo to translate it to English. And Ryeowook wrote it again with his beautiful handwriting ^^

He did it because he received so many letters written in English from international fans. So he gave this letter as a gift to all of his fans, ELF :’)

Someone can be any cuter? I think NO

Endurance Week: Day 4; ‘Marriage or Family’

then she grows up and turns out to be Himiko and destroys the world. ◔◡◔✿

i’ll never be over sam slipping gold coins into elena’s pockets during the hug on the dock to make sure his brother and sister-in-law are well off enough to take care of themselves. 

Septiplier drawings!!!!

I forgot to colour in their fucking shoes ;-;

ANYWAY, I made a bunch of septiplier fluffy floofy-ness cuz why not :D and i don’t think i ever mentioned the time where i had a dream that Mark and Jack were my parents huh? Well, Mark was my biological father but him and my mom split up and for some reason i was sent to go live with him and his new boyfriend “Jack” but whatever you don’t wanna hear about my dream… do not tag them pls ;-;

Give me the characters that have potential.

The ones that have to struggle to become something more. 

Who, at first glance, are written off because:

What could they possibly become?
Why even bother with them?
They’re just boring.

Give all of them to me because,
while they may not be anything 
right now…

Who knows what they’ll grow to be?

I certainly don’t.

But… that’s the exciting part 
Because we get to go on a grand adventure to find out 
t o g e t h e r. 

Give give all of those characters to me.

And let the journey begin. 


living with out Sam, is unbearable