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When We Welcomed Baby Number Two

Here is Part Eleven to “Our Love Story” 

Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words:   1273

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          “I see an extremely beautiful woman walking toward us,” you heard Jensen say as you walked toward where he and Jared were sitting on set. You had Ryker in your arms and he smiled as soon as he heard Uncle Jensen’s voice.

           “You’re sweet,” you smiled at him.

           “He’s right,” Jared got up and hurried toward you, “How are you feeling?” he asked, putting his hand on your large belly.

           “I’m great,” you said, “I’m ready to meet this little girl.”

           “I can’t wait until she gets here.”

           Jensen came over and took Ryker from you, kissing your cheek, “What’s the countdown?” he asked.

           “Two weeks,” Jared answered.

           “So, it really could happen any time. And I’m totally okay with sooner than later,” you laughed.

           “I bet.”

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My poor babies.

Ryker got his 4 year old vaccines yesterday. His arm hurts bc the first prick he flinched so much I’m pretty sure she got it deeper than it needed to go. Even I got squirted with some of the vaccine bc he flinched so bad.

Haakons been having some SERIOUS poops lately. Like runnier than normal for being breastfed and they STINK. 530 this morning he had a massive one and I went to change him and in the middle of changing him I put his knees to his chest and it just poured out his butt and all over everything lol. I keep checking for teeth but nothing yet, so I’m gonna keep a look out for the next couple of days. It could also be that he just got done his amoxicillin last week and it’s working it’s way out ? Idk..