baby russian tortoise




Meet Mortimer the Tortoise (or, Morty the Torty)! 

This little cutie is the absolute sweetest creature I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He lives in my house and gives me the pleasure of feeding him everyday, which I quite enjoy 🍓

He eats copious amounts of kale each day, and enjoys the occasional strawberry or two. 

This little guy just makes me smile, so I hope he brightens your day too 😊

(And yes - he is named after Morty Smith from Rick and Morty!)


My First Strawberry!, Part 2
(Parts 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

I tried so hard to nom my first strawberry!

Mommy showed me that it’s easier to nom the pointy end, but after a few bites, I went back to trying (and failing) to nom the big fat juicy part. Why must nomming be so hard?!


Easter Week

Bonus video: My last Easter egg is irresistible!

Fear not, I tried to nom that egg for far longer than this short video! I didn’t give up until Mommy put it in my Easter basket for me.

(The video is short because Mommy couldn’t stop giggling. And her camera didn’t have much memory left.)


Friends, we present to you our much-requested tour of my home!

At one end, I have a PowerSun 100W combination UV and heat bulb to keep me warm and strong (UV is an absolute MUST for reptiles like me!!).  I can choose to snooze and stay toasty under my log under my light, or stay cool in my plastic hidey hut on the other, cooler end.  My plastic plants give me some nice shady spots that double as climbing gyms, and my water dish lets me quench my thirst whenever I want.  I also make sure that Mommy keeps my food plate full!

Brunhilda and Mr. Smiley keep me company when Mommy isn’t home.  Last, but not least, my beautiful name plate tells everyone who’s boss!