baby russian tortoise


Meet Mortimer the Tortoise (or, Morty the Torty)! 

This little cutie is the absolute sweetest creature I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He lives in my house and gives me the pleasure of feeding him everyday, which I quite enjoy 🍓

He eats copious amounts of kale each day, and enjoys the occasional strawberry or two. 

This little guy just makes me smile, so I hope he brightens your day too 😊

(And yes - he is named after Morty Smith from Rick and Morty!)


Easter Week

Bonus video: My last Easter egg is irresistible!

Fear not, I tried to nom that egg for far longer than this short video! I didn’t give up until Mommy put it in my Easter basket for me.

(The video is short because Mommy couldn’t stop giggling. And her camera didn’t have much memory left.)


Easter Egg Hunt 2015, Part 5
(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6)

I found my Easter egg! Turns out one of our plushie shell friends (from qvoro!) was hiding my Easter egg!

Plushie shell says there is a special surprise just for me inside my Easter egg. I gave my pretty yellow Easter egg my biggest burp, but my Easter egg is staying shut. Mommy, can you help me open my Easter egg please?


My First Brussels Sprout!, Part 1
(Parts 2, 3, and 4)

Last spring, Waffles and Mango told us so many exciting stories about how delicious Brussels sprouts are that Mommy finally caved and let me try one! Mommy found a tiny baby Brussels sprout just for me in May.

Unfortunately, even baby roly poly Brussels sprouts are a lot harder to nom than we expected…


Happy Mother’s Day!

Today we celebrate all the mommies of the world:  Their smiles will always be more beautiful to us than the prettiest of roses!

(Mommy got this jar for Grandmom many years ago and filled it with homemade pink roses that never wilt!)


Today’s post is dedicated to John Forbes Nash, Jr., one of our greatest mathematicians. Nash was a genius and an inspiration, a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician who inspired the Oscar-winning movie A Beautiful Mind and conversations on mental health in academia.

Rest in peace, Mr. Nash.


One time last spring, I was on my way climbing up to Mommy’s head in the car when I discovered a new Kirby-sized space: I fit perfectly between the head rest and the seat back!

Mommy hovered anxiously in case I fell, but she didn’t need to worry. I was wedged just tight enough to not fall (even when the car hit bumps in the road!), but not so tight that I couldn’t still move around. In fact, the head rest and seat back are so nice and soft that I took a wonderful nap in my new space!