baby royal python


Weigh in day! My two littles have both gained 100 grams since I got them, and the big guy has been hanging around 1700! In order: Princess the bumblebee, My Prince Tamaki the calibee, and Scourage the normal morph who started it all five years ago :)


One of the baby Pastel Vanilla’s that hatched this year! He’s such a photogenic cutie!

Big day for this little man.

He met my aunt for the first time today, as she wanted to see him. 

I then discovered he had soiled his viv this morning so I decided to clean it and replace the substrate anyway. 

So I cleaned everything, meanwhile mum supervised him while he was roaming road my room.

I then put him back in his viv, however he was a little disgruntled as I have changed his substrate to aspen. He did not like it at all. 

He played the floor is lava on top of all his decorations and hides..

I then left him to settle in for an hour and fed him. (He feeds like an absolute champ). 

He’s now gone to digest him meal in his warm hide.