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What are your head-canons of Zuko and Katara's parenting styles? To me I always think of Zuko as this super chill dad who lets their kids do whatever they want mostly like letting them stay up past their bed times and hang out with him, stuff like that, then Katara would get mad at him for doing this and stuff ahhhh I love it 😍😍

I have a couple of ideas of how they would parent, and I honestly think they’d both be fairly similar: 

Katara would be more wiling to discipline the children, given she had a proper example of what discipline should look like. 

Zuko, however, won’t allow any type of corporal punishment, not even a swat on the hand, because of how corporal punishment traumatized him as a kid.

Katara is super supportive of this, because she wants him to feel confident in his parenting style, so they compromise with things like early bedtimes if the kids are naughty, or taking away their favorite toy for the day. When the kids get older, they get grounded for a couple days or so. 

I see both of them wanting to spend every waking moment with their kids, reading to them, and teaching them about bending and martial arts and the world’s history. Zuko probably makes up long-winded bedtime stories and Katara probably stands in the doorway with her arms crossed, but she’s smiling at him. 

Lots of family vacations to the beach

Lots of rides around on Druk

Lots of baked sweets by the turtleduck pond

I feel like Zuko would be as excited as puppy dog every time Katara tells him she’s pregnant, until maybe the 4th time she tells him and he’s like OH MY GOD WOMAN I AM A 35 YR OLD MAN I CAN’T DO THIS AGAIN (yes i can)

Katara just reminds me of the kind of mom who sees her kid doing something he’s not supposed to be doing and she’s like “don’t do it, ezra,” while pulling out a camera (let’s pretend they have them) and video taping the whole scene.

Zuko woud be the parent who runs over immediately and rescues the child and then launches into a big speech about the dangers of trying to climb trees or something.

I think both parents would stuff a sleeping kid (while it’s a baby) inside their robes and sneak them into meetings. Then, like halfway through said meeting, you hear a baby cooing and Zuko/Katara is looking down their robes and making eyes at whatever is in there. 

Zuko lets the kids sneak turtleducks into their beds. 

Katara raises an eyebrow disapprovingly. 

Both parents wake up everyday and wonder how the hell they ended up with four kids, and every night, they get super sad because time just keeps going by way too fast. 

Mr. Dad

Kenny Omega x Reader
Warning: None. Cutesy, fluffy baby fic.
A/N:  I couldn’t help myself, tried to be as true to what I think Kenny would be like taking care of a babe. And special thanks to @rubyriots for fueling my headcanons      Tagged; @straightfireglow @baroncorn @tatyanawaka @lclb13 @shadow-of-wonder @kurominonsense @kelstenkiara @sietefinns @castielscamander @oraclegazes @socyd @lindseyrae20 @eliza-kitty-cat @daintymissdevitt @princess3733 @nickysmum1909 @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @raphaelvavasseur @alexahood21 @unepetitecrise @grey-acefinn @gts-widow @fightblissfight @caramara3 @rainfoxx13 @hiitsmecharlie @widow-png @racheo91 @moxtiel @blondekel77  @fallavvay @wrestlinghasruinedmylife @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans @totorototo-ro @grappling-giraffe@sunshinesamizayn @devittslegos
~1300 words

A day with baby.

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“Three’s a crowd.” A Barry Allen/ Cisco Ramon smut.

You and Barry had been dating for awhile now and were now dabbling into the ‘adventurous’ state when it came to the bedroom. You both made a list of things and went through and compiled a small list of things you wanted to try in the bedroom and number three on the list, ironically, was a threesome. 

Barry blushed at the idea of someone else in bed with the two of you as you bit your lip. 

“We don’t have to do it Bar…”
“No it sounds interesting…” An idea popped into his head. He knew just the guy for the job. 

The next day Barry went to STAR Labs as he approached Cisco’s office. 

“Hey Cisco?” He asked as he turned to Barry. 

“Sup dude.” He smiled at Barry who felt less nervous as he took a deep breath.

“You like (Y/n) don’t you?…As…more than a friend.-”
“W-Wha-No! That’s your girl Barry!” Cisco spluttered as he mentally panicked. Had he been that obvious?! Shit! Barry was mad at him wasn’t he?!>

“I’m not mad at you Cisco….” Cisco let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as he shakily set down an object her was nervously fiddling with. Cisco knew he shouldn’t have a crush at you, you were Barry’s girl after all. It was a level of wrong Cisco had never been on. 

“I actually wanted to ask you a question.” Barry bit his lip as he took a deep breath. “Recently me and (Y/n) compiled a list of…sexscapades and one of them happened to be um…a threesome?” Cisco’s eyes widened. 

“I was wondering if you wanted to be the third?” Barry asked as Cisco nodded. 

“You don’t have to do it Cisco.” 

“I will. I’ll do it.” Cisco was probably a little too excited as Barry smiled 

“Cool! Just come up to the apartment tonight around…seven thirty?” Cisco nodded eagerly as Barry left. 

You spent the whole day texting Barry about if he was sure if he wanted to do this or not. He finally told you that he was fine with it and that’s all you needed. You spent the whole day wondering who the guy would be. You wore your silk robe with baby blue matching bra and panties set as you waited for Barry to come home. 

Barry came home with a large grin on his face as you squealed. Running into his arms as he peppered your face with kisses. You were set down to see Cisco as he nervously (and awkwardly) waved at you. You smiled as you hugged him too. He took a deep breath as he felt his nerves melt away. 

“So are we going to do this?” 

“Let’s do it.” Barry said swatting your butt with a cheeky grin. You squealed as you removed your robe. 

“See you in there boys.” You winked as you turned and strutted down the hall as they both tilted their head to look at your ass. Cisco sighed as he began to walk to the bedroom. 

“Dude you’re so lucky.” He complained as Barry grinned.

“I know I am.” He said as he walked after Cisco. Barry sped through the room as he stripped naked. He made sure you were stripped before you could blink. He stopped as he laid beside you with a cheeky grin. You smiled as you kissed him. Cisco walked in as you two pulled away. He nervously blushed as he saw your naked form. You looked at Barry and he nodded to you as you seductively crawled to the end of the bed. 

“Cisco…” You purred as you noticed his hard on. He slowly walked to you as you saw the outline of his erection…boy did he look big. Not bigger than Barry of course but he was pretty close. You were in your own world when you heard a thud. You looked to see Cisco as he was slowly pulling down his boxers. His dick slapping his stomach as he whined. You ran a finger down his bare chest as you ran it down his erection. You slowly and teasingly grabbed the base as he let out a moan. 

“Wait till you’re in her mouth.” Barry snickered as you kitten licked Cisco’s dick as he gulped. As you took him into your mouth you slowly started to bob your head. Suddenly the bed shifted as Barry approached your bum. You felt a vibration on your clit as Barry put his fingers to work. You moaned around Cisco as he moaned as the vibrations of your mouth. His hips bucking into your mouth as his hands flew to your hair. 

“God (Y/n).” Cisco whined as you bobbed faster. Barry suddenly licked up your heat as you gasped. Barry giggled as he went to town of your wet heat. You moaned around his as Cisco cried out. 

“(Y/n) you gotta stop or I’m going to cum.” You quickly pulled him out of your mouth with a pop as you grinned up as him before crying out as your walls clenched. Unexpectedly cumming as Barry moaned. 

“Cisco come try this. She tastes like candy every time.” Cisco walked over as you laid on your back. Cisco licked a stripe up your heat as you cried out. Your overly sensitive clit being toyed with as Cisco moaned at your sweetness. You jolted as Cisco pulled away with a grin. 

“You do taste good.” He giggled as you sighed airily. You weren’t prepared when Cisco slammed into you. Not hearing Barry as he told Cisco to do it. 

“Oh my god Cisco.” You cried as he put a thumb and started to rub your sensitive clit.  You looked up as Barry upside down as he leaned down eye level to you. Smashing your lips together as you licked your juices off your mouth. You were suddenly flipped over as you squeaked as the breeze your hair in front of your face. 

“You going to suck me off baby?” Barry asked as Cisco pounded you from behind. You nodded before taking his cock whole. Beginning the same method you used at Cisco instead of not stopping you kept going as Barry twitched in your mouth before exploding in your mouth as you swallowed around him. This caused you to clench around Cisco and he moaned as he twitched before hurriedly pulling out. 

“Where can I-” You flipped back onto your back as you let Cisco cum on your stomach as you gave him one final jerk. He moaned as he threw his head back. Barry came over as he zoomed off to get a towel before cleaning off your stomach as you crawled onto a pillow. 

“That…” You panted. 

“Was.” Barry grinned as you kissed his cheek.

“Amazing.” Cisco smiled as he sat up. 

“You know what they say…”


“Three’s a crowd.”   

Requested by Anon
Michael Gray X Reader smut (nonspecific plot)
Warnings: Smut, Angst, Swearing.
I think I’m getting the hang of this smut stuff. It’s only my 2nd one - so please don’t judge too much. Hope you enjoy! I would LOVE some feedback! (Also, sorry for uploading this so late!)

It was 1 am when a loud pounding sounded on your door. You opened your sleepy eyes and listened for a moment, not sure if you had really been woken by someone knocking or if it was a dream. After a second of silence, the pounding happened again followed by your Ex shouting out your name. He was drunk by the sound of it. You could have stayed in bed, but you knew Michael would not be so easily ignored.

You and Michael weren’t Exes by your choice. In truth, you loved Michael more than anything, but Michael for some reason become quite edgy and distant the past few months or so, resulting in him breaking your heart. Ever since the Shelby’s started doing business with the Russians and dealing with a certain priest and his following, Michael had changed. You tried everything you could think of to save your relationship, but in the end, Michael decided it would be better if you both moved on.

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Watch, but not Touch

Member: Kino || PENTAGON

Genre: Smut, Romance, sub!Kino

Short Summary: Ignoring her might have been the worst and best decision he has made.

Words: 904

With her hands behind her back she slowly came closer to him, swaying her hips from one side to another with precise movements, making sure to show off as much of her skin as possible while still being covered in a silk bath robe.

“Hyun, Baby, you look exhausted…” she muttered into his ear, biting on his lobe as she flicked her tongue, sliding it over his neck and to his collarbone, straddling his lap. In one swift movement she brought her hands behind him, caressing his nape with a sneaky smirk upon her lips. “I know just the thing to make you relax.”

HyungGu, still half immersed in his work, grunted and put his hands on her hips, digging his fingers into her clothed flesh and trying to pull her off. “Not right now, Dollface, I’m busy.” He mumbled into her neck, taking a long sniff of her glorious perfume.

She hummed in amusement and he felt his hands being drawn back. “Who said anything about you agreeing to my plan? I’m just making it happen.”

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Because It’s Not Enough: GOT7 [ rated ]

✩ jaebum x reader x jinyoung feat. other got7 members, JYP and some ocs
 business men!au x mistress!au
warnings: sexual content, mentions of threesome, language, LONG like 10k+ words omg i should have made this into a series or something

You stood in front of your mannequin, examining the beautiful silk red gown hanging snug around the frame. Although as gorgeous as the dress was, there was something missing. Something you couldn’t put your finger on and it was frustrating you to exhaustion.

The rest of the house was quiet as it was well into the night. You had drawn your curtains from the glass doors that led out too you balcony, letting the bright moonlight beam inside. The only artificially light you had on was the spotlight lamp at your desk, pointed at the stunning red gown.

Leaning against your work desk and staring at your mannequin, you crossed your arms and sighed, pondering on what else could be added to this piece to make it perfect.


You reached over, snatching a blade from it’s container and walked over towards the right side of the dress. You knelt down, pressing your fingers against the material and the frame of the mannequin. Eyeing the long red dress from top to bottom a few times, you held the bottom of the silk material before ripping a slit from the upper thigh all the way down to the end.


It was going to be a headache to sew the edges of the new slit, but you knew you could do it and it would be worth it.

“May I should wait ‘til morning to finish…”

A light knock tapped against your bedroom door and you glanced over your shoulder curiously, wondering if any of the other girls in the house were still awake.

“Come in,” you answered, standing up from the ground to put away your blade.

“Someone’s up late,” a low, familiar voice spoke into your quiet room.

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Post war Draco headcanon

• Draco spent a lot of his school years wearing black and dark slytherin green.
• So when the war is over he takes to wearing pastels and silvers and a bit of black.
• He has robes in baby blues and sunset pinks, light purples and sunshine yellows.
• But his favourite is the soft green one that drapes along the floor as he walks.
• The one the Scorpius hides under when he’s feeling shy.
• And he’s a Malfoy, so obviously he knows how to accessorise.
• Lots of white gold (because he’s better than silver and gold so doesn’t go with his skin)
• And diamonds
• And jadestone and rose quartz
• But he refuses to take off the pasta-and-string necklace that Scorp made him
• He’s so attached to it that he charmed it to never break
• And he doesn’t go anywhere or do anything without it
• He wears it under his clothes or in his pocket if need be
• He sleeps with it on and showers with it on
• And he won’t tell anyone except Scorpius obviously
• But he loves it more than anything
• More than the expensive silk and the flawless jewels

• So Draco, the most stylish wizard in London, is obsessed with white gold and diamonds and pastel colours and a pasta necklace made by a four-year-old

(Thank you to @hvlf-blood-bitch for helping me edit my fic)