baby rin


Look who came back! I haven’t seen him in well over two months and was convinced he was gone. He was a little less afraid of me and let me open the door to take his picture (but not approach). Perhaps he found people to keep him and has warmed up, as he looks less thin too.


Has this been done before? Rins Admin left my Admin really freaking early today so he was bored and made this. Rin is just too fabulous for words or a good quality editing device.

~Admin Nagisa

You know how in the mook Rin brought Haru food? mackerel? imagine if it was a bento, a bento that rin himself made. now after that dream, imagine baby rin wanting to do that for haru in real life. like rin would be in the kitchen just staring at stuff trying to figure out what to do, bu then little gou comes up and offers to help out. and the next day rin brings the bento with him to school to give haru and he’s so nervous and when they finally meet up after class rin is too embarrassed to give it to him so he doesnt. But Haru notices the bento and asks “whats that?” and rin tells him its a bento his mother made and haru looks interested so rin, looking down to try to hid his growing blush, tells haru, “if you’re so interested you can just have it.” but instead they just share bits and pieces and haru says its good, and rin is smiling really big but haru doesnt get it.