baby pygmy seahorses


Pygmy Seahorses: Masters of Camouflage

If you were to ask me “Hey Joe, what are pygmy seahorses masters of?” then of course my answer would be “CUTENESS!!!” I had no idea that they were also connoisseurs of camo.

But scientists had never asked how these diminutive deceivers were able to match their knobby host corals so closely. This video, the first in a new series called Deep Look from KQED, tells the story of how California Academy of Sciences researchers put their adorable little hiding ability to the test. 

The results are not only an awesome bit of science, the close-up shots of this micro-marine world are just beautiful to behold. 


This new YouTube series looks like it’s gonna be really cool! Check out Deep Look.

Baby Pygmy Seahorses Are Even Cuter Than You Think

For the past three weeks, Richard Ross has been spending his mornings next to a small tank in a back room at the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco. He leans in close. Not only is the room dark, but the fish inside this tank are masters of hiding in plain sight. They are Bargibant’s pygmy sea horses, and their orange, studded bodies twitch and sway just like the piece of coral they’ve wrapped their tiny, tiny tails around.

They are some of the first pygmy sea horses to ever see the inside of an aquarium, and Ross is one of the first biologists to watch their daily pair bonding in a controlled environment.”

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