baby pregnant

Hufflepuff: *to Slytherin and Ravenclaw* Awww! Congratulations on the baby!

Slytherin: *actually smiles for one in their life* Thanks.


Slytherin: Honey, aren’t you going to say something?

Ravenclaw: You know, congratulating someone on a new baby is basically congratulating them on having sex.


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Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez welcome a baby girl, Alana Martina. This is the couple’s first child together. Ronaldo has a seven year old son and welcomed twins, Mateo and Eva, via surrogate in June.

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Their child is an adopted baby girl, who they named Sarah Livia Los Santos Song. She’s an aspiring actress and singer, and enjoys her father’s music and the game’s, classic and new, that her mom shares with her.