baby portobellos

it’s hard to take pictures of soup, but damn is it one of my strengths to just wing it. each one is whatever is in my fridge, whatever spices i reach for, never to be exactly replicated.

today: baby kale & baby portobello egg drop soup.

blond-hair-blue-eyezz  asked:

Hey I saw you're turning raw vegan too, any advice for a fellow health nut ?? Xxx

Certainly! These challenges are meant to make you try new things, but you should never feel like you are depriving yourself. If you like pasta, try raw pasta and the same for pizza, tacos, and any other food. Also, never fear nuts. Nuts are magical things. They can be made into raw nut butters (raw coconut and almond just might be the best things in the world). You can also turn them into almond milk, soak them and puree them into a yummy sauce, make nut cheese, and so on. Here are a few of my favorite recipes so far:

The raw basics/wow you can make them from scratch/ yum


almond milk

raw salad dressings

almond butter


Lunch/ dinner

raw falafel and mango chutney

macro bowl (raw and cooked recipe)

fettuccine alfredo with zucchini noodles

rainbow pad thai

marinated zucchini noodles with tomato basil sauce, dried baby tomatoes & garlic portobello meatless balls

layered raw taco salad

sunny siesta soup

apple and butternut squash soup

raw yam burgers with daikon fries and ketchup


green monster smoothie

raw breakfast cereal

apple pie porridge

pink power detox smoothie

raw banana nut muffins


raw chocolate truffles

the raw brownie

coconut butter cups

choco mint almond bars

chocolate orange hazelnut cake

superfood sundae

pomegranate macadamia cheesecake


superfood energy bars

fig bar

my favorite pre-packaged foods

 alive and radiant kale chips

lara bars

sun dried goji berries

all the artisana nut butters! they are fabulous and I would highly recommend all of them

So far, I’ve felt a lot more relaxed around food, energized, and have spent way less time in the kitchen (which in no ways am I complaining about!) Hope you are doing well and I hope this helped, love!