baby poodles


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40% of the reason why I’m watching yoi is Makkachin, so I was searching for some Makkachin appreciation posts on twitter and stumbled upon the fact that Makkachin is at least 15 years old which is quite old for a standard poodle (converted into human years, he’s 90-100 years old).

So Yuri, please, pleaaase be more careful with Makkachin… (T_T)

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If episode 9 has anything to do with Makkachin, I have three different theories on how this is gonna go down:

BAD ENDING: Makkachin dies in some way. It is very depressing.

NEUTRAL ENDING: Makkachin gets sick and they think he’s gonna die, but he really just ate too many steamed buns and eventually gets better.

GOOD ENDING: They think Makkachin is sick and dying, but he actually ends up having BABY POODLE PUPPIES. EVERYONE IS HAPPY.

Either way, I am very anxious for ep 9.