baby pony boy

headcanons for a life with Darry Curtis

-the two of you met in the beginning of freshman year, never being best friends but you two were always friendly with one another.
-several years later, while he was doing the roof on your aunts house, he asked if you would like to go to dinner some time, to which you responded with an obvious yes.
-you two had a wonderful first date, and before long the two of you were in a beautiful relationship
-pony adored you, not only did he appreciate the help you were giving Darry, but he also loved having someone to talk to about all his favorite books, which were your favorites too.
-soda was thankful to have someone who really knew how to cook around, begging you to move in barely a month into your relationship with his brother.
-shortly after soda request, coincidentally, you did move in.
-dallas thought you were beautiful, always hitting on you, much to Darry’s dismay.
-steve thought of you as a mother figure, and enjoyed the constant chocolate cakes you baked.
-two-bit loved that you not only could take his jokes without getting upset, but also how you could fire them back at him; he’s never met a girl like that before.
-johnny appreciated your caring and loving personality and your motherly-like figure that he never received from anyone since Mrs. Curtis died.
-a year and a half into your relationship, Darry proposed. the wedding was small, but beautiful.
-you felt like family from the start, but on your wedding day when ponyboy said that you were “someone my parents would have loved”, you truly felt like a Curtis.
-less than a year later you gave birth to a daughter, and a year after her you had a baby boy.
-after pony graduated, Darry went back to college. When he graduated, the two of you and your children moved to the country, and still get frequent visits from the gang.
-Darry is the love of your life and you and darry grow old together, loving each other forever.