baby pomeranians


When my grandparents ask my mommy when she going to have a baby @pompomchewy


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“Wade and the Pom” - Digital Oil Painting

“Oh, sorry, there was only one shirt, I assumed it was for him… You don’t mind, do you?”

Obviously, this is Wade before the procedure that turned him into his final form. He named the dog ‘Crotchbiter,’ or Bitey for short.

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tiniest pupper = a dog at work that i nicknamed tp (stands for tiny puppy) and she was a lil baby pomeranian + poodle (a pomapoo!)

Tiniest puppers i’ve ever seen were Biewer Yorkshire Terrier puppies that i helped deliver!

This is from 2010. Never heard of a Biewer Yorkie then, and I still don’t hear about them today. I guess they’re piebald Yorkies, which is a recessive trait, and are only bred together so they are their own breed? I’ve helped deliver lots of puppies, but these were the teeniest. I have a video too but tumblr is being mega lame!

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hey bud you got the good stuff (SMH & dogs headcanons)??

y e s

•bitty loves all dogs but is a sucker for anything that’s fluffy/curly…like, if you’ve seen yuri on ice, his ideal dog would be makkachin

•jack on the other hand is a big dog person. huskies, german shepherds, even great danes. they’re good to run with and better to snuggle with. he doesn’t trust anything overly yippy

•shitty had 2 dogs growing up and they were both cavalier king charles spaniels…NOT afraid of being loud

•lardo’s first and foremost loyalty is to the baby ducks but she is known to cry over baby pomeranians

•holster wants a chihuahua that he can carry in a bag like a spoiled 2006 rich kid. also is gross enough to kiss dogs on the mouth

•ransom has the most beautiful border collie you’ve ever seen. you want to fall down a well so she can rescue you

•nursey could never have dogs growing up living in the city but once he gets his own place in the countryside he gets 2 samoyeds and he loves them so much

•dex, unexpectedly, has a fucking snow-white borzoi. the first time he has chowder and nursey over he has to explain that that strange creature sprinting frantically through the mist is NOT a malevolent spirit coming to kill them but is just his dog

•chowder has the two cutest golden retrievers ever. he taught them to fetch pucks